Tech Made Simple: Billy Moyer Jr.’s Race Week Prep

Running an aggressive schedule like we do with our Dirt Late Model team, requires a lot of preparation and maintenance to stay in top-operating form. As a result, I thought it would be a good idea to do an article that provides details on what we do each week to stay on top of our game.

We have a set schedule we go through pretty much every week when it comes to washing, maintenance and preparation for the next race.

We start off Monday morning with washing the car and cleaning all of the tires. The body panels, pit mats, 4-wheeler and pit cart are always on the agenda as well.

The trailer is also kept very clean and organized each week. The inside of the trailer is swept out, mopped and wiped down weekly. Our truck is vacuumed and wiped down on the inside each week. We fill the water and check all of the tires and generator on Monday.

We try to wash the outside every week, but sometimes the time just isn’t there.

Tuesday is usually designated for general maintenance of the car. On this day we go through everything on our #21jr Billy Moyer Victory Race Car with a fine-tooth comb.

Our list for the weekly maintenance of the car includes the following items:
– Nut and bolt
– Oil and grease
– Charge battery
– Body work
– Remove the radiator and clean
– Make sure air filters are ready
– Carburetor maintenance
– Run the engine valves (every other week)
– Check amount of fuel in the car

If we have an issue it is usually looked at on Tuesday. This way we can order something if needed or if it is a big issue, it will give us plenty of time to fix it.

The list above includes most of the general maintenance items, but there are also some things we do every other week or about once a month.

Maintenace at the shop can many times be the difference in winning and losing.

We pack wheel bearings and redo the ball spline transmission roughly once a month. The heims on the four-bar rods and tie rods are also checked regularly. In addition, we have other parts that are checked and maintained throughout the year as well.

I usually like to do tire prepation during the week. This includes everything from demounting to cleaning to mounting up.

My guys will tell you that I have a really good knowledge of my tires and where we are on preparation. This allows me to make my decisions on the fly on race day because I know exactly what tires I have in the rack. We usually have a new set ready, but we also typically have used tires ready.

If the opportunity presents itself for us to save a nickel here or there, we’ll slide some used tires on the car. We also keep some used tires in the trailer, so that if a guy wants to come buy some used ones I can get rid of them and save us both money on shipping

Again this allows us to recoup a little bit of money. Running a race team as a business means trying to make a little extra money here or there, whenever you can.

There are also different ways to groove and sipe which can be dictated by the tracks you’re going to that weekend. We like to make sure our tire program is in good shape before we leave the shop.

Later in the week we will fill fuel jugs and make sure the trailer is stocked with everything from rags to nuts and bolts. We like to keep the trailer completely stocked so if we need something on the road, it will always be in there.

I go through the shocks and do my notes of the previous weekend in the middle of the week. I like to smash every spring and make sure there are no issues. We could also find a weak bump stop or make sure the load numbers stay where I like them. The next race will usually dictate how the springs and shocks leave the shop.

I always try to evaluate the track before I leave the shop and again as soon as I get there. The weather and how much water they put on the track on race day can make a huge adjustment on the shocks and how we attack the car each night.

We don’t always scale the car at the shop, but when we do that is usually done right before we load up. We can check the front end and toe on the ground before we leave just to make sure everything is how we want it.

Keeping the team’s hauler clean and organized is very important.

It doesn’t happen very often, but if we start running low on things to do, then we will organize the trailer, shop or our work area. We try to stay busy by organizing our equipment because that can lead to success in its own way. I am very organized when it comes to my racing equipment.

I have a few friends and coworkers who will verify that. I know that sometimes it drives them nuts, but I’d rather be way over prepared then even just a little under prepared.

My dad engrained that into me, and the older I get the worse it gets. I always thought he was way too picky, but you can’t quite argue with 820+ wins. Now I am finally starting to understand it.

This pretty much sums up our preparation each week and how we get ready for the races. We do have quite a bit of different things that randomly pop up from the toilet hose breaking in the RV to scraping animals from under the trailer, but most weeks are pretty similar to this.

I hope you guys enjoy reading this and look forward to seeing you guys at the racetrack!

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