Behind The Scenes at Stuckey Enterprises

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Darrell Lanigan has been a consistent threat to win this season in his Club 29 Race Car, built with a Black Diamond Chassis from Stuckey Enterprises. Courtesy

Over the weekend, some of the folks here at OneDirt had to opportunity to take a tour through Dirt Late Model chassis builder Ronnie Stuckey’s shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you’re unfamiliar with Ronnie Stuckey’s cars, let me fill you in; these things are bad fast.

Top racers driving Stuckey’s “Black Diamond” Chassis include Darrell Lanigan, Jimmy Owens, Wendell Wallace and Chris Wall. Darrell Lanigan, who races primarily in the World of Outlaws Late Model Series, has four wins and an outstanding 12 top five’s out of 13 starts in the series so far this season. Jimmy Owens, who races primarily in the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, debuted his new Black Diamond Chassis on March 14th and won his first night out in an unsanctioned race at Volunteer Speedway. He has since gone on to achieve three wins and eight top five’s in the nine Lucas Oil Dirt Series races he’s driven with the new chassis. In addition, the two drivers are currently ranked No.1 and No.2 in’s power rankings, respectively.

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Ronnie Stuckey with a freshly-powder coated Black Diamond Chassis. This particular frame is going to Jimmy Owens as a backup car.

Ronnie has a rich background in the various top series of Dirt Late Model racing, having worked as crew chief for Billy Moyer, Scott Bloomquist, Steve Francis and Don O’Neal to name a few. Ronnie’s business, Stuckey Enterprises, really came to fruition around 2006 when he began modifying MasterSbilt Gen-X cars with his own suspension mounting points and other ideas and selling the cars as “MasterSbilt by Stuckey.” In 2014, Stuckey Enterprises took the leap from merely adding chassis modifications to building the chassis from scratch in-house, creating Black Diamond Chassis.

Stuckey Enterprises also works closely with Darrell Lanigan, who owns Club 29 Race Cars. Garrett Alberson, who recently moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, to work at Stuckey Enterprises, says, “Mostly what we do with Darrell Lanigan is sell Black Diamonds as roller chassis and send Black Diamonds to Darrell to be finished as Club 29 cars.”

Stuckey Enterprises is a fully-loaded Dirt Late Model shop with a chassis jig to build the cars and a powder coating booth and oven to ensure the cleanest, most professional look for customers. After the powder coating, the chassis head to the back-end of the shop where a small crew of workers meticulously build the racecars’ sheet metal bodies. The finished bodies on the Black Diamond Chassis are nothing short of a work of art, as the cars display clean, rigid decks and cockpit areas with craftsmanship that the average weekend warrior could not duplicate.

When asked what made the difference when it came to Stuckey’s Black Diamond cars, Garrett Alberson’s answer was simple: “Ronnie’s experience and knowledge come together to make great cars.” We certainly can’t argue with that as Ronnie has worked with some of the best Dirt Late Model racers in the world, and well, the results seem to speak for themselves.

By the way, if you are interested in getting a Black Diamond chassis of your own, you can get more information at


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