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PRI 2010: Royal Purples Ultra-Light Viscosity Oil

Hardcore racers need every horsepower and advantage they can get to win in ultra-competitive divisions like Pro Stock and Comp Eliminator. You might find it surprising to learn that oil, an absolute necessary component of any engine, can actually suck horsepower right out of the engine if its too heavy.

That’s why Royal Purple has introduced a new product to its XPR line of racing oil, XPR 3.1. This ultra-light viscosity oil is intended for extreme engine applications. It provides the maximum available horsepower by keeping parasitic losses from engine oil to a minimum. Imagine rowing a boat through water. That’s XPR 3.1 ultra-light oil. Now imagine rowing a boat through caramel. That’s other kinds of oil.

XPR 3.1 is intended for engines running gapless piston rings in extreme competitions. It isn’t an oil for the light-hearted, but rather for the heavy-footed. Are you extreme enough for this extreme oil?

  • Ultra-light viscosity oil
  • Delivers maximum horsepower potential
  • Maximum protection for extreme duty engines


Royal Purple
Phone: (888) 382-6300

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