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Spectacular Wild Ride By John Kellar. Sprint Car Flip At Ascot On June 10th, 1972

Track workers rush to aid John Kellar after he was ejected from his sprint car.

We were cruising through you tube and found this amazing sprint car flip. The first question that is asked by anyone that sees this video is; “Holy Crap! Did that guy live?” The answer is yes. This flip happened during the California Racing Association (CRA) Sprint Car race at the legendary Ascot Park in Gardena, California. On June 10th of 1972, John Kellar flips over Frank Burgin’s car. While the car was inverted, Kellar’s hand hit the release on the seat belt quick release which freed him from the car. Kellar launched out of the car like a rag doll and was hit by another sprint car trying to avoid the crash. The most amazing part of this story is that Kellar only suffered a broken pelvis.

This Video was uploaded to youtube by sofasttv. We appreciate them sharing this amazing video with the rest of us race junkies.



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