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Sugar Creek Raceway Returns Dirt Racing To Georgia In 2012!

Sugar Creek Raceway before the work that started in early fall. Image credit: {link=} Sugar Creek Raceway's FB Page

There is no doubt, times are tough for track owners and promoters. It seems like atleast once a month we are reporting on a track that has been forced to shut its doors due to low car counts, fanbase or other circumstances. But here lately we have been reporting more good news, and we just received some more today! Sugar Creek Raceway will be back from the grave in 2012!

The 1/3 mile track located in Blue Ridge, Georgia is undergoing a ton of track and venue improvements to attract the fans and cars back to the track. Work began in early fall, and recently they posted on their Facebook page all of the updates that have been done to the track: “The track has been widened just over 10 feet. The front stretch will be widened within the next few weeks. Just outside of the old pit entrance, the trees have been cut to make room for the pits outside of the old infield. Racing begins in April, 2012.”

We’ve personally never been to the small bull-ring but based on the pictures and the banking that the turns have, it looks to be a great venue for racing! From all of us at we would like to wish the track the best of luck! And for all of you dirt track fans in the south east, make sure you come out and support this track. It’s not to often that a track arises from the grave, and even fewer when they actually make improvements to the track and venue to provide everyone a better experience at the track.

Best of luck in 2012!

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