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Sources Confirming Truck Series Headed To Eldora

Dirt track fans across the nation can start rejoicing as we are hearing and reading reports that NASCAR is going to announce this week that the Camping World Truck series will be holding an event at Eldora Speedway next year.

From the Charlotte Observer:

The NASCAR Truck Series will race next season on the half-mile dirt track at Eldora Speedway near Rossburg, Ohio, multiple sources confirmed to The Observer and

An official announcement of the move could come as early as Wednesday.

Dirt track and NASCAR fans have been divided on the issue since the rumor was first reported, but regardless where you stand on the issue this will be a great opportunity for dirt track racing to be broadcast to a national audience.

Eldora Speedway does not have safer barriers but according to reports NASCAR is going to wave its policy – Sources said NASCAR is expected to waive its policy – adapted beginning in 2005 – that SAFER barriers be installed at all tracks hosting its three national series.

Do you think this is a good move for Eldora Speedway and NASCAR? Leave us a comment below with your opinion.

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