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ATL’s New 18-Gallon Super Fuel Cell is built to NASCAR Dimensions

It doesn’t matter how much horsepower your car has, without gas, it isn’t going anywhere. Most racers depend on the safety of fuel cells to prevent explosive endings to their careers. ATL’s new 18-Gallon fuel cell is built to NASCAR dimensions and features a nylon-reinforced FT-3 bladder that includes anti-explosion and anti-slosh foam baffling.

Official Release

ATL’s New 18 gallon Super Cell

ATL Racing Fuel Cells is proud to release their new #SU118D, 18 gallon Super Cell. This new cell features NASCAR’s official dimensions 33” x 17” x 8” as per the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck series.

ATL’s assembled cell includes a red powder coated 18 gauge flange-loading container with handles, a TF600 aluminum fill plate with twist cap, #8 outlet, #6 rollover vent valve and dipstick.

Internally, the nylon-reinforced FT-3 approved bladder includes anti-explosion, anti-slosh safety foam baffling and a state of the art ScavenJet fuel pickup. Also included is ATL’s cross-drilled composite nut-ring and a rating for both gasoline and E10 race fuels.

  • Built to NASCAR dimensions
  • Red powercoated with aluminum fill cap
  • Nylon-reinforced FT-3 approved bladder with anti-explosion anti-sloshing foam baffling.


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