Poll: If You Could Only Attend One Track For The Rest Of Your Life

There are literally hundreds of race tracks strewn across North America. On any given weekend, we are blessed with the opportunity to check out a different track.

Some are big. Some are small. Others are high-banked, while others are relatively flat. There’s no shortage of surfaces either. Black dirt, gumbo, red clay, sand-based, and all points in between.

The bottom line is, we have plenty of options.

Race fans are adamant about what they like in a race track.

With this in mind, I recently decided to have a little fun on social media on a cold and rainy day. On my personal Twitter account, I posed the following question:

“If you could only attend one race track for the rest of your life, which one would it be? #InquiringMindsWantToKnow”

This is too much pressure to answer – Kenny Wallace

I thought I might get a dozen or so replies. However, my presumption was quickly blown out of the water. Within 24 hours, over 530 replies had been posted. More than 60 tracks received votes. The entire interaction became extremely interesting as fans and racers debated the question back and forth. I thought it would make for a fun article to reveal the results as well as some of the notable comments.

A full grandstand (Scott Frazier photo)

Before I dive into tracks that got the top votes, there’s a few disclaimers I’d like to note. First and foremost, this was done for fun. It definitely is not official. Furthermore, while I have roughly 10,000 Twitter followers, I also recognize that I might not have followers from some areas of the country, which further skews the results. Take these results with a grain of salt. They are nothing more than a topic for further spirited debate.

No Decision
While, I received hundreds of replies with individual’s track of choice, I did get a few replies that were a bit more vague and non-revealing. Even though they didn’t answer the question, I found some of them entertaining. Here’s some of the choice ones:

“They’re sort of like potato chips. You just can’t have just one.” – COMP Cams Super Dirt Series.

“That’s a tough one! I’m torn between a track that consistently hosts some of the best, most competitive racing I’ve ever seen, or a track whose atmosphere is unmatched.” – Brittany Hapney

“Any of them as long as I could see 1 last race.” – T.J. Harris

“This is too much pressure to answer.” – Kenny Wallace

“One with a strip of brown on the bottom, traction in the middle, a bitchin’ cushion on the fence, with a full field of cars, grandstands packed full of wild fans, and blonde trophy girls with naturally enhanced upper bodies. Yeah that one!!” – Joe Duvall

Top Five Dirt Tracks
We now move into the Top 5 dirt tracks receiving votes. These facilities were all shown a great deal of support by voters. Without further ado, let’s count down the Top 5.

Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana

#5: Tri-State Speedway & Kokomo Speedway
It only seems fitting that an opinion-based poll would see two tracks tie for the #5 slot. That was the exact result we got with Tri-State Speedway (Haubstadt, Indiana) and Kokomo Speedway (Kokomo, Indiana) receiving equal votes.

“Tri-State Speedway this is the best track, hands down. All those 1/2 or 3/8-mile tracks are good for the big money races, but how many of those big-time teams can win at Haubstadt? It’s a technical track that takes a little more skill.” – Jay Scott

Tri State Speedway

Known as “The Class Track,” Haubstadt Speedway opened in 1957 and has been wowing fans ever since. The 1/4-mile oval has a reputation for exceptional track prep and racing. This is largely due to the efforts of Tom Helfrich. Helfrich along with his wife, Loris, promote the oval and prepare it for action each week.

Sprint Car action at Kokomo Speedway

Kokomo Speedway has produced great racing since 1947. While the track is no doubt regarded as one of the top Wingless Sprint Car bullrings in the country, it will branch out for 2019 when the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series makes its debut. A handful of Super Late Model events have previously been held there over the past decade with rave reviews from all. A few signature annual events at the oval include Sprint Car Smackdown, BC’s Indiana Double and the Kokomo Klash.

#4: Port Royal Speedway
“Without hesitation, Port Royal Speedway.” – Rick Watts

“Port Royal Speedway, helluva facility. Awesome racing!” – Tommy Labarbera

For the longest time, Port Royal Speedway (Port Royal, Pennsylvania) might’ve been one of Pennsylvania’s best-kept secrets. However, over the past few decades dirt fans from across the country began to especially take note of what this sprawling, 1/2-mile oval has to offer.

Port Royal Speedway has a state-of-the-art facility.

The Facility opened in 1938, known as the “Speed Palace.” Apart from a brief closure during World War II before reopening in 1946, it has been providing continuous, great action for close to a century.

With a picturesque setting that finds the track situated in the middle of a neighborhood, Port Royal Speedway never disappoints. Many drivers have referred to it as a big track that races like a bullring. Sprint Cars, Super Late Models and more, this place has something for everyone.

#3: Knoxville Raceway
“I say this all the time. Knoxville Raceway by far. My favorite place in the world.” – Madison Mabry

“Knoxville Raceway, ‘cause I get the Nationals… no owner’s points, no provisionals, just racers racing.” – Lee Mickle

“The Sprint Car Capital of the World,” Knoxville Raceway

The battle for the Second and Third spot was razor thin. Knoxville Raceway finished in the Third position, although staunch racing enthusiasts would argue its proper placement is at number One. Regarded as “The Sprint Car Capital of the World,” the facility is located on the historic Marion County Fairgrounds in Knoxville, Iowa. For decades its been the proving ground for Sprint Car racing’s best talents. With a seating capacity of over 24,000, fans across the globe flock to Knoxville Raceway each August for the annual Knoxville Nationals.

My favorite place in the world – Madison Mabry

In accordance, it only makes sense that the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum is located outside of Turn 2 at the facility.

Over the past decade, the facility has not only produced legendary Sprint Car racing. Divisions including Super Late Models and Modifieds are beginning to etch their names into the history of the gumbo oval.

Racing action at Fairbury American Legion Speedway (Addison Blair photo)

#2: Fairbury American Legion Speedway
“FALS. I grew up there, I work there. Met some of my best friends there. It’s my home away from home.” – Allyson Bane

“If I lived near #FALS I would still be racing.” – Alan Vochaska

Synonymous with the acronym of #FALS, Fairbury American Legion Speedway has rapidly shot up the list of fan-and-racer favorite tracks in the United States over the past few years. Located in the cornfields of central Illinois, Fairbury is a tight, 1/4-mile bullring that is known for its three-and four-wide racing. Even more, the track is known for its adamant fanbase and a town that fully embraces its track. Plain and simple, it’s grassroots racing the way it should be.

Fairbury American Legion Speedway aerial shot

The facilities’ signature event is the annual Prairie Dirt Classic, which is sanctioned each July by the World of Outlaws (WoO) Morton Buildings Late Model Series.

Eldora Speedway, hands down the best dirt track in the country – Robert DeZee

#1: Eldora Speedway
“Don’t even have to think about this one. Eldora Speedway hands down.” – Kari Ann Gibson

“Eldora Speedway, hands down the best dirt track in the country.” – Robert DeZee

Eldora Speedway

Coming in at a resounding #1 is “The House That Earl Built.” Situated in the farmlands of Rossburg, Ohio, is the legendary Eldora Speedway. Fans adamantly voted “The Big E” to the top spot. It’s not surprising with the history the place holds. For more than seven decades, dirt track fans have been returning to the legendary 1/2-mile oval.

Opened in 1954 by Earl and Berneice Baltes, the track is currently owned by Tony Stewart. The always-improving facility currently holds roughly 30,000 fans for its signature races.

The starting grid for the coveted World 100 at Eldora Speedway.

With events like the World 100, the Dirt Late Model Dream, the Kings Royal, 4-Crown Nationals, and the Eldora Dirt Derby, Eldora Speedway holds something for just about every discipline of dirt track racing.

So, there you have it. That’s the Top-5 dirt tracks who received votes. Other tracks that were just outside the Top-5, include Attica Raceway Park, Williams Grove Speedway, Cedar Lake Speedway, and Lucas Oil Speedway.

Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS Facebook page)

Even though this is a dirt track website, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the top vote garnering, asphalt tracks. Tennessee’s Bristol Motor Speedway led the way with Talladega Super Speedway, Bowman Gray Stadium, Martinsville Speedway, and Road America in tow.

I hope you enjoyed the results from impromptu poll. I encouraged you to do your own poll to see what results you get. Make sure to tag my Twitter account @msrmafia, as I’d love to see your results.

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