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Christmas came early today. Santa arrived looking more like a UPS delivery man than Jolly Old St. Nick, as he pulled out a new toy for me from his sack of goodies – the cordless rivet tool from aDP Rivets that I had been wanting for a while now. We’ve had the video up on our site for a couple of months and I have watched it numerous times. Every time I watched that cordless tool pull a rivet, I thought about how great it would be to have it in the pit area. There are no air lines and no electrical cords, which means no generator. There’s no doubt that a cordless rivet gun would be a great thing. 

I did some price checking on battery-powered rivet guns, and here’s what I found out:

  • There aren’t that many on the market.
  • The battery-powered rivet guns that are on the market are made in Europe, except one – aDP Rivet.
  • Priced between $700 and $900, they are expensive, except one – aDP Rivet.
  • The dependability is questionable, except one – aDP Rivet.

Watch aDP Rivet’s Cordless Rivet Gun in Action:

This turned out to be a real “no-brainer” exercise. I wanted to buy the best battery-powered rivet gun on the market, and for a decent price. Plus, I still like the American workers – I think they do a good job, so I try to buy American-made products whenever I can. I don’t have a problem buying used offshore stuff, because that is already in the marketplace, but a new product? I’m going to buy American and help our own economy first. Sorry, that’s just the patriotism in me, and I’m not going to change.

aDP's products are all made in America.


aDP is the only company that I found in the USA that sells a cordless riveter. I think that there are a couple of others that will be hitting the market soon, but aDP is the only company that had one in production at the time of my search. The aDP cordless riveter was based off of a Craftsman brand power drill. This made me comfortable, because I know what I am getting with Craftsman, and they are American-made as well. Double Bonus! 

I hate buying merchandise that proclaims to be made in America, but the major component is actually an item that was manufactured overseas and had some trinkets attached to it here, so that it could then be relabeled as “American-made.” That makes my red-blooded American temper go off the scale. To me, that’s bait and switch. Therefore, I was extremely happy to see that all of the parts for the aDP rivet tool were made here in the good old USA. While the body of the tool may not be manufactured by aDP, the rivet head is. Some of the Euro models of the cordless rivet tools have plastic gears and bearings. The aDP rivet tool is all metal. No cheap plastic here. It was made for the rough life of the pit area. Made in the US by racers, for racers. All of this was verified by yours truly. aDP has in the past been asked to modify an imported cordless drill with the aDP rivet head. And they’ve done it to make the customer happy, but aDP prides itself on using American Products, and making products within our shores to meet the demanding jobs of American workers.

aDP's Cordless Rivet Tool. Now available in a 24-volt model.


So, at half the price of a European version and with ten times the dependability, we opted for the aDP Model. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention. I found the aDP Ultimate Rivet a few months ago and have been singing its praises. We got in touch with the folks at aDP racer’s rivets and liked what we found. This is not your usual fastener company that pumps out fasteners to the customer’s specs (who are usually the lowest bidder and awarded a contract based on that). aDP Racer’s Rivets have a background in racing. They have their own house car and have refined their products based on the needs of racers. 

Again, I was impressed with the Ultimate Rivet because it was a quality product, made within the shores of the continental United States. The offshore rivets scare me, because I’ve sold enough of my cut up scrapped race cars as waste metal to China, that I believe some of that metal is recycled into products that will come back and haunt me. Trust me, there was a reason I sold that scrap metal. It was worthless. I don’t want it back.

When the cordless rivet tool came in, I took a look at it and knew that I could add one more attachment to it. This attachment would take care of the import versions of cordless rivet tools. It’s the ultimate addition. This tool will now do everything that I need it to do, and then some. Check out the completed attachment in the photo below.

The 19.2-volt Ass-kicker!


Good old American ingenuity. You can’t beat it and it’s worth the price every time. Look for a tech article coming in the near future about aDP’s Ultimate Rivets and the cordless rivet tool. You’re not going to believe how good these rivets are. I’m confident that they are going to win the OneDirt UFC battle of the rivets!

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