Igniting Success

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Igniting Success
MSD Storms to the Forefront of Ignition Control

Every piece of the puzzle on your hot rod has a significant role. Some may think that it’s the tires that are most important, while others may declare that a thorough suspension system is the difference in winning and losing races.

It seems likely that of all the components of a racecar, most people will likely first point to the power plant as being the most significant factor in performance results. This aspect of a winning car is no doubt important, but let’s face a simple fact.

If there is no ignition to set the whole process in motion, it doesn’t matter how stout your engine might be.

With this in mind, MSD is stepping up to the batter’s box with a pair of cutting-edge new products. While these two new ignition boxes may have separate areas of focus, they share in common the superior dependability and functionality that all racers are seeking.

MSD set the 2016 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) tradeshow abuzz, when they used motorsports biggest promotional stage to unveil their brand-new MSD 6CT Ignition Control, (PN 6427).

“We had teased that we had cutting-edge new technology that we were going to unleash at PRI last year,” Holley’s Blane Burnett comments. “However, I don’t think anybody ever dreamed that we would be releasing an ignition control with such unparalleled capabilities.”

MSD 6CT Ignition Control

The MSD 6CT Ignition Control offers unparalleled capabilities.

Superior design makes the MSD 6CT Ignition Control the most advanced ignition to ever hit a circle track. Packed with legendary MSD Ignition power, the 6CT offers a slew of features. A large digital LED display makes it easier than ever to see the rev limiter setting, when dialing it in using the laser etched rotary dials on the face of the unit.

If you’ve felt your car’s handling suffer in the past from uneven rev limiter reactions, you’ll be happy to learn that this struggle is no longer an issue.

“In the past some racers have complained that certain ignition boxes operate unevenly, resulting in jerky reactions by the chassis,” Burnett notes. “This issue is eliminated by our state-of-the-art microprocessor. Racers now are experiencing such low effects from the rev limiter that the chassis is virtually undisturbed when charging into the corners.”

If flexibility and conformity is what you seek, then this product is definitely for you. A rotary dial allows the user to select either a 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engine. In addition, a rotary dial can be used to adjust the built-in start retard providing options of 0⁰, 10⁰ or 20⁰ of timing retard for easier starts.

Also if you are always worried whether or not you’ve charged your racecar’s battery enough – but have no way to readily check – MSD has found a way to make your life easier.

MSD Circle Track LS Ignition Control

The MSD Circle Track LS Ignition Control brings cutting-edge technology to the LS engine market.

“The LED display is dually functional, and can be used as a live tach or will display your racecars battery voltage,” Burnett proudly states. “Throw in a fully-potted, tamper-proof housing using a single connector to tidy up the wiring, and racers are really loving this this new product.”

Racers aren’t the only ones enjoying the advantages boasted by the MSD 6CT Ignition Control.

“It makes the life of the tech man much easier because when a car pulls into the scales after a race, a simple press of a button reveals the highest RPM that was achieved in the last 20 minutes of run time,” Burnett explains. “With this feature there’s no second-guessing whether or not somebody was running within the RPM restrictions of their rule set.”

Meanwhile, MSD wasn’t content to sit back on their laurels of a single new, groundbreaking release. Rather, they also recently brought to market the MSD Circle Track LS Ignition Control, (PN 6014CT).

“Over the past decade we’ve started to see a strong influx of LS engines into the circle track market, so our engineers went to work and developed the MSD Circle Track LS Ignition Control,” Burnett comments. “Whether you are using a CT525 crate engine or a built LS mill, this new technology provides racers and engine builders alike with a dependable and durable way to control all eight coils, RPM, and timing.”

Ease of installation is not sacrificed by this game-changing new product. It comes stock with factory connectors that plug directly into the LS cam sensor, crank sensor and coils. For teams running a CT525, a preset-timing curve and rev-limiter setup is preprogrammed to allow you to hit the ground running.

Customization was not forgotten for those, who might be running a built LS engine. Simply, plug in your laptop to program a timing curve and rev limiter with the user-friendly MSD View software. Supply the unit with power and a ground and you’re off to the races.

Much like the MSD 6CT Ignition Control, the MSD Circle Track LS Ignition Control offers a special feature to make the job of the technical official far easier.

“Again, we are always looking to make our products as user-friendly and efficient as possible for all concerned parties, so our LS controller features a dedicated plug for tech officials to utilize,” Burnett says. “We’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from officials from multiple series in regards to the ease of technical inspection with this new device.”

No matter which of these products most adequately meets your ignition controller needs, there’s one thing for certain. Utilizing the latest-and-greatest technology from MSD Performance will keep you a cut above the competition.

Source: MSD Performance, msdperformance.com

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