PRI 2011: Lunati’s Valvetrain And Rotating Assembly Kits

In the performance game, counting on quality reigns supreme. When you’re going heads up in a drag race, or even just hitting up the Sunday cruise scene in your project car, quality counts! That’s exactly the reason why Lunati has made a  point to manufacture engine components of the highest quality using cutting-edge technology.

When trolling the seemingly endless square footage of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show, we couldn’t help but find ourselves drooling over Lunati’s valvetrain, rotating assembly kits, options, and their commitment to the racer lifestyle, too. At Lunati, every single product sold undergoes an extensive array of testing and analysis. This ensures the end result is a superior product that can withstand demanding race conditions time and time again.

Lunati’s commitment to supporting racers and helping them find Victory Lane is evident in their ever-expanding support of products along with their continued commitment in nearly all the major race programs. Contingency helps promote the brand as a whole, ultimately supporting the driver behind the wheel. These contingency programs can be seen through the NHRA, IHRA, NMRA & NMCA series races.

Whether you drive a street car or all out race vehicle, you have many vital decisions that must be made about your engine combination. Camshaft specifications, valve spring pressures and compression ratio all play a vital role in perfecting the peak power output and overall power band of your performance engine. Lunati’s technical staff and managers all have longstanding backgrounds in the automotive aftermarket industry. So when you call you are not only getting the best internal engine components available, you are also backed by an entire army of performance gurus who eat, sleep and breathe racing.

Competition Tough:

  • Engineered crankshaft, rods & piston kits
  • Trusted craftsmanship with modern technology
  • Kits available for all engine configurations

If you aren’t familiar with Lunati, their family of engine components is unmatched by much of the competition. For example, the Pro Engine Assemblies come complete with Lunati Pro Series rotating assemblies, which feature only the very best components such as Wiseco forged pistons, hi-tensile plasma pre-gapped 1/16-, 1/16-, 3/16-inch rings, either H-beam or fully machined I-beam connecting rods, bearings, and a Pro Series crankshaft, all internally balanced.

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