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Video: A Terrifyingly Fast Tractor From Sweden

There must be something in the water up in Sweden, because every time we hear about this Scandanavian country, it involves some kind of hardcore, impractical, ridiculous project car. Remember the ice-racing Chevy Camaro? How about the turbine-powered Dodge Charger? As wild as it sounds…we found something even better.

A farmer from Sweden named Rickard Nilsson built, and drives, a tractor he named “Terror.” Why is it called that? Because a turbocharged Volvo 240 engine replaced the old diesel mill, giving this old piece of farm equipment sports car-like acceleration.

The Volvo 240 was hardly a fast car, designed more for safety and practicality than anything else. But Rickard removed (and improved) the Volvo’s turbo engine and popped it into his tractor. But that isn’t why his video has over 2 million views.

The reason this video has become a worldwide sensation is the way Rickard drives. This guy drives a narrow, easy-to-tip-over tractor with a turbocharged engine and no seatbelts wicked fast. So fast that the chase car has a hard time keeping up.

Not just on road either. Rickard goes off road in one of his (we assume) fields, doing donuts and generally driving like a madman. He even does a few burnouts for good measure. We’ve never seen a tractor do that.

Only in Sweden folks.

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