Video: Cottle And Kuhn Rumble In The Pits At The Chili Bowl

There’s no escaping it, when you put 20-30 racers on a track from time to time they are going to get into each other, and disagreements will arise. But at a stage as big as the Chili Bowl, racers are always on edge as less than 10% of the drivers in attendance will make the main event field.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 10.41.42 PMDuring the B-main, fans were seeing some incredible racing for the final transfer spot throughout the entire race. Shane Cottle, Brad Kuhn, Brad Loyet, and Kevin Ramey were trading spots at a furious rate as the laps were winding down. Heading into the final corner Cottle had sole possession of the final transfer spot, but Brad Kuhn saw a small opening and tried for a dramatic slide-job. He clipped Cottle and sent him for a soft turn over.

Cottle for obvious reasons, was extremely upset and sought revenge in the pits. For those that watched the broadcast all we could see was Cottle sprinting up the ramp at Tulsa. Well, video surfaced today of the altercation between the two, and we have to warn you there is some language in the clip above.

Cottle seems to get a couple of shots in before people pull him away from Kuhn. It attracted quite the crowd including the likes of Larson who can be seen at the end of the video.

We aren’t condoning the action by posting this video, rather we would like to get your opinion. Let’s face it, the fight was pretty mild compared to some of the fights we have seen. But honestly, as a fan, driver, or even parent, how do you feel about people fighting at the track? Is it just an inevitable occurrence that we get to “enjoy” as fans, or is it something that we should stop tolerating and go to lengths to ensure it doesn’t happen at our tracks? Let us hear your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.


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