Fall Classic in the Spring Report: Wildung, Danzeisen, Schultz and Sabraski Claim Classic Mains

Shane Sabraski led all 25 laps picking up the win and the $1,000 paycheck Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Sabraski, a three time WISSOTA Midwest Modified National Champion, is seen here in victory lane with his son, Mason. (Photo by Shawn Swanstrom of fullthrottlephotos.net)

Jeff Wildung took the lead on lap 32 of the 40 lap WISSOTA Late Model A-main picking up the $4,000 feature win Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Scot Danzeisen moved from his third row starting position to claim the win in the WISSOTA Modified finale while Zach Schultz scored the biggest win of his career in the WISSOTA Super Stock A-main. Shane Sabraski led all 25 laps garnering the win in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified main event with Ryan Buer scoring the WISSOTA Street Stock feature win in his #F7 machine. Dustin Zieske picked up his first ever Viking Speedway victory holding off an early challenge from Rob VanMil in the WISSOTA Mod Four finale. A nice field of 197 cars packed the pits for the FYE Motorsports promoted “Fall Classic in the Spring” this past weekend at Viking Speedway.

Chris Ritter took the lead on lap one of the WISSOTA Street Stock main event. Ritter worked the top side of the speedway leading lap one of the 20-lap event. Fourth starter Buer quickly moved into second while 10th starter Cory Tammen was quickly on the move. Tammen cracked the top five just five laps into the event while Buer had caught the backside of Ritter for the lead. Buer made a power move to the inside of Ritter taking the lead on lap seven while Tammen slid into third. Tammen quickly disposed of Ritter for the second spot with Buer holding a six car length advantage. Tammen quickly closed in on Buer when the first yellow of the event waved on lap 11. On the rest, Luke Nelson and Joe Potter dueled side by side with Nelson taking the spot from Potter exiting turn two. Buer moved away from the rest of the field with seven laps remaining when the final yellow of the event bunched up the field for a seven lap dash to the finish. Tammen edged ahead of Nelson on the restart to hold the second spot while Buer pulled away from the field once again. Back in traffic, Jason Babcock and Roger Christiansen worked their way through the field. Babcock started the event in the 14th position finishing in seventh while Christiansen started 16th and finished eighth. Out front it was all Buer picking up the win in convincing fashion. Tammen, Nelson, Potter and “Nitro” Jimmy Williams rounded out the top five. Heat race wins were collected by Buer and Cory Rosen.

The next item on the docket was the WISSOTA Midwest Modified finale with Shane Sabraski and Jason VandeKamp sharing the front row starting duties. Sabraski beat the field to turn one and took the lead as the field worked off of turn two. Sabraski led the field around and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Tyler Limoges slid past Ryan Mikkelson into the second spot early on when the first yellow waved just two laps into the event. Limoges chose the bottom for the Delaware-double file start with Sabraski out front. When the green flag waved, Mikkelson moved by Limoges for the second spot while eighth starter Ron Jones was on the move. Jones cracked the top five on lap three and quickly began to work the back side of VandeKamp for the fourth spot. A myriad of yellow flags halted action during the midway point of the race with Jones working his way into the third position. With eight laps remaining it was Sabraski ahead of Mikkelson, Jones, Limoges and Austin Arneson. Sabraski checked out on the rest of the field once again on the restart with Mikkelson and Jones battling door to door for the second spot. Back in traffic, 23rd starter Travis Saurer found himself in the eight spot with three laps remaining. VandeKamp’s car began to work well during the ladder stages of the event as he and Arneson battled for the fourth spot. In the end it was Sabraski leading all 25-laps picking up the win in convincing fashion ahead of Mikkelson, Jones, VandeKamp and Arneson. Heat race wins were collected by Limoges, Brian Haben, Sabraski, Josh Muzik, Mikkelson and VandeKamp.

Defending WISSOTA Late Model National Champion Jeff Wildung took the lead with eight laps remaining picking up the $4,000 win Saturday night at Viking Speedway's "Fall Classic in the Spring." Wildung battled with fellow Minnesota speedsters Lance Mathees and Zach Johnson for the final 15 laps before taking the win and hardware. (Photo by Shawn Swanstrom of fullthrottlephotos.net)

Paul Mueller and Shawn Kirwin shared the front row starting duties for the 40-lap, $4,000 to main event. Kirwin blasted off from the outside of row one taking the lead as the field worked off of turn two. Kirwin used the top of the track to his advantage as he was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Fourth starter Zach Johnson quickly worked his way into second while eleventh starting Lance Mathees was on the move as well. On lap nine, Johnson blasted by Kirwin for the lead using the bottom of the Speedway exiting turn two. Fifteen laps into the event Mathees was glued to the bottom as he worked by Ricky Weiss and Pat Doar moving into the third spot in the process. Johnson continued to lead out front as the halfway mark neared. Mathees disposed of Kirwin for the second spot with the cross flags showing as he reeled in Johnson for the lead. Wildung began his surge to the front as well as he cracked the top five with 17 laps still up on the board. Wildung ran the extreme high side of the speedway with Johnson in the middle and Mathees on the bottom. Just as the lead trio began to encounter lap traffic the yellow flag waved with 12 laps still up on the board. It was Mathees now in front ahead of Johnson and Wildung. Johnson chose the outside of the second row on the Delaware double-file start. Mathees once again headed for the ditch as Wildung blasted by Johnson for the second via the middle groove in turn two. Wildung climbed the banking in turns three and four pulling even with Mathees with just ten laps remaining. With eight to go, Wildung used his top side momentum propelling himself into the lead while Mathees was left to do battle with Johnson for second. Johnson worked by Mathees and rallied for one final challenge with five laps remaining. Wildung, however, was steady in the remaining laps and cruised on to his first victory of the season (only start). Wildung was followed to the line by Johnson, Mathees, Marshall Fegers and Ricky Weiss. Don Shaw picked up the hard charger award starting 21st and finishing 10th. Heat race wins were collected by Pat Doar, Marshall Fegers, and Shawn Kirwin.

Jay McDonald took the lead from the pole on the opening lap of the 30-lap WISSOTA Modified A-main. Fifth starter Scot Danzeisen used the bottom of the speedway to slide into second on lap four while McDonald continued to lead up front. With five laps in the books it was McDonald, Danzeisen, Jensen, Thoennes and Darrell Nelson in the top five. On lap eight, Danzeisen overtook McDonald for the lead exiting turn four while Jensen quickly began to pressure McDonald for second. Jensen was able to sneak by McDonald for the second spot on lap ten with Thoennes still anchoring the fourth spot. Jensen began the long process of running down Danzeisen while McDonald was left to do battle with Thoennes for the third spot. Thoennes and McDonald waged the best battle on the speedway for the time being with Jensen inching closer and closer to Danzeisen. Two yellow flags slowed action during the midway point of the race with Danzeisen continuing the lead the field. On a lap 15 restart, Thoennes moved by McDonald for the third spot as the battle for the top spot was now a three car party. Jensen looked to the outside of Danzeisen exiting turn four with ten laps remaining as the duo drag raced down the frontstretch. Danzeisen, however, held the groove and the lead for the time being as Jensen regrouped in second. Back in the pack, 23rd starter Kelly Estey used the bottom of the speedway to his advantage. While most cars worked middle to high, Estey was glued to the bottom. Estey cracked the top five with four laps remaining moving by Pat Doar exiting turn two. Jensen tried everything in his power to overtake Danzeisen but in the end it was Scot picking up the $3,000 feature win. Jensen had a great run coming home second ahead of Thoennes, Nelson, and Estey. Estey moved up 18 spots during the 30-lap affair garnering the hard charger award in the process.

10-time Viking Speedway Modified track champion Scot Danzeisen of Herman, Mn took the lead early on and never looked back on his way to the $3,000 Modified feature win Saturday night at Viking Speedway. Danzeisen is seen here in victory lane with the hardware that came with the Heralded Victory. (Photo by Shawn Swanstrom of fullthrottlephotos.net)

The WISSOTA Super Stock finale proved to be a good one with Larry Lund leading the first 24 laps from the pole. Lund endured early challenges from Don Eischens and Don Shaw holding the lead as the white flag flew over the field. Lund, however, began to pour smoke out of the rear of his car with two laps remaining which allowed Zach Schultz to power by for the lead entering turn one on the final lap. Schultz, Mike Peterson, Dave Mass and Jeff Hapala were able to sneak by Lund on the final circuit as his machine slowed drastically. Schultz made no mistakes on his final trip around picking up the biggest win of his career in the process. Mike Peterson had a great run in the second spot followed by 14th starter Dave Mass. Hapala and Lund rounded out the top five running order for the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Scott Lawrence garnered hard charger honors starting 22nd and finishing 7th.

The final event of the evening belonged to the WISSOTA Mod Fours with Dustin Zieske grabbing the opening lap advantage. The field was able to complete the first lap before a myriad of yellows halted action. Zieske ran around the top of the speedway with Rob VanMil challenging on the bottom. Zieske and VanMil ran side by side for the better part of six laps before Zieske seized control of the event in the ladder stages of the 20-lap affair. Out front it was Zieske picking up his first Viking Speedway victory and the $750 payday that went with it. VanMil had a nice run in the second spot followed by 11th starter Josh Abrahamson. Second generation racer Tyler Larson finished in the fourth spot ahead of Corry VanMil. Dean Larson and Rob VanMil picked up heat race wins earlier in the event with Josh Abrahamson picking up the hard charger award moving up eight spots during the duration of the event.

The FYE Motorsports Staff as well as the crew at Viking Speedway would like to thank all the drivers, fans, pit crew members, and sponsors that made the first “Fall Classic in the Spring” a success. The first regular Saturday night racing event of the season will take place this coming Saturday, April 24th at Viking Speedway. Races start this Saturday night at 5:30 p.m.


WISSOTA Late Models:

Feature- Jeff Wildung, Zach Johnson, Lance Mathees, Marshall Fegers, Ricky Weiss, Justin Fegers, Shawn Kirwin, Pat Doar, John Kaanta, Don Shaw, Brad Seng, Corey Nelson, Matt Aukland, Mike Balcaen, Shaun Peterson, Dave Tyrchniewicz, Scott Greer, Seth Brede, Rick Nelson, Rick Schroeder, Dave Zimmerman, Joel Waba, Paul Mueller, Joel Cryderman, Steve Laursen, Darrell Nelson

Heat 1- Kirwin, Zimmerman, Peterson, D. Nelson, Kaanta, R. Nelson, Cryderman, Greer, Schroeder

Heat 2- Marshall Fegers, Wildung, Johnson, Mathees, Justin Fegers, Brede, Balcaen, Aukland, Waba

Heat 3- Doar, Weiss, Mueller, Seng, Corey Nelson, Tyrchniewicz, Shaw, Laursen

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature- Scot Danzeisen, Joey Jensen, Jason Thoennes, Darrell Nelson, Kelly Estey, Pat Doar, Danny Bayer, Jay McDonald, Blake Jegtvig, Jason Grimes, Craig Thatcher, Keith Tourville, Shane Sabraski, Shane Edgington, Brandon Nelson, Jason Strand, Travis Saurer, Scott Tofte, Justin Jones, Bill Byholm, Don Eischens, Dennis Bitzan, Mark Noble, Dale Mathison, Dave Schroeder

Heat 1- Danzeisen, Nelson, Schroeder, Strand, Grimes, Saurer, Wildman, Kerzman, Storck, Crapser

Heat 2- Eischens, Brandon Nelson, Sabraski, Bayer, Estey, Engebretson, Lautigar, Laske, Dykstra, Waba

Heat 3- Ja Thoennes, Byholm, Tra Saurer, Jegtvig, Christiansen, Jones, Lund, Nystrom, Gilbertson

Heat 4- McDonald, Thatcher, Mathison, Edgington, Tofte, Tourville, Broking, Reents, Bjorklund

Heat 5- Jensen, Doar, Bitzan, Noble, Jo Thoennes, Duval, Wieberdink, Gierke, Lemke

B-main 1- Grimes, Estey, Jo Thoennes, Tre Saurer, Tourville

B-main 2- Tofte, Jones, Engebretson, Lautigar, Wildman

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature- Zach Schultz, Mike Peterson, Dave Mass, Jeff Hapala, Larry Lund, Don Eischens, Scott Lawrence, Donnie Lofdahl, Dave Read, Todd Carter, Jeff Kluver, Dominic Baker, Irvin Cook, Jason Vejtruba, Matt Miller, Paul Veert, Ron Host, Jon Stepan, Jeff Flaten, Dan Gullikson, Bryan Hellerman, Steve Weber, Joel Collins, Jeremy Jerve, Don Shaw

Heat 1- Kluver, Lofdahl, Miller, Veert, Hellerman, Lawrence, Baker, Cody Lee

Heat 2- Shaw, Lund, Schultz, Mass, Carter, Stepan, Host, Robertson

Heat 3- Eischens, Hapala, Weber, Flaten, Collins, Cook, Dusty Peterson, Ashley Donald

Heat 4- Peterson, Vejtruba, Gullikson, Read, Jerve, Merten, Hauer, Horn

B-main- Ron Host, Lawrence, Stepan, Cook, Lee

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature- Shane Sabraski, Ryan Mikkelson, Ron Jones, Jason VandeKamp, Austin Arneson, Jason Hoffman, Tyler Limoges, Travis Saurer, Jason Strand, Brett Hoium, Ron Saurer, William Lund, Steve Johnson, Kyle Reents, Lance Schill, Shawn Fernkes, Aaron Olson, Chris Mensen, Dustin Bitzan, Matt Weisman, Ryan Studanski, Paul Veert, Skeeter Estey, Brian Haben, Josh Muzik

Heat 1- Limoges, Hoium, Reents, Mackedanz, Vanderby, Ron Saurer, Levi Arneson, Cale Arneson, Tyler Modlin

Heat 2- Haben, Jones, Mensen, Bohlman, Czech, Broking, Bruder, Menk, Berends

Heat 3- Sabraski, Hoffman, Olson, Veert, Lund, Gerdes, Greeley, Krog, Blascyk

Heat 4- Muzik, Austin Arneson, Schill, Estey, Loecken, Braaten, Kahout, Hellerman, Suckow

Heat 5- VandeKamp, Strand, Weisman, Bitzan, Prieve, Johnson, Al Sadek, Laage, Brenny

B-main 1- Estey, Johnson, Ron Saurer, Suckow, Loecken

B-main 2- Bitzan, Travis Saurer, Bohlman, Gerdes, Czech

B-main 3- Lund, Veert, Arneson, Blascyk, Lien

WISSOTA Street Stocks:

Feature- Ryan Buer, Cory Tammen, Luke Nelson, Joe Potter, Jim Williams, Cory Rosen, Jason Babcock, Roger Christiansen, Andrew Bangsund, Rick Nelson, Henry Peters, Chris Ritter, James Wall, Tim Rhode, Travis Berends, Justin Tammen, Josh Beauliew, Micheal Nelson, Justin Vogel, Scott Walker

Heat 1- Rosen, Justin Tammen, Nelson, Bangsund, Williams, Berends, Beauliew, Rhode, M. Nelson, Rick Nelson

Heat 2- Buer, Potter, Ritter, Wall, Cory Tammen, Peters, Babcock, Christiansen, Vogel, Walker

WISSOTA Mod Fours:

Feature- Dustin Zieske, Rob VanMil, Josh Abrahamson, Tyler Larson, Corry VanMil, Ryan Buer, Tom Sabraski, Steve Johnson, Dean Larson, Justin Schneider, Brennan Borg, Micheal Griffin, David Anderson, Tommy McGough, Tom Silver, Mike Hart, Jim Erdmann, Jesse Ouren, Jason Bloch, Tim Hart

Heat 1- D. Larson, Sabraski, Schneider, McGough, Silver, Abrahamson, Griffin, Johnson, Erdmann, Bloch

Heat 2- R. VanMil, C. VanMil, T. Larson, Zieske, Buer, Borg, Anderson, M. Hart, Ouren, T. Hart

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