Aeromotive Solves Fuel System Problems for VORE

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The Vegas Off Road Experience (VORE) offers a wide variety of off-road experience options for their clients to enjoy, including 5, 10 or 20-lap short courses, combo tours into the Nevada desert terrain, Raptor desert blaze tours, plus optional “stadium-like” track/short courses. VORE’s business model is dependent upon the reliability of their numerous off-road trucks. This reliability, unfortunately, wasn’t there. All to often, the trucks would break down due to hot fuel handling issues such as cavitation and vapor-lock issues – and leave the clients stranded in the middle of the desert.

Jordan Rose at VORE did some digging to find a solution and discovered Aeromotive, Inc., who designs high-performance fuel systems to solve problems. “After my first conversation with Bub Miller, Aeromotive’s Director of Motorsports, I knew I had been sent to the right place,” stated Jordan. Aeromotive has a specific solution to the hot fuel handling issues VORE was experiencing: their in-tank setups, namely the Phantom line. In the Phantom series, the in-tank fuel pump is properly vented and submerged in fuel at all times due to Aeromotive’s innovative, patented foam baffling system. VORE decided to test-drive the Phantom line, specifically the Aeromotive’s Dual Phantom Stealth fuel system, on a couple of their trucks to see how they responded.

On the decision to use Aeromotive’s Dual Phantom fuel system, Jordan stated that “it sounded good to me, especially knowing how much demand we place on our trucks in the off road environment.” Knowing that the Dual Phantom allowed for a back up pump with only the flip of a switch during these rugged off road excursions seemed like a perfect plus to both Jordan and VORE. “We tried one out and were extremely impressed, to the point where we converted every truck to the system. Now, nearly a year later, we have not experienced one single problem. Aeromotive effectively solved our vapor-lock and cavitation problems. As you can imagine, I am hands down all about Aeromotive now!”

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