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Freeport Raceway Park in Northern Illinois is Submerged in 15 Feet of Water

Freeport Raceway Park hosts 6 race classes on their half mile track.

Freeport Raceway Park claims to be the largest stock car track in Northern Illinois.  The half mile track holds racing in six classes;  Modified, Limited Late Model, B-Modified, Hobby Stock, 4-Cylinder and Pure Stock.  On Saturday, July 24th, 2010, the track posted a single statement:  Racing has been cancelled due to the fact that the track is under water.

According to the Journal Standard, the local newspaper, the track is indeed underwater.  “The track itself was completely submerged on Saturday as was the area immediately surrounding it. Gill said her husband estimated the water was around 15 feet deep at the scorer’s tower”.

The track owners are waiting for the water to recede to see how bad the damage is.  “We really won’t know until the water’s down and we can actually check things out and see what all is junk and what’s still working and how bad the track is underneath there,” owner Virginia Gill said.  “We’ve got our transformers and everything that are underwater,” Gill said. “They’re probably fried … There’s a lot of stuff gone and damaged. My house is just as bad so it’s a double whammy.”

Even with the potential damage to the equipment and the track, the owners are hopeful that they will be able to race again this season.  They claim to have been flooded in the past, just not this bad.


The Journal Standard
Freeport Raceway Park

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