Bernheisel Race Cars Enjoys 36 Year of Excellence

From chassis to shock service to powder coating, Bernheisel Race Cars has grown to offer it all.

In the competitive world of motorsports it’s difficult for most companies to survive more than a year or two. The reality is that it’s a tough industry, where success in the business place is measured by success on the track.

Bernheisel Race Cars has found the secret recipe for success. In business for over 36 years, the company is not only stronger than ever, but now has four companies that operate under its umbrella.

“I think our biggest key to success is that we’ve always been racers, so we know exactly what racers want and need,” states Bernheisel Race Cars founder, Jim Bernheisel. “What we learn at the track is exactly what we put into the products that we design and sell. Racers like that.”

With its top-notch products Bernheisel Race Cars have long provided racers with the components that they need to win. However, the company also prides itself on supporting racing as a whole. From being a supporter of local racing to sponsoring local events, the Bernheisel family does everything it can to promote racing for the both the present and the future.

Since its inception in 1981 Bernheisel Race Cars have given rise to Bernheisel Race Components, Lazer Chassis, Focus Shock Technologies, and Precision Powder Coating.

With Bernheisel Race Components the company offers more than a million dollars of in-stock inventory. Parts for Late Models, Street Stocks, safety equipment, and countless other items are ready for same-day shipping. In addition, the company has a large showroom and display area, where racing patrons can view the latest and greatest products on the market.

Company founder, Jim Bernheisel is still racing and winning.

Since racing needs can happen around the clock, Bernheisel Race Components also offers both evening and weekend hours.

“It’s kind of amazing how much accessibility that racers have to parts these days,” Jim Bernheisel quips. “In my early days it was hard to find what you needed, and usually by the time you realized what you needed, the place that you could buy it from was already closed. With what we do, you can get what you need almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

You can have the best race parts in the world, but if you don’t have a championship-caliber car to bolt them onto, then your odds are pretty slim for find Victory Lane. This is where Lazer Chassis enters the fold.

The nationally-recognized chassis company boasts racecars, which are individually built with expert craftsmanship. With an engineer on staff, Lazer Chassis is always forging ahead with their on-track and in-shop research and development.

The company’s slogan is “Winning with quality, not quantity.”

“What we’ve been able to accomplish with Lazer Chassis really means a lot to us,” Bernheisel says. “I’ve been building racecars in some form or fashion for over 40 years, and we apply that knowledge and experience into every car that we design. We then take our time to meticulously fabricate each car. There’s no corners that get cut here, and I couldn’t be more proud of our customer’s on-track accomplishments.”

Lazer Chassis being fabricated in the Pennsylvania facility.

Lazer Chassis clients logged dozens of wins across North America in 2017. Some of the top performers on the season include Chad Homan, who amassed 11 victories as well as the track title at New York’s Canandaigua Motorsports. Doug Surra doubled down with track championships at Hummingbird Speedway and Thunder Mountain Speedway, while collecting 12 triumphs.

Meanwhile, Lazer Chassis house car driver, Bryan Bernheisel visited Victory Lane on eight occasions.

Lazer Chassis further separates itself from the pack by building both Dirt Late Models and Dirt Modifieds.

Success spurs sales, and with a big 2017 season in the rearview mirror, the chassis manufacturer has already received several orders for 2018.

Over the past decades, shocks have become perhaps the most important part on a racecar. The technology is ever changing, and it’s easy to get left in the dust if you don’t have the right people helping you with your settings and equipment.

From this idea, Focus Shock Technologies was born.

“It’s almost insane when you look how much shock technology has changed over the past decade,” Bernheisel notes. “Because of this, we created Focus Shock Technologies to make sure that racers readily have access to both the newest data and parts.”

The Focus Shock Technologies section of the company offers full services on new and used shocks.

The company boasts an in-house technician to stay abreast of the latest developments in the shock world. Daily testing is down on their very own dyno spring smasher.

In addition to offering new products, the company also offers rebuild and repair services on all brands for all forms of racing.

In a sport, where racecars and parts are at times put through a literal sandblasting from rocks and dirt, it’s extremely important to make sure the chassis and components have a protective coating.

From this protective need, Precision Powder Coating was created.

“It’s no big secret that racecars and parts aren’t cheap these days, so it’s more important than ever to make sure you protect them in every way possible,” Bernheisel declares. “From this need we created Precision Powder Coating. This is another of our business that I’m proud to say has grown quickly.”

Offering on-site powder coating for racecars and parts, Precision Powder Coating prides itself on both customer service and efficiency. The company offers high-quality powder coating on new products as well as redo coatings.

All of this is offered with a quick turnaround.

Second-generation racer Bryan Bernheisel in action.

Almost 40 years after first venturing into the motorsports market, Jim Bernheisel is truly humbled by the success that he and his companies have experienced.

“We have some of the most loyal and dedicated clients that anyone could ever hope to have. Their relentless support pushes us daily to make better and faster products. Without the support of so many, there’s no way that we could’ve gotten to where we are today. For that, I thank them all from the very bottom of my heart.”

While Bernheisel Race Cars is full speed ahead preparing for a big 2018, they still have an event remaining on the 2017 docket.

Make sure to swing by their booth at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) tradeshow on December 7-9 in Indianapolis. They’ll have their latest technology on display as well as veteran technicians to answer any of your questions.

For more information on Bernheisel Race Cars, please visit

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