Onboard Video: World Of Outlaw Sprint Car At The Moody Mile!

It has been over 15 years since the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Series has competed at the Moody Mile in the New York State Fairgrounds. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a modern World of Outlaw Sprint car on the track recently. This past October four drivers took to the Moody Mile in an exhibition race for fans during the Super Dirt Week.

One of these drivers was Chad Kemeneah who attached an oboard video to his car for the ride. You can watch the video below. We’ve included some of the warm up lap so you can get an appreciation of how fast he really is going.

Now understand, this is a mile long track that has seen four days worth of competition on it before these sprint cars took to the track. As you can tell from the video the track wasn’t really in ideal conditions. But by simply putting a stop watch on him we clocked him at a 29.1. That is more then two seconds faster then the Big Block Modifieds pole sitter! That’s even more impressive when you consider it was just an exhibition. Imagine what these cars could do if they had ideal track conditions, and were properly tuned for the track.

Like we’ve always said, these things are scary fast. I think we can all agree, we want them back!

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John Gibson

John has been around dirt track racing his entire life. In fact, he was almost born at Monett Speedway in Monett, Missouri. He has raced everything on dirt and asphalt from karts, to Indy cars, to 650 horsepower stock cars in the USAR Pro Cup where he currently races.
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