Chevrolet Performance Offers Rebates On Cylinder Heads And Blocks

Advertised as the “Best Deal on the Block,” Chevrolet Performance is offering mail-in rebates on cylinder heads and engine blocks from January 1, 2018 through March 31, 2018. The rebate comes in the form of a debit card.

The engine block rebate is good for all Chevrolet Performance gasoline engine blocks, from the small-block and big-block, to the LS, LT, and LSX family.

The small-block offerings available for rebate include the production based blocks that include the 305ci that uses the original 2-bolt cast-iron main cap design and production small-block components. The 1986 and later 350ci block with 1-piece rear main seal and 4-bolt main cap, the later style 383ci block with 1-piece rear main seal and 4-bolt mains also fall under the rebate rules.

Those wanting the earlier 2-piece rear main oil seal style blocks will be happy to know that the 10066034 block is also eligible for the rebate. This 4-bolt main cap block can be used for the 302, 327, or 350 cubic engine engines. The Bowtie Sportsman block line, and Race blocks/Aluminum Race blocks are included in the small-block rebate offerings.

Under the rebate, big-blocks include the 427/454 production based block along with the legendary 502 Mark IV/Ben VI blocks. For even more power, the Bowtie Sportsman blocks, cast-iron race blocks and the famous ZL1 427ci Aluminum Race blocks are eligible.

The Cylinder head options in the rebate offer are as wide-ranging as the engine block’s rebate offerings.  For the GM small-block engine builders, save time and worry by replacing tired or damaged cylinder heads with new ones from Chevrolet Performance. Included under the rebates are Vortec cylinder heads, Vortec Bowtie heads, aluminum Fast-Burn heads, aluminum Racing cylinder heads, splayed-valve aluminum Race heads, and even the top shelf SB2.2 race cylinder heads.

Big-block fans can take advantage of the rebate with purchases of the service replacement series heads, aluminum Bowtie street heads, Bowtie Race heads, or the DRCE Pro Stock Race cylinder heads. LS builders will benefit with the LS family of cylinder heads or LSX cylinder head purchases.

More information on the rebates or Chevrolet Performance parts can see more at Customize Your Build.

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