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Kevin Thomas Jr. - Whitney ThomasThe off season has officially ended. It seems like it’s been ages since I last sat down to put my life on paper.

Not that much has transpired since December, except, Kevin once again has a full-time ride in a Winged Sprint Car – insert dramatic face here. My business is taking off. I lead a workout group on Facebook, and I finally got to go on a honeymoon after a year and a half of marriage.

Life is good.

Let’s talk honeymoon first so ya’ll can salivate over the Winged Sprint Car stuff for a little while. Kevin surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a ten-day trip to the Florida Keys for our belated honeymoon.

If anyone knows anything about me, “the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand,” is my favorite place to be. We spent day after day by the water, soaking up the sun, watching cruises ships dock and set sail, and eating some of the best seafood you could dream about.

The two of us took a snorkeling adventure over a giant reef, then our snorkeling neighbor saw a shark, so that was the end of that excursion for both of us.

One day we rented bicycles and biked around the island. We stopped and took the typical tourist photo at the Southern Most Point of the United States. It’s 90 miles off the coast of Cuba. I also ate my first Cuban sandwich that day and I’ll forever be a fan.

Kevin took me kayaking in the ocean one day because that’s the one thing I wanted to do while we were there. It was everything I wanted it to be.

We ate so many oysters that I actually got sick. I could eat seafood all day, every day, and we did. Key Lime pie was the only dessert on any menu, which was probably the most awful thing about the trip. I hate Key Lime pie.

Let’s see, what am I missing?

Oh, the chickens! There were chickens everywhere; in the streets, in the restaurants, in the shops, everywhere. Kevin was obsessed with the chickens. I turn around and he would be feeding a chicken out of his hand. One of the locals told us they used to fight chickens. Chicken fighting then got banned, and because they were not a native species to the island that now they were protected. Chickens have ruled the roost in Key West from then on.

A lot of our friends always gave Kevin grief for not taking me on a honeymoon but in reality, it was both our faults. We were both too busy, or too broke, or too something to make it work. The opportunity came up and he seized it. He planned the whole trip himself, which is a big deal, because everyone knows I plan everything.

I got to spend ten of the most relaxing days with my best friend, doing what I love to do best…lay in the sun and do nothing at all.

Dub Publications & Media is growing by the day. I was hoping to be doing more monthly client work but it turns out people like my websites and sponsorship packages. I’m thrilled with what I have going on, and it’s growing at a rate that I can keep up with and still give top-notch attention to my clients.

I’ve had those days where I say to myself, “What am I doing? What was I thinking starting this?” and then someone sends me an email telling me how much they enjoyed something I wrote. Or I pick up another client who is really excited about getting started because they love the way I operate.

Those are the days that reassure me I took the right step forward.

Kevin Thomas Jr. 1 - Whitney ThomasAbout two months ago I started something called “Fab Ab February” on Facebook. It’s a workout routine I wanted to do to help get in shape because the Summer months are fast approaching. I asked my Facebook friends if anyone wanted to do it with me. I was only looking for three to five people. A small group to hold each other accountable. I was up to 30 friends on day two. THIRTY!

I’m no personal trainer, I’m not an inspirational speaker, but I have 30 women who look to me each day. We hold each other accountable. I’m not perfect. I tell them when I’m struggling or when I skipped a day and made it up later. We keep it honest, fun, and simple.

February was coming to a close and the girls started asking what I was doing for March. Well, I hadn’t really thought about it. I didn’t know how I all the sudden became a fitness coach, but here I am. For the month of March, I let the ladies vote.

It was 50/50 tooshie work and abs, so I made a plan for both. I tag these ladies each day and they let me know when they’re done. We all have decided our arms are noodles by the end of the day and that we all loath V-Ups.

What’s really cool about this accidental group of gals is the success stories. One girl wanted to get rid of baby weight. Watching her transformation from being a new mommy and giving her child all her attention to doing something for herself and loving who she was again really put a smile on my face.

Another lady, has lost 12lbs! She messaged me privately and thanked me for starting the group and holding her accountable. She’s feeling great and motivated to do more.

There’s also another girl that has become such a cool friend for me. Amanda Wease, I’m totally calling you out by name. Friends are hard to come by, especially the good kind. She motivates me and may not even know it. We’ve bonded over work out routines, our race car driving husbands, and of course the occasional bottle(s) of wine. Thank you for being that friend I need right now.

Each of these ladies bring something different to the table and I’m looking forward to April and a new adventure with them.

Now, to what everyone has really been waiting on, the news about Kevin’s new ride. It’s ok, I know you guys love me for my husband. I’m currently sitting in the lounge of the Blazin’ Racin’ No. 82 hauler watching the NCAA tournament while my hubby and his team get ready to race with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Cars in Tulare.

Yes, you read that right. Kevin has jumped to what Non-Wing Sprint Car fans call “the dark side.”

Kevin Thomas Jr.
In January, we flew to Fargo, North Dakota to meet with Todd LaHaise and Greg McCormick to discuss Kevin driving for them during the 2017 season. Obviously, the meeting went well or I wouldn’t be here. We got to spend time with Todd and Susan LaHaise, owners of the Buffalo Wild Wings sponsored Blazin’ Racin’ team. In that time, we got to know them a little better.

I clicked with Todd’s wife immediately. She has such a sweet spirit! The boys talked shop a little more, and Kevin was offered the spot.

Grateful isn’t the word. I was ecstatic. We were both in shock for a day or two. I know we both keep saying they took a risk with a Non-Wing driver, who has very little Winged Sprint Car experience, but it’s the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Kevin’s talent, but he is a Winged Car rookie.Kevin Thomas Jr. 2

The announcement would be made at Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Midget Nationals in the following weeks. Having Todd, Greg, and the Blazin’ Racin’ team allow me to write the press release for it was a neat moment for me. Not only was it a pivotal time in my husband’s career, but also in my professional career. DPM dropped the news first thing Monday morning, January 9, and my phone didn’t stop ringing all day.

On the teams fourth night of racing, Kevin scored his first winged sprint car victory at Arizona Speedway, in Queen Creek, Arizona with the ASCS Southwest region. He started 6th that night and took the lead with 6 laps remaining. It wasn’t a World of Outlaws victory but it felt like it to me.

Of course, I wasn’t there but I did have a friend sending me video’s and updates. I sat in the floor of my bedroom, a little after midnight, and cried when RaceMonitor showed the finish.

Yes, I cried. I’m not the soul-sucking vampire everyone believes me to be. I have feelings, just don’t tell anyone.

I was so proud of my guy and so proud for his new team. It was a real confidence booster for Kevin going forward. I told him not to let anyone take anything away from this win or that this win didn’t matter.

Last year you took a local team, to a local track, and got them their first win. After that his entire year exploded with success. He won a prelim night and the final night of USAC Smackdown V, Bryan Clauson’s Celebration of Life race, a Kokomo Speedway Track Championship, and tallied 13 victories to become the winningest Non-Wing driver in the country for 2016.

Wins are wins and they all mean something. I encouraged him to take that win, build on it, learn from it, and use the momentum going forward.

I apologize for the length. I had a lot to catch you up on. For now, we’re taking it day-by-day and enjoying the small wins. It’s going to be whirlwind year, and we are both excited to see where it takes us.

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