Stock Eliminator Event Makes for Some Great Racing

Stock Eliminator Race

Lots of dirt tracks have an event where fans can bring their street cars onto the track for a one lap race. Usually, they are filler between events and are often forgettable since few people are willing to risk crunching up their daily driver for 15 minutes of fame.

But this race at Shawano (Wisc.) Speedway turned out to be quite different. Shawano calls this the Stock Eliminator race, and this particular night a Camaro owned by Dave Stoffer is matched up against a classic wagon driven by Scott Williams. At first you might think that the sportier and lighter Camaro would have the definite advantage over the heavy wagon, but the bigger car gets the jump on the Camaro from the start, the squeezes the low line between one and two to gain a couple of lengths.

But the driver of the Camaro doesn ‘t give up and presses the inside line going into turn three. That’s when things get crazy. We’ve got to hand it to the driver of that beautiful Camaro, he drives his car like it is a $10,000 to win event. Check out the video below and see what we mean. Thanks to Michael Thorne for shooting the video.


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