Video: Bill Goldberg Sells Us On BendPak Automotive

Just about everyone has heard of Bill Goldberg, and if you know him as a wrestling icon, you should also know that he is a big car fanatic. Bill loves toys, and by toys we mean hot rods, motorcycles, and all the cool tools and shop equipment that you can fit in the garage.

He just happens to be one of the more fortunate souls that has a huge collection of muscle cars, choppers, and a fully decked out man cave to play in. Bill recently teamed up with BendPak, the leader in automotive service equipment to show you what they have to offer and why their products are the most trusted in the industry.

Don’t think you have to be a millionaire or be a celebrity to have BendPak equipment in your shop or home. Maybe you have seen all the BendPak lifts and other tools they offer on television shows like Overhaul-in, Monster Garage,or our very own Power TV Shop, and thought that the BendPak line was only for the rich and famous, when in reality they are built to serve everyone in the automotive field, from the backyard hobbyist to the largest of dealerships.

Their high quality products and affordable pricing is what made them famous. BendPak designed their lifts and other products for the automotive trade, to be reliable, cost effective, and last for many years without sacrificing quality. Its their philosophy that has kept them the leader, and in business for over 45 years.

They simply build the best product and use the best materials available in their manufacturing facility, and everything is made right here in the USA. Its because of the quality and high standards, that BenPak is seen in all the best shops all over the world, so take a look at the video and see what Bill has to say about BendPak as he showcases some of their lifts and other automotive tools. Next time your in the market for a lift or any other automotive service tool, call BendPak or visit them online before opting for some over seas replica that will surely fail.

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Scott Barlick

Opened my first speed shop in the mid 80s eventually starting up my auto machine shop business (Flo-Tech Racing & Machine) in 93 building engines ,specializing in porting and flow testing cylinder heads, along with many restorations and hot rod builds under my belt. Always having a passion for car stories I'm finally getting my feet wet with the online news contribution sector of the hobby.
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