PRI 2017: Tech-Wise, We’re Keeping Up With the Jones’

It’s no big secret that in the crate engine world, competitors are always looking for ways to find more horsepower. While the internal components of the engines all produce the same amount of power, the efficiency of the external components can prove to be the difference in winning or losing races. This is where Ottsville, Pennsylvania’s Jones Racing Products has once again raised the bar.

With the company’s new low-drag crate kit, they are giving racers an advantage. OneDirt caught up Jones Racing Products CJ Jones at PRI 2017 to talk about this new technology, which was on display on a 604 GM Performance crate engine from Ingram Engines.

“The crate market is really starting to grow, and all of these crate racers are looking to get as many lightweight components as possible on their engines,” CJ Jones said. “They are looking to minimize rotating mass on the engine by every ounce possible, which frees up more horsepower. This is what we have been able to accomplish with our new low-drag radius tooth belt setup.”

The low-drag radius crate kit includes separate belts to run the water pump and the powering steer. Older setups found a single belt running both components, which forced racers to run the same ratio for each item. However, this new technology provides competitors with the option to optimize ratios, which allows you to run cooler temperatures and free up more horsepower.

“It’s nice to be able to optimize ratios – whether it be for crate engines or even a custom-built engine,” Jones continued. “Correct ratios on all of the pumps are very important if you want to achieve maximum performance.”

Through research as well as field testing, Jones Racing Products brings us another cutting-edge product with their low-drag crate kit. For more information on these and their other fine products, visit them online at

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