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Big Maxx Heater

Old Man Winter is rolling into town for his annual visit so it’s time to make sure you keep your race shop warm.

Old Man Winter has his bags of cold and snow all packed and is coming to make your shop miserable. Put a Mr. Heater heating unit to work and your shop will quickly be nice and warm. Summit Racing offers a wide selection of heaters ranging from portable electric and propane heaters to permanent propane and natural gas-powered garage units. Any one of them will keep Mr. Winter outside where he belongs.

Big Maxx Heater
The natural gas-fired Big Maxx puts out 50,000 BTU per hour of heat—ideal for larger shop and garage spaces up to 1,250 square feet. It works like your home’s forced-air furnace; a built-in electric fan pulls cool air into the rear of the heater and across a heat exchanger before forcing warm air into the surrounding area. Other features include:

  • Spark ignition with self-diagnostic control module
  • Low profile design—can be installed in low-ceiling buildings
  • Can be vented vertically or horizontally per your local building code
  • Includes 2 angle brackets for ceiling mount
  • Natural gas to liquid propane conversion kit included
  • Three year limited warranty on all parts and burners, 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

The Big Maxx uses a 1/2 inch natural gas connection and requires a minimum eight feet of clearance from the floor to the base of the heater unit. Uses household-style thermostat, not included.

Radiant Heaters
If you like peace and quiet in your shop, a Mr. Heater Radiant Heater is for you. It produces infrared heat that directly warms people and objects, which in turn heat surrounding air to the desired temperature. The heater is 99.9% efficient, transforming almost all of the fuel it burns directly into clean, safe, quiet warmth.

Radiant HeaterMr. Heater Radiant Heaters are easy to install. Just mount the included adjustable thermostat to the unit, mount the heater on the wall, then connect it to the fuel source—no electricity is required. There are no moving parts to service and necessary mounting hardware is included. For use in buildings with seven to eight foot ceilings.

Available Models

  • 25,0000 BTU/hour, natural gas
  • 22,000 BTU/hour, propane
  • 40,000 BTU/hour, propane
  • 40,000 BTU/hour, natural ga

Buddy Series Portable Heaters
Mr. Heater says its Buddy Series are the most popular propane-fueled portable heaters in North America. We’ll say that they’re some of the nicest portable heaters we’ve seen. Summit Racing carries three versions of the Buddy Heater. All feature swivel regulators to connect to a 20 pound propane tank with one hose (not included), a built-in Piezo sparking mechanism, oxygen depletion sensor, and a tipover safety shutoff.

The Big Buddy can heat enclosed spaces up to 450 square feet. An integrated fan increases the heating capacity of this unit, blending radiant and convection style heat to give you the best of both worlds. It runs on two one-pound propane cylinders and features two swivel regulators, and low/medium/high heat settings. The fan runs on four ‘D’ batteries or an AC adapter.

Buddy HeaterThe Hunting Buddy is designed for enclosed spaces up to 300 square feet. It runs off a single one-pound propane cylinder and has low/high heat settings.

The Original Buddy is for spaces up to 225 square feet—a large tent, for example. It features low and high heat settings and a fold-down handle.

Summit Racing also carries Mr. Heater portable and tank-top radiant heaters; torpedo-style heaters; forced-air electric heaters; and vent-free heaters.

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