Billy Moyer Wins The Race Honoring A Legend, The 2018 Baltes Classic

Billy Moyer in victory lane.

Every Labor Day weekend Eldora Speedway hosts an event that has been known to draw some of the top dirt late model drivers in the country. At first, only the most die-hard drivers and fans knew the event as the tune-up for the largest dirt late model race in the country, The World 100. In recent years, the event has evolved into something much more. Now officially known as the The Baltes Classic, honoring the legendary founder of Eldora Speedway, Earl Baltes, the race has become historic in its own right.

Brian Mullins spoiler.

Earl sat on a hillside overlooking his property of farm fields back in 1953 with a vision to create something great. In 1954 that vision became a reality. He would clear the land of farm ground and create a ¼ mile racetrack, only to change the configuration to a 3/8 mile and then to the current ½ mile surface we see today. While the facility was a crown jewel in itself the events that came from the facility paved the way for years to come. The World 100, The Kings Royal, The Dirt Late Model Dream, The Historical Big One, The Mopar Million and the Eldora Million were all visions that became reality by Baltes.

Left: Jason Jameson in the Justin Ratliff Racing mount. Right: Greg Johnson would turn fast time on the night then go onto fall light at the scales after his heat race. He would transfer through the B-main.

Baltes made Eldora Speedway one of the most legendary speed plants in the history of motorsports. Keep in mind becoming legendary was no easy feat. When most of us think of Earl Baltes one word comes to mind: work. Many fans maybe ventured to western Ohio once or twice a year. Some of us were fortunate enough to grow up at the legendary facility. We were there for many of the signature events throughout Eldora history and one thing that is forever engrained into memory will be the work put in by Baltes at the Ohio race track. It wasn’t uncommon to see Earl on his grader at 9a.m. in the morning after qualifying until 3 o’clock in the morning during the World 100. He also commissioned his wife Bernice to run one of the best concessions stands in all of racing, next to his children and grand children who have also done everything from announce to sell tickets – which they still do to this day.

Left: Michigan driver Devin Shiels made an appearance at Eldora Speedway. Right: Part-time NASCAR truck series driver Chad Finley raced to a 6th place finish.

Earl may have passed away but his presence is still felt at Eldora Speedway. A statue stands inside the main entrance of Eldora Speedway of Earl and Bernice. If you ever get a chance, be sure to stop and get a picture with it. If you ever saw Earl at the famous Thursday night parties, you would certainly remember the permanent smile on his face while he met and took pictures with fans from across the country. The other way we choose to remember Earl is the event created in his name: The Baltes Classic.

The 2018 version of the Baltes Classic would prove to be another one to remember. Eldora Speedway decided to add a little more to the event by boosting the purse with the winner’s share being a $5000 payday up from the previous $3000. Veteran Billy Moyer and modified hot shoe Nick Hoffman would do battle for 30 laps leading to a Billy Moyer victory by about half a car length over Hoffman. Hoffman may be known best for his success in the modified division and as a modified chassis builder, but he has been hitting the super late model scene hard in 2018 season making him a contender to win in the full fender division.

The event would start off slow with caution fest over the first hand full of laps. A mix between mechanical failures, collisions and flat tires would see the race start with a slow pace. After the event fell into its rhythm the cream of the crop would rise to the top. Hoffman would slip by Matt Miller on the restart and keep Moyer in his sights.

Indiana driver Steve Casebolt would run up front until pulling off late in the race.

Moyer would hold the lead for a majority of the race until lapped traffic came into play. Hoffman never let Moyer gain a monumental lead resulting in a battle of the slide jobs on a great track surface. Pacing the way through lap traffic, Moyer would relinquish the lead to Hoffman with three laps to go. The Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame member wouldn’t let Hoffman get away and the threw the signature slider one lap later to re-take the top spot. From there Moyer would hold off Hoffman to take the win by a mere .196 of a second.

Left: Kent Robinson would win the B-main and charge to a 6th place finish. Right: Jon Henry ended up hopping into a ride as teammate to Duane Chamberlain after announcing he was suspending his own racing operation early in August.

Race Results:

2018 Baltes Classic. Eldora Speedway, Rossburg, Ohio. September 2, 2018.

Group 1 Qualifying: 1. 17j Greg Johnson 15.542, 2. 4g Kody Evans 15.655, 3. 21 Billy Moyer 15.684, 4. C9 Steve Casebolt 15.696, 5. 7r Kent Robinson 15.725, 6. 11r James Rice 16.166, 7. 1n Casey Noonan 16.372, 8. 42 Chad Finley 16.552.

Tennessee driver Shannon Buckingham was on hand to get some laps before the World 100.

Group 2 Qualifying: 1. 50 Shanon Buckingham 15.626, 2. 1g Devin Gilpin 15.697, 3. 19 Greg Roberson 16.040, 4. 3 Matt Miller 16.286, 5. 8 Rob Anderzack 16.408, 6. 49 Matt Lindsey 16.510, 7. 22f Nick Fenner 18.048, 8. 5d Bryant Dickinson-No Time.

Group 3 Qualifying: 1. 2h Nick Hoffman 15.605, 2. 5n Dustin Nobbe 15.628, 3. 87j Freddie Carpenter 16.021, 4. 20h Jon Henry 16.059, 5. 51 Devin Shiels 16.154, 6. 995 Dwight Falcon 16.422, 7. 52 Brad Harden 16.541.

Group 4 Qualifying: 1. 12 Jason Jameson 15.619, 2. cj1 Rusty Schlenk 15.906, 3. 20c Duane Chamberlain 16.019, 4. 2c Joey Coulter 16.105, 5. 95j Jerry Bowersock 16.111, 6. 83 Scott James 16.167, 7. 69 Jeff Warnick 16.828, 8. 626 Brian Mullins-No Time.

Heat 1 (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 21 Billy Moyer (2), 2. c9 Steve Casebolt (1), 3. 4g Kody Evans (3), 4. 42 Chad Finley (8), 5. 1n Casey Noonan (7), 6. 11r James Rice (6), 7. 7r Kent Robinson (5), 8. 17j Greg Johnson (4).

Two Dirt Late Model Dream winners would lead the field to green in Matt Miller and Billy Moyer.

Heat 2 (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 3 Matt Miller (1), 2. 50 Shanon Buckingham (4), 3. 1g Devin Gilpin (3), 4. 19 Greg Roberson (2), 5. 8 Rob Anderzack (5), 6. 49 Matt Lindsey (6), 7. 5d Bryant Dickinson (8), 8. 22f Nick Fenner (7).

Second place finisher Nick Hoffman.

Heat 3 (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 2h Nick Hoffman (4), 2. 87j Freddie Carpenter (2), 3. 5n Dustin Nobbe (3), 4. 51 Devin Shiels (5), 5. 995 Dwight Falcon (6), 6. 20h Jon Henry (1), 7. 52 Brad Harden (7).

Matt Miller, Rusty Schlenk and Steve Casebolt race for position.

Heat 4 (10 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. cj1 Rusty Schlenk (3), 2. 12 Jason Jameson (4), 3. 83 Scott James (6), 4. 20c Duane Chamberlain (2), 5. 95j Jerry Bowersock (5), 6. 2c Joey Coulter (1), 7. 69 Jeff Warnick (7), 8. 626 Brian Mullins (8).

Last Chance Showdown (12 Laps) – Top 4 Transfer: 1. 7r Kent Robinson (7), 2. 2c Joey Coulter (6), 3. 1n Casey Noonan (1), 4. 17j Greg Johnson (11), 5. 95j Jerry Bowersock (4), 6. 995 Dwight Falcon (3), 7. 8 Rob Anderzack (2), 8. 69 Jeff Warnick (10), 9. 49 Matt Lindsey (5), 10. 52 Brad Harden (9), 11. 5d Bryant Dickinson (8), 12. 22f Nick Fenner (12), 13. 626 Brian Mullins (13), Did Not Start: 11r James Rice, 20h Jon Henry.

Billy Moyer leads the way in the 11th Annual Baltes Classic.

Baltes Classic Feature (30 Laps): 1. 21 Billy Moyer (1), 2. 2h Nick Hoffman (3), 3. 3 Matt Miller (2), 4. cj1 Rusty Schlenk (4), 5. 42 Chad Finley (13), 6. 7r Kent Robinson (17), 7. 50 Shanon Buckingham (6), 8. 1g Devin Gilpin (10), 9. 83 Scott James (12), 10. 2c Joey Coulter (18), 11. 19 Greg Roberson (14), 12. 95j Jerry Bowersock (22), 13. 8 Rob Anderzack (24), 14. 4g Kody Evans (9) 15. 1n Casey Noonan (19), 16. 5n Dustin Nobbe (11) 17. 12 Jason Jameson (8) 18. 87j Freddie Carpenter (7), 19. 51 Devin Shiels (15), 20. c9 Steve Casebolt (5), 21. 17j Greg Johnson (20), 22. 49 Matt Lindsey (23), 23. 20c Duane Chamberlain (16), 24. 69 Jeff Warnick (23).

Rob Trent and Gary Rahe Jr., do battle in the stock car class support race.

Paul Pardo would take the Eldora Stock Car victory

The stock car division is always know for 3 and 4 wide racing.

Brian Ruhlman would passed a damaged Dylan Woodling to take the lead and the victory in the modified division

Modified feature action

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