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PRI 2010: ATL All Fuel Cells

Using some of the newer race fuels can be tricky and with the wide variety of different types of racing fuels, you have to match your fuel system components to the type of fuel. ATL has taken some of the headache away with the All Fuel Cell.

According to ATL Motorsports Engineer Craig “Hollywood” Mitchell, the All Fuel Cell will accept “Leaded and unleaded, Ethanol blends, Methanol, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Butane, Jet fuels and Nitromethane.”

Mitchell told us that the “FluoroCell bladder is thinner, stronger and more flexible than anything before.” Constructed with a Kevlar reinforced rubber, theses cells include composite nut-ring flanges and safety foam baffling.

As a result of the new construction and materials, Mitchell says that “The cells have a higher temperature tolerance, a lighter construction and excellent wear resistance.”

As an added feature, ATL has designed the cells to hold more fuel because of the lighter weight and thinner material, plus it reduces the fuel vapor emissions to the atmosphere.

For more information on the ATL All Fuel Cells, visit them at .


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