Dirt Racing In Russia. “You Want To Race Comrade?”

19th century writer Nikolai Gogol once said “Russia’s two biggest problems are fools and roads.”  We wondered what would happen if the two biggest problems ever combined. Thanks to our friends at Jalopnik, we have our answer.

The naturally aspirated GAZ SG-1 Russian Stock Car.

As the old Russian saying goes, “There are no roads in Russia. Only directions.” Our Ukrainian friends have taken that to a whole new level and we are here to explain the origin of tractor racing in Russia.

Shortly after boxer Ivan Drago was beaten by Rocky Balboa in the late ’80s (as captured on film in Rocky IV), Russians looked to become dominant in another sport. NASCAR was just becoming wildly popular as businesses flocked to have their names plastered on all sides of the race cars.

The Soviets attempted to infiltrate stock car racing but found their aerodynamics not suited to NASCAR’s superspeedway type racing. Popular Russian driver Dimitri Yemelyanenko Sr. continued to attempt qualifying in American Stock car races until a tragic crash ended the racer’s life.

Recognizing that stock car racing was beyond the abilities of the average Josef, the Russian politburo decided to create their own brand of dirt track racing combining elements of American stock car racing and American tractor pulling. The result was Russian tractor racing.

OK, maybe it didn’t happen that way, but it could have.

As far as the event shown in the video, a foreign racing correspondent Asmir filed the following recap that we had to translate from Russian,

Aired September 14

Crimean Extreme Club “Bomb” and the domestic manufacturer of intelligent lubricant additives “Nanoprotek” held in early July in the beam tube near Simferopol loud show under the slogan “race to the bottom.” More than 30,000 people gathered on the slopes to see how, roaring and grinding, the cars pull out meter by meter path to victory.

“TrakProHvat 2011” consists of eight stages. The first stage – “rolling”, the second – “beaten path”, the third – “turn”, the fourth – “Duel”, the fifth – “fro”, the sixth – “cargo”, the seventh – semi-final, the eighth – ending. Competitions will be held on a circular route with natural and artificial obstacles and water hazards. The length of the route – one kilometer.



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