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K9’s Update: Getting Ready for GO Time!

Alrighty, I’ve been getting enough flak about “when is Bobby Kbro going to make it back to the track?” It’s time to thrash on the K9 Modified and get back on the dirt so that all my “friends” and fellow racers will rest easier. I got some great things done and planed for my return to the dirt. Let me give you the current status of the #K9 Dirt Modified car I call “The Bulldog”.

As it sits; the engine is out and being rebuilt with mostly gently used but experienced parts, as well as a few other goodies. I’m hoping that experience transfers into good experience on the track.

There’s nothing fancy with the engine combination. A well worn Chevy 350 bored out 20 thousandths over with 4 valve relief flat top pistons. The heads are 181’s with the smaller combustion chamber. I am using a new Edelbrock manifold and a previously retired Holley 4412 (required by rules) that came off of our street stock Madd Maxx before this season started. The ace in the hole in this motor is in the camshaft and the valve train. The guys around here finally convinced me to go with a custom cam from my buddies at Comp Cams in Memphis, Tennessee. They took pity on me and put their best Circle Track cam guy on the job – Ashley Newman. He took the specs down on the motor and came up with a custom grind. Believe it or not, he recommended a tight lash hydraulic flat tappet cam. These guys build the Cams for all the NASCAR race engines and work with every one of the NASCAR teams, so I am not going to second guess them.

The SRP 1.5 small block Chevy Rocker Arms.

Another Ace in the hole. SRP Valve train.

Now, Mrs. Kimbrough didn’t raise an idiot. Although the block maybe a little tired (I was told that it was in a car driven by a little old lady on Sundays only), I did see the need for a kick ass valve train to go with the custom cam. I had heard of Scorpion Racing Products (SRP), from our street/drag race sites, and, and knew that some of the premier engine builders in that world of motorsports used SRP valve train components. I figured that if they were good enough for those 700 plus horsepower engines, they’re surely good enough for mine. So I decided to take a closer look at what they had to offer. The top end will be built with SRP valves, Pushrods, Springs and a really beautiful set of 1.5 rocker arms. A full tech article will be coming soon covering the valvetrain installation at Torres Performance and Machinery in Murrieta, California.

As for the rest of the car, most of the work has been taking care of the rear end. I have cut out the old mounts and took off the J bar. According to the rules, I need a three link with a panhard bar. Panhard bars mount behind the rear end, and the chassis I have was not designed for a panhard bar. So an additional bar needed to be added to the chassis to mount the panhard bar.

View of the rear end suspension work with new lower control arm mounting.

With great patience I cut out the old lower control arm mounting brackets and added new bolt on mounting brackets with provisions for shock mounting and coil over eliminators. I managed to get my hands on some new coil over eliminators so those are mounted to the aft end of the bolt on mount bracket.

New bolt on three link mounts with shock mounting and coil over eliminators and the new Panhard bar mount and panhard bar.

I ordered a new adjustable long panhard bar from Speedway Motors, along with the chassis mounting bracket and bolt on axle tube bracket.

That’s where the dog sits right now. I currently have an AFCO spring pull bar third mount and the rules call for the urethane biscuit type pull bar. Before making it to the track I will have to replace this.

The AFCO spring pull bar third mount.

So… all my “friends” that have been hounding the dawg about getting back on the track: I’m coming. Pencil me in for practice on the 23rd of May. The K9 Bulldog is concrete for the next race. See you there.

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