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Jeff Swindell Heads for “Copper on Dirt” With Help From Carl Edwards

Jeff Swindell's 2011 ASCS Sprint Car (Image Credit:

Jeff Swindell has had a very successful and storied sprint car racing career that has lasted for more than 30 years and he shows no signs of slowing down.  He has just turned 50 years old and will hit the road once again to show everyone he still has what it takes.  This is a sort of second coming for Swindell who has enjoyed many great racing moments and is about to be reinvented to the benefit of race fans all over. He will soon head out on the road to go on tour against some of the best Wing Sprint car racers in the country with one of the first stops being the 5th Annual Copper on Dirt at Tucson’s USA Raceway.

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Jeff Swindell is certainly excited about his opportunity as he said, “I’ve been racing around home for the last few years just having fun and winning some races with my buddy Kevin Davis.  I’ve been watching my brother Sammy and Steve Kinser still on the trail winning races. I feel as good as I ever have behind the wheel and in December somebody said you should run more ASCS so I said why not the whole thing and here we are. I figure when Sammy and Steve retire I’ll still have five years to go cause those guy’s are really old.”

A Young Jeff Swindell in 1978 (Image Credit: Gene Marderness)

Jeff is fresh off of back to back Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis) Track Championships where he proved that he is sharp as ever behind the wheel.  Now he will leave his native state of Tennessee and head west in good company led by Jason Johnson and the tough ASCS National contingent.  Swindell added, “Everything just came together too quick and easy with the Carl Edwards/R.E.Technologies team along with Roush/Yates Engines jumping in the mix so how could I say no?”

Carl Edwards Pilots a USAC Silver Crown Car in 2004 (Image Credit: Matt Hill)

Swindell will have plenty of help when he hits the track with a Ford power plant under the hood and Carl Edwards/R.E. Technologies Racing on the side of a brand new Swindell Group Maxim.  Jeff will make another mark on racing history as he makes his first Copper on Dirt appearance.  The 5th Annual “Copper on Dirt” will feature ASCS National Wing Sprint Cars, Midgets, The West Coast Late Model Shootout vs. Total Seal Late Model Dirt Racing Series and USRA Western Modifieds all taking part in a sensational racing spectacle at Tucson’s USA Raceway’s for two nights on February 18th and 19th marking USA Raceway as the only dirt track venue in the country to host all four premier divisions in one event.

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