VP SureCan

Tired of spilling and wasting gas from your portable containers? VP Racing Fuels offers the brand-new SureCan to eliminate this frustration.


Ever wonder what happens when you drop a live MSD ignition controller in water? Find out in this crazy video.

Mittler Brothers Power Hammer

Mittler Brothers is back with another demo video where company president, Mike Mittler shows us the functionality of their Power Hammer.

Baja Designs

Baja Designs put together this quick and fun video telling their 25-year story of producing performance off-road lighting and accessories.

Hunter Marriott 2017web

With help from the brand-new SNS2 shocks from BILSTEIN, Hunter Marriott won three features en route to scoring the Dakota Classic Modified Tour title.

Is there power hiding in the induction system of your circle track motor?

Tweaking your carburetor configuration can result in serious power gains for your hot rod.


The research and development staff at VP Racing Fuels has been diligently working around the clock to improve and design new race fuels for the 2017 season and beyond.

Mittler Brothers bead roller

Check out this 60-second video that shows how Mittler Brothers utilizes CNC machines and precise fabrication on its 36″ Bead Roller frame.

lunati cams

Lunati has turned once private-labeled camshafts into numbered, off-the-shelf parts for dirt racers.


Learn how the right oil can improve crate engine performance.


One sport just waking up to the benefits of EFI is Rock Racing. The rigors of rock racing have long created fuel delivery problems.

Run with the 4-barrel Holley and 1 ¾-inch headers, the test motor produced 418 hp at 5,900 rpm and 421 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm.

Learn how a simple adjustment of your header configuration can greatly improve acceleration without significantly altering the peak power output of your motor.


While you are likely aware of Total Seal’s passion for developing parts that maximize your hot rod’s performance, you might not know many of their employees also enjoy going fast.

Keyser Demo Derby

Keyser Manufacturing gets really creative in this quick and fun promo for their Demo Derby Masters products.

Earl's Flame Guard

Holley/MSD introduces Earl’s Black Flame Guard Insulation to protect your cables, hoses, and other lines from extreme heat under the hood of your hot rod.

Firesuit measurement

Get the scoop on how to measure for the best fitting race suit.

Mahle Pistons - Measuring Bore Clearance

Mahle Motorsports provides detailed instructions on measuring piston to cylinder bore clearance.

Mittler Brothers Ultimate Tubing Notcher

In this video Mike Mittler with Mittler Brothers gives us a demo of the latest features and operations of their Ultimate Tubing Notcher.

qa1 quality testing

Our friends from QA1 join us with another great informative video. In this piece they show us their quality control process on their rod ends.

CJ Jones with his fiancee Melanie Trimper in Victory Lane.

Jones Racing Products commitment and love for racing encompasses the design room and the track.

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