Milestones: CRA & SCRA Car Owner Danny Pivovaroff Passes


Danny Pivovaroff. Photo from Ken Wagner.

Sad news coming out of the Sprint Car world as the SCRAFan’s Lance Jennings reported the passing of Danny Pivovaroff. The longtime CRA & SCRA sprint car owner known to many as “Danny P,” passed away last Tuesday, January 16, 2018. He was 79 years old. Pivovaroff was probably best known for running his Ford-powered cars in the Chevy-powered race world of dirt ovals.  His team won the 1993 CRA Championship with driver Mike Kirby.

Danny Pivovaroff (pictured right), with Glenn Howard at Skagit Speedway in July of 2004. Photo courtesy of Lance Jennings.

Known for his generosity and kindness, Pivovaroff grew his team to three cars on the CRA circuit with Kirby, Bobby Michnowicz, and Troy Cline, for several years. “Danny P” helped launch other drivers and provided the platform for career highlights such as “Super” Rickie Gaunt’s first main event win at Santa Maria winged Golden State Challenge (GSC) race.


Troy Cline in the Danny P #10. Photo from Ken Wagner.

Working with many of the top names in the CRA & SCRA series, Pivovaroff worked with many drivers that have reached legendary status in the sprint car world. Hall of Famers Lealand McSpadden, Dean Thompson, as well as J.J. Yeley, Michael Pivovaroff, Sid Blandford, Mike English, Dave Crowell, along with many others, piloted Pivovaroff’s cars.


Mike Kirby in the Danny P #4 car. Photo from Ken Wagner. wishes to express our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Danny Pivovaroff. Rest In Peace.

Danny Pivovaroff’s CRA & SCRA’s Feature Wins:

  • 03/03/90: Manzanita Speedway – Lealand McSpadden (CRA)
  • 05/13/90: Knoxville Raceway – Lealand McSpadden (CRA)
  • 06/09/90: Manzanita Speedway – Lealand McSpadden (CRA)
  • 08/17/90: Bakersfield Speedway – Lealand McSpadden (CRA)
  • 09/02/90: Manzanita Speedway – Lealand McSpadden (CRA)
  • 05/05/92: Grandview Speedway – Mike Kirby (CRA)
  • 06/27/92: Bakersfield Speedway – Bobby Michnowicz (CRA)
  • 11/07/92: Yuma Speedway – Mike Kirby (CRA)
  • 05/15/93: Lincoln Speedway – Mike Kirby (CRA)
  • 07/18/93: Manzanita Speedway – Mike Kirby (CRA)
  • 05/28/94: Manzanita Speedway – Mike Kirby (SCRA)
  • 06/04/94: Ventura Raceway – Mike Kirby (SCRA)
  • 07/09/94: Manzanita Speedway – Mike Kirby (SCRA)
  • 09/03/94: Ventura Raceway – Mike Kirby (SCRA)
  • 11/05/94: Ventura Raceway – Mike Kirby (SCRA)

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