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Offseason is Time to Freshen Up

Rear end looks good but input seal has a small leak and the springs need to be replaced.

Alright. I’ve got an old, worn out, handbuilt modified. The season is over and it’s time to start getting ready for the next season. The first place to start is taking tally of what we have to work with.

The motor is in great shape. Just rebuilt and broken in. New TCI Circlematic transmission. I have a new driveshaft from FastShafts to replace the old unbalanced one. So the drivetrain is in good shape. The third member has an input seal leak. Ugh!! Taking apart the rear end to change the bearings and seals just made the freshen up list.

The rear hubs are a 5 on 5 on a Grand National style rear end. The front hubs are Ford Granada on the right and Pinto on the left. Both 5 X 4 3/4. I want to standardize all the hubs to 5 on 5 so that tire changes are a little easier on the pit crew. That means new Hubs, and possibly new spindles on the front.

Gotta replace the shocks. ProShock on the right front and AFCO on the other corners.

I’ve been checking out US Brakes Hybred rotors and hubs. They are reasonably priced and everyone that I know using them really like them. So Freshening up the brakes, rotors and hubs is on the list.  Shocks and shock supports. It goes without saying that shocks should be the part of a freshen up during the off season.

Harness and window net need replaced. It’s a safety thing. I’m way past my 20’s and I realize that I’m not bulletproof. Replacing the safety items is a no brainer. New helmet and firesuit. That’s on the list too.

Checking over the steering system. I’ll be taking apart the entire steering system to check all the ball joints, heims, tie rods, and steering box. I like to be able to turn when I’m on the track, so checking the steering system from steering wheel to spindles is the right thing to do.

There are some external bumps and bangs in the front and rear bumpers, the fuel cell and nerf bars. Another thing to add to the list. Replacing the banged up bars.

Wheels. My wheels show signs of using the outside car to help turn through the corner. That is, it has wheel dings from rubbing against the wheels on other cars. Looks like new rims and tires. I’ve been checking out the new color coated rims from AERO wheels. They look pretty sweet. I like to use inner tubes in my tires for extra protection so those make the list too.

Next post, we’ll take a closer look at the car and prioritize our work.

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