Dirty Music: It’s A Dirt Track Life By John Cook


Music and cars … Cars and music. The two just go together and have since the first radio was installed in dash. The first car radio was introduced by Chevrolet in 1922, by the way. The unit was about as compact as taking the entire Grand Ole Opry with you, and cost just about as much. Laws were proposed to ban radios while driving because they could “lull a driver to sleep.”


Thankfully we were able to keep radios in cars, and the relationship between music and driving have grown over the years. Every genre of automobiles has their favorite tunes. The bowtie crew can relax and enjoy Sammy John’s Chevy Van, or eat American Pie in your Chevy down by the Levee.

Sadly, the world does not have enough songs about dirt tracks, dirt track racing, or dirt track driving. We’re committed to finding the dirty tunes that are out there, and brining them home to the crowd that will cherish these little ditties the most. Our first foray into the commercial acoustic world is John Cook’s It’s A Dirt Track Life.


The original song was written and performed by Mr. Cook for Old Town Productions’ documentary about dirt track racing. Their dirt track circuit ran from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to Dawsonville, George. That’s some hardcore dirt tracks, to be sure. The documentary covers the early days of dirt racing and was released in April of 2014.

The DVD of the documentary can be purchased at the Museum Center at 5ive Points in Cleveland, Tennessee, The East Tennessee Historical Museum in Knoxville, The Georgia Racing Hall of Fame Museum in Dawsonville, Georgia, The McMinn Living Heritage Museum, and the Central City Auto Parts in Cleveland, Tennessee. We were unable to track down a copy online, but the YouTube video explains that inquires can be sent to tennt@aol.com.

Enjoy the film’s trailer here:


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Bobby grew up in the heart of Illinois, becoming an avid dirt track race fan which has developed into a life long passion. Taking a break from the Midwest dirt tracks to fight evil doers in the world, he completed a full 21 year career in the Marine Corps.
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