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Longacre Racing Products are leaders in the racing technology field

Since 1978, Longacre Racing Products has been an innovator in the motorsports industry. They have diligently focused on manufacturing top-quality parts, which are designed to help racers perform better, while also saving time and money.

Founded by Jack Jaynes, the racing heritage of Longacre goes back to short track racing in the 1960s. It was during this time Jaynes realized the need for specialized products that weren’t readily available. He began building those parts, and the seeds of a thriving business were sown.

Billet caster camber gauges

Billet caster camber gauges

Fast-forward more than six decades later to 2016, and the company has grown to employ many talented people in their 52,000-square-foot facility in Monroe, Washington.

Longacre Racing Products is fully dedicated to making nothing but racing parts and tools. The company’s group of loyal employees includes racers and crew members who understand the need for racing parts that work and last. Quality is always their top priority.

Their knowledgeable sales staff is committed to helping racers get the parts that they need to win. In addition, Longacre’s staff can answer any and all technical questions about their products.

Their extensive, worldwide dealer network is second-to-none, which gives their customers plenty of options to get their parts quickly during the busy racing season.

Billet roll off levelers

Billet roll off levelers

You’ll find each member of the staff focused on creating parts to help racers get to victory lane. Not only is innovation a way of life at the company, but there’s also a constant drive to find ways to improve existing products.

Longacre has a storied history in producing everything from pre-wired dashes to handy tools for tweaking your hot rod. However, as of late, Longacre has become widely known for their ComputerScales line. These scale systems are renowned for their quality and durability, which lasts for years. Not only are they dependable, but they also feature cutting-edge technology.

Recently, Longacre once again upped the ante in the racing scales market with a new expansion of their ComputerScales product. The introduction of their innovative, wireless scale system – which is tablet app based — has definitely taken scaling to the next level.

Deluxe tire gauges

Deluxe tire gauges

This state-of-the-art technology will have you looking for the best place to sell your current scales so you can free up space in your shop for these handy new ones.

As an added bonus, free app upgrades will ensure you always have the latest features and setup tools for precisely dialing in the weight distribution on your race car.

All load cells and scale systems from Longacre Racing Products are tested and calibrated to the standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). They are also part of a comprehensive measurement assurance program for ensuring continued accuracy and measurement traceability.

Longacre pads utilize computer-designed reinforcing ribs, which are engineered to add rigidity. This design, which is not available with a simple flat-plate billet pad, offers lower deflection, along with more accurate and consistent setups.

Drilled steering wheels

Drilled steering wheels

It’s important to note Longacre Racing Products isn’t focusing all their innovative energy just on scales. Several years ago, they recognized the need for quality racing gauges that are affordable for the average racer.

To fill this need, AccuTech Inc. was created, and their Sportsman mechanical gauges have grown to be a top choice among racers.

The company then upped the ante once again and added the electronic SMi Stepper Motor gauges and tachometers. These are now utilized by many of the top teams in dirt racing, including Scott Bloomquist and others.

As Longacre Racing Products forges ahead in pursuit of the next wave of innovations in the racing world, one thing is for sure. The company will continue to put its sole focus on providing their customers exactly what they need to win.

Wireless pad modules

Wireless pad modules

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