I Don’t Like Olives

I'm excited to put my background in racing into work as the OneDirt editor.

I know the things I don’t like in life, so I avoid them. If I partake in them, then only I’m to blame for the end result.

I don’t like olives. I mean, I literally possess an endless disdain for them.

In fact, my loathing of that bitter little fruit runs so deep that I won’t eat anything they’ve even remotely touched.

Call me what you will, but there’s not a scenario where I’m going to eat even a part of one.

It’s not the olive’s fault that I don’t like it. It’s my personal preference, so I just avoid them altogether. At this point in my life, if I were to eat one I couldn’t hold the olive accountable for my bad experience. Based upon my previous encounters with them, the outcome of my actions would rest solely on my shoulders.

I like apples and oranges and a host of other fruits, so I stay on that path, when choosing what I’ll eat.

So now that you’ve read my rant about olives, I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Come on Shelton, get to the damn point of this article.”

Right you fine folks are, so let’s beat around the bush no longer.

My unpleasant regard for olives is not that much different than some folk’s opinions of certain tracks and/or series. I see these entities getting bashed over and over again on social media and forums. The funny thing though, is often times it’s the same person raising nine kinds of hell about the exact same thing.

Early in my time in this sport I used to think to myself, “Man that track should really get their act together, so that they don’t disappoint this person so bad.”

And maybe sometimes that is indeed the case.

However, more and more as I get older, I start to think to myself that maybe the track and/or series isn’t the one at fault.

Einstein is widely accredited for an extraordinary definition of the term “insanity.” While I can’t prove nor disprove that he was the one to coin it with this description, I do indeed love the sentiment.

Basically he said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Man oh man, did that wild-haired genius hit the proverbial nail on the head. His description accurately describes many things that humans do in their daily existences.

For me, it might be more times than not losing far more money than I make at the casino. For others it might be perpetually eating unhealthy food and gaining weight.

Big Buck 50 - Fireworks - Todd Boyd

Todd Boyd photo

Yet, for others – a little closer to home – it might be going to the same track repeatedly, and 90% of the time leaving unhappy about the way things are run.

It seems to me that at some point you have to make the educated decision to find somewhere else to get your racing fix. This place that puts you in such a foul mood is not the answer. There has to be a better solution.

Try going to another track or racing with another series. See if the grass truly is greener on the other side. Maybe it will be or maybe it won’t. However, if you don’t give it a shot you’ll never really know. The one certainty is that you aren’t going to find your happy place at your current locale.

As I get older, and I start to notice more gray hairs taking residence on my head, I start to really appreciate that life is definitely too short to do things that don’t make you happy.

Of course for most folks your daily job is not going to make you happy. That’s just a bitter pill that has to be swallowed.

However, what we do in our recreation time is indeed something that we can dictate. Many of us are lucky to live in areas where there are multiple tracks within an hour or so of us. Give a new one a shot.

Maybe you’ll make the choice to ride out the one that currently drives you crazy. That’s your choice, but please just remember that if the race nights continue to get on your last nerve, you can really only blame yourself. You put yourself in that situation, knowing what the likely outcome would be.

For me, I’ll continue to dodge olives like the plague. I’ve found too many other foods that my taste pallet desires far more.

Best wishes on finding the best options to eliminate the “olives” from your own life.

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