Welcome To The New Look Of OneDirt’s Digital Magazine

The new site theme places a higher priority on photography and the complete user experience.

When the OneDirt WordPress-based website launched in 2010, it was fresh, new, bold, and very different from anything done previously. The graphics were splashy and in-your-face, and the layout was pretty awesome for a website amongst a gaggle of forums. It was a step above the vBulletin based platform we were using when the OneDirt title first launched.

In terms of technology and digital formats, ten years is a long time to keep the same website theme. In fact, that’s like seventy years in dog years. Our crew knew that the site, our advertisers, and our readers, were long over-due for a total freshen-up to the engine that makes this machine run.

So we tasked our web design crew to come up with something that would change the way our readers would use and enjoy the site. What they came up with was something better than we could have ever imagined. The new site theme is bright, open, and inviting. The contents are laid out so that articles will be easier to find. The one area that we are most proud of is … our search engine actually works, and works well now.

So long to the old site theme. In terms of internet years, you served us well for almost a decade.

We are very happy to bring this to our audience, and hope that everyone likes the changes as much as we do. However, we’d be out-of-touch if we believed that everything was going to be peaches and cream. There will be a few glitches, and we will be resorting articles to put them in the correct categories. These things will take some time. There are 12 years of information to wade through, and bring up to speed. In some cases, there will be articles that were written long ago with missing photos or broken hyperlinks. Give us a week and if you catch one of these glitches, feel free to send us an email at onedirt@powerautomedia.com.

We want you to enjoy the site and keep coming back, so let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Bobby Kimbrough

Bobby grew up in the heart of Illinois, becoming an avid dirt track race fan which has developed into a life long passion. Taking a break from the Midwest dirt tracks to fight evil doers in the world, he completed a full 21 year career in the Marine Corps.
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