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Furniture for Gearheads

Furniture shopping; it sucks, don’t it fellas? All we care about is having some place to plop down at the end of a hard day of work to watch some television. A coffee table is there because we need a place to put our beer, not because we’re trying to balance our Feng Shui. And if we had our way, the only pictures on the walls would be of boobs and/or cars. But most of us would rather shack up with a pretty lady than our bros for the rest of our lives. So we make compromises.

But we’ve just stumbled across some awesome furniture made with gearhead aesthetics in mind. How does a V8 coffee table sound? Or a transmission sink? You’ll find that and more on this post by the Frugal Mechanic.

We’ve often thought about re-purposing a race seat into an office chair, but that is child’s play compared to most of these custom furniture pieces. Arguably, some things make better show pieces than others. We imagine most people could appreciate the crankshaft lamp or the gear bookends. But the aforementioned transmission-sink looks a little…cramped.

Some of this stuff is classier than others, like the V8 wine bottle holder/table. The engine-parts chessboard, meanwhile, is probably languishing in some attic somewhere, a good idea…at the time. Still, there’s plenty of other things to pick over and “borrow” from in the future. Which of these lovely pieces would you like to adorn your home with?

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