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Photo by Todd Boyd

Photo by Todd Boyd

Sheet metal fabrication made manageable thanks to Mittler Bros.

By Ben Shelton

Race car bodies these days have truly become a work of art.

There’s nothing like heading to that first race of the season and seeing all of the hot rods donning their new threads.

The bends are all clean, and the seams are precise. Untainted sheet metal can truly be a thing of beauty.

Racers take great pride in the appearance of their race cars. After all, these fire-breathing machines are their babies.

22 Gauge Brake 2800-7222STo the untrained fabricator, it would seem building these bodies is no big deal. However, for anyone who has ever taken on the task of building a Dirt Late Model or Dirt Modified body, you know the reality is actually the complete opposite.

Getting clean creases on sheet metal has not always been easy. However, over the past decade, there have been some significant advancements in technology to make the fabrication job much easier.

Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool has long been at the forefront of inserting convenience into the lives of fabricators and manufacturers. For more than 35 years, the Missouri-based company has been developing and fine-tuning tools and equipment. Their primary goals have always been to make things easier and more efficient.

“Just about everybody that works at Mittler Brothers has a background in some type of fabrication or manufacturing,” comments Mittler Brothers employee Ray Sauer. “I did a bunch of race car fabricating in my shop before I started working at Mittler Brothers 25 years ago. Once I got here, I spent several years working in the fabrication department.”

brake bend2Sauer now works in the sales department for Mittler Brothers, but he still knows exactly what race companies need from sheet metal equipment.

“Our MB 72-inch 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Straight Brake is a fabricator’s best friend,” notes Sauer. “For your money, you just aren’t going to find a more customer friendly and durable sheet metal brake on the market.”

The device retails at $1,150.

One of Sauer’s favorite features of the MB 72-inch 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Straight Brake is the wrench-less adjustments.

“To get the settings exactly where you want on this sheet metal brake, you just turn the knobs,” explains Sauer. “There’s no wasting time looking around your shop for the right wrench to make the adjustment. A few quick turns of the knob and you are ready to go.”

This edition of the sheet metal brake has been available for roughly five years and has proven to be one of the company’s hottest selling items. According to Sauer, the design of the device makes it a fabricator’s best friend.

“Not only is it extremely durable and sturdy, but it’s simultaneously really light-weight,” Sauer says. “As anyone, who has worked in fabrication will tell you, this is a rare combination in the world of tools. I love it because it makes it really easy to move the sheet metal brake to the corner of the shop when you aren’t using it to maximize your workspace.”

The MB 72-inch 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Straight Brake is ideal for building race car bodies.

While it doesn’t come stock with a ½-inch upper radius bar, fabricators have the option to purchase an add-on for just $150. This gives fabricators yet another element of flexibility with this device.

“I really like the radius bar attachment because it makes it really simple to create curves, like what you see over the door area on a race car,” says Sauer.

While the Straight Brake meets the needs of most fabricators, it’s also worth noting a larger option is now available as well.

“A few fabricators are starting to experiment with using longer cuts of sheet metal, so we’re starting to see interest take off for our MB 96-inch 22 Gauge Sheet Metal Straight Brake,” comments Sauer. “An added bonus for this piece of machinery is that it includes the ½-inch upper radius bar.”

No matter what your fabrication needs may be, Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool has you covered. The best part is the company is always forging ahead to create new tools to make your work easier.


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