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Alabama Dirt Tracks

431 Speedway – Heflin, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007) The track opened in 1979, operating through 1998. It reopened in 2002. The track has also operated as Hollis Crossroads Speedway and Hollis Speedway.

Alamiss Speedway -Wilmer, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Current status unknown.

Albertville Speedway – Albertville, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. The years of operation and current status of Albertville Speedway are unknown.

Andalusia Speedway – Andalusia, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Operated circa 1951. Current status unknown.

Andalusia Fairgrounds Speedway – Covington County Fairgrounds – 1/2 mile dirt oval. The Andalusia Fairgrounds Speedway operated in 1921 and 1922.

Anniston Speedway – Anniston, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Anniston Speedway opened October, 1961 and closed 1972. The property on which the track existed is now commercial buildings.

Athens Fairgrounds Speedway – Athens, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Operated at the Limestone County Fairgrounds. The track was in operation in the early 1950s.

Auburn-Opelika Oval – Opelika, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval. The track opened on October 31, 1954 and closed in 1955. The Auburn-Opelika Oval was also known as Midway Speedway.

Baldwin County Raceway – Summerdale, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Operated from 1989 through 1992.

Bama Speedway – Kimbrough, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Current status is unknown.

Birmingham International Raceway – Birmingham, Alabama – (AKA: Fairgrounds Speedway, Birmingham Super Speedway, Birmingham Super Raceway, and Birmingham International Speedway). 5/8 mile paved oval located in Birmingham, Alabama. The track operated as a one mile dirt oval from 1906 until 1917. This was originally a horse track. New grandstands were built in 1928, and are still there to this day. In 1933 the track reopened as a one-half mile dirt oval, then closed again in 1942. The track reopened again on October 1st, 1946, again as a one-half mile dirt oval. Operated from 1958 through 1961 as a one-quarter mile dirt oval with Bob Harmon at the helm as promoter. On June 28th, 1962, began operation as the five-eighths mile paved oval that it is today. Bobby Allison took over as promoter of BIR in 1975. Motorsports Memorial Webpage lists one fatality at this track on November 17, 1908 involving Emile Stricker. “At eight o’clock on the evening of 16 November 1908 Emile Stricker and Lewis Strang began their effort to break the twenty-four hour world speed record for automobiles on the one-mile dirt track at the Birmingham, Alabama, State Fairgrounds. Lewis Strang and his riding mechanic began the effort, driving a Renault automobile, and were relieved at 12:15 in the morning by Stricker and his riding mechanic, Leon Barrows [also spelled Leon Burrows, Leonard Barrows, Leon Barrows, in different newspapers], of Birmingham. Stricker was making excellent speed, but shortly after he took the wheel a tire blew out on a curve, followed immediately by another blowout. The car crashed, killing Stricker almost immediately. Barrows was seriously injured, but survived. ”

Brooklyn Speedway – Brooklyn, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Opened in 1973 and closed in 1975.

Butler County Motor Sport Park – Greenville, Alabama – 4/10 mile dirt oval. Track opened in June, 1996. Currently named Avenger Motor Speedway.

Central Alabama Motor Speedway – Clanton, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. The track opened in 1995, and was originally named Central Alabama Speedway. It is not the same track as the Central Alabama Motor Speedway that was located in Jasper (which closed in 1998).

Chattahoochie Valley Speedway – Haleburg, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. The track opened in 2005. It is on the site of the old Chattahoochee Valley Speedway, which operated in 1971.

Childersburg Speedway – Childersburg, Alabama – 1/3 mile dirt oval. The track opened in 1996, operating through 2001. It reopened sometime in 2004 or 2005. Track shut down and reopened in March of 2008. Shutdown again in June 2008.

Chisholm Speedway – Montgomery – ½ mile dirt oval. Current status unknown. Chisholm Speedway was a one-half mile dirt oval located in Montgomery, Alabama. Chisholm Speedway opened circa 1951. NASCAR legend Buck Baker won the final race at Chisholm Speedway on September 9, 1956.

Citronelle Motor Speedway – Citronelle, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Operated circa 1979 through 1981.

Crossville Speedway – Crossville, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Open from 1971 through 1980.

Crystal Springs Speedway – Gadsden, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Opened 1953 and closed 1957.

Cullman Speedway – Cullman, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Opened 1955 and closed in 1976. Cullman Speedway was also known as Lidy’s Speedway.

CVMS @ Dothan Raceway – Dothan/Cottonwood, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Current status unknown.

Decatur Speedway – Cullman, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Operated in the early 1950s.

Deep South Speedway – Loxley – 4/10 mile dirt oval. The original Deep South Speedway was a three-eighths mile dirt oval located in Grove Hill, Alabama, north of Mobile. The years of operation are unknown. The new Deep South Speedway is a four-tenths mile dirt oval opened 2005.

Del Edd Raceway – Gadsden, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Operated in 1952 then again in 1962 through 1973. Also known as Ace Speedway.

Dixie Race Track – Tuscaloosa, Alabama – dirt oval. Dixie Race Track operated in 1950. No further information is available for Dixie Race Track.

Dothan Fairgrounds race track -Tri-State Fairgrounds – The track operated as a one-half mile dirt oval in the 1920s and again circa 1953 through circa 1956, then as a three-eighths mile oval circa 1971 until the track closed in 1975. Dothan Fairgrounds was also known as Dothan Motor Speedway.

Dothan Raceland – Ashford, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Opened on March 9th, 2002 and closed in 2006. Dothan Dragway is located on the same property and is still in operation.

East Alabama Motor Speedway – Phenix City – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Built by Jimmy Thomas and opened on March 18th, 1973.

Flomaton Speedway – Flomaton – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Opened in 1975 and closed in 1997. Flomaton Speedway reopened in 1999.

Fort Payne Motor Speedway – Rainsville – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Gadsden Raceway – Gadsden, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Opened on April 28th, 1973 and closed 1981. The track reopend as a three-eighths mile dirt oval in 1983 and closed again in 1994.

Grannie’s Speedway – Piedmont, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Opened in 1980 and closed in 1982 after an arsonist burned all the track’s buildings to the ground.

Green Valley Speedway – Glencoe, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Opened in 1972 then closed in 1984. The track opened again in 1988. Green Valley Speedway has also been known as Green Valley Short Track and Green Valley Raceway.

Guin Speedway – Guin – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Opened circa 1972 and closed in 1975.

Guntersville Speedway – Guntersville, Alabama – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Opened circa May 3rd, 1953 and closed later that same year.

Hanceville Speedway, (AKA: Bill’s Speedway) – Hanceville, Alabama -3/8 mile dirt oval. Opened in1989. The track has opened and closed several times through the years. Current status is unknown.

Irvington Motorsports Park – Irvington – 4/10 mile clay oval.

Lakeview Speedway – Mobile – ¾ mile dirt oval.

Lee County International Raceway – Phenix City, Alabama – See Tri-County Speedway. Motorsports Memorial Webpage list the following fatal crash on May 30, 1975, involving Danny Burdette: “Danny Burdette was a retired Captain in the U.S. Army, and had been racing for four years. He raced primarily around Phenix City, AL, at Tri-County and East Alabama Motor Speedway, but two years previously he had made a tour of southern and midwest track racing late model stock cars. This night at Tri-County Speedway (which later was renamed Lee County Int’l Raceway) he was killed in a racing accident. ” The track is listed as operating from 1974-1981.

Montgomery Motor Speedway – Montgomery, Alabama – 1/2 mile dirt oval (to reopen in 2009 as a paved track) Opened as a Dirt track in 1955 -paved in 1956.

Moulton Speedway – Moulton – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Track Phone: (256) 974-FAST. Promoter – Bobby Carey. careybobby@hotmail.com256.214.2293

North Alabama Speedway – Clanton – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Penton Raceway – Penton – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

River Valley Speedway – Arkadelphia – 1/3 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007).
Motorsport Memorial Webpage lists the following fatal wreck involving Keith Hays on July 3, 2004: “Going on its first “hot lap”, on the very beginning of a practice session for the Albert Cates Memorial races, the throttle of Keith Hays’ car apparently stuck wide open just as it went down the front straightaway. The vehicle went over the banking without slowing down, at a speed estimated between 80 and 100 mi/h and went airborne. It sailed on the air, and traveled between 100 and 150 yards outside the track before striking a skidder, a piece of heavy equipment used to pull logs.

Track emergency workers performed CPR, but paramedics found no pulse. Hays died of massive closed head trauma, with no signs of a skull fracture; his only external injuries were bruises and a laceration on his left shoulder. Hays was a Morris, AL, United States resident. The accident brought the cancellation of the Albert Cates Memorial races, planned for the following day.

Shelby County Speedway – Wilsonville – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Talladega Short Track – Talladega – 1/3 mile dirt oval.

Thunder Mountain Speedway – see: Fort Payne Motor Speedway

Thunder Valley Speedway – Winfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval.

Tri-County Speedway – Phenix City, Alabama – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Opened 1974-1981. Also operated as Lee County International Raceway.

Wilson’s Motorsports Track – Wetumpka – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Alaska Dirt Tracks

Alaska Raceway Park – Butte, Alaska – 1980 to 1986. 1.4 mile

Alaska State Fairgrounds – Palmer, Alaska – 1/4 mile dirt oval. The track opened in 2002. 907-745-4827 907-746-2699 (fax).info@alaskastatefair.org

Capitol Speedway – Willow, Alaska – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Promoters: Wes and Nancy Wallace. (907)-495-6420. Mailing address:HC89, Box 130. Willow, AK 99688

Chena River – Fairbanks, Alaska – 1950’s. Ice Oval.

Golden Nugget Speedway – Anchorage, Alaska. – 1954

Kodiak Island Raceway – Kodiak, Alaska – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Promoter : Dennis McMurry. Business Phone Number : 907-486-5528
Track Phone Number : 907-654-4540

Mitchell Raceway – Fairbanks, Alaska – 1/4 mile dirt oval. racinginfo@mitchellraceway.com, 451-452-3500.

North Pole Speedway – 1968-1983. 3/8 mile.

Turnagain Speedway – Anchorage – 3/4 mile dirt oval. Operated in the 1950’s. Motorsports Memorial lists the fatal crash of Ray Cokely in 1955 at the Turnagain Speedway. Uncomfirmed reports indicate that “Driver passed away in hospital, some five days after accident. Vehicle was a Ford Model A or Ford Roadster 1932”.

Twin City Raceway – Kenai, Alaska – 3/8 mile dirt oval. The track opened around 1970, operating until 1979. It reopened in 1987. The track has also operated as Action Raceway and Kenai Peninsula Raceway.
It appears that the track last ran in 2007.

Union Field Raceway – Palmer, Alaska – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Appears to still operate. Special events only.

Arizona Dirt Tracks

Arizona State Fairgrounds– Phoenix – 1/8 mile dirt oval (1 mile dirt oval in 1909-1941 & 1946-1965). Currently operates special events only (figure 8 races & Demolition Derby). According to Motorsports Memorial the Arizona State Fairgrounds experienced the following fatalities:

Melvin Drennen on 30 November, 1916. “This Sunday afternoon, the young Drennen was a mechanician (riding mechanic) in a race car being driven by R. B. Armstrong. They were competing in a 100-mile race on the one-mile dirt oval at the Arizona State Fairground in Phoenix. Attempting to pass another race car in one of the turns, Armstrong lost control of his racer, and it crashed through the wooden fence and overturned. Driver Armstrong was thrown clear, but Drennen was trapped in the wreckage. He died almost instantly. Armstrong was hospitalized, but with minor injuries.”

Omar Toft on November 12, 1921.

Roy Smith on November 14, 1925. “Roy Smith died on his 35th birthday when he was thrown from his car by the impact of hitting a car that was driven by John Carminetti. Carminetti’s car struck the wooden fence and stopped with a piece of the fence impaled in his leg. Smith following right behind was unable to stop. Smith was then ran over by another car.

Frankie Boyer November 12, 1927. “Frankie Boyer was killed in an accident at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix on 12 November 1927 when a rear wheel of his car collapsed, making it flip. The accident occurred on the last day of the state fair in a race that counted toward the AAA Southwest Championship. The car Boyer was driving was the “Peoria Special”, owned by Sam Palmer of Peoria, Arizona. Palmer had been disqualified as a driver by the sanctioning body, the AAA, for running in “outlaw” races, so he hired Boyer to drive his car. Being unfamiliar with the driving characteristics of the vehicle, he crowded the inside railing too closely, hitting it with his rear wheel, and his car flipped three times. ”

Harris Gilbert “Pete” Ducker on November 14, 1953. “At Phoenix, the steering apparatus on Ducker’s midget race car appeared to collapse, causing it to catapult into the infield and roll several times. Ducker was killed instantly.”  Joe Kendrick added: “My father owned the car.  Ducker “borrowed it” asuring he would get the right gear.  He didn’t.  He wound the engine until it seized.  It ruined my Dad’s ownership and it ruined me from driving.”

Jack McGrath on November 6, 1955. Little is known about the Fatal wreck. What is known is that McGrath was racing in the Bobby Ball Memorial race in the #3 Kurtis 4000 – Offenhauser “Hinkle”.

Don Olds on April 8, 1956. “During the race Don Olds’ exhaust pipe came loose, and he had to pit for extensive repairs. He returned to the track determined to make up lost laps, and was hard-charging through the field. But the car hit ruts on the dirt track, got airborne and rolled end over end. The seat belt broke on the second flip, Olds was thrown out of the car and against an adobe wall, to lose his life. He had turned forty that day.”

Roy Curtis “Jack” Jordan on April 7, 1957. “Jack Jordan, a resident of Alhambra, California, was critically injured from a crash in his midget auto when it flipped end over end and rolled twice during a race at the Phoenix fairgrounds one mile track. He died two days later at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix without regaining consciousness. Cause of death was a fractured skull.”

Al Keller on November 19, 1961. Keller was racing in the Phoenix 100-Mile Race, designated as the Bobby Ball Memorial in the #19 Philipp – Offenhauser “Konstant Hot”.

Marland D. “Red” Sefton on January 27, 1963. “Marland D. “Red” Sefton, a resident of Ontario, California, lost his life at the one mile dirt track at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix, Arizona. During pre-race warm-up laps, his car lost its right front wheel in the backstretch, skidded, went through the railing and overturned several times. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. ”

Canyon Speedway Park – Peoria – 3/8 mile dirt oval. The track opened in 1981.

Central Arizona Raceway – Casa Granda – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Appears to be closed.
Posted on the website: Due to Pinal County Fairgrounds re-organization resulting from the ongoing investigations, we are forced to cancel the October races. Unknown if the track will reopen.

Flagstaff Fairgrounds – Flagstaff – 1/2-mile D-shaped dirt oval (c.1929-1939). Motorsports Memorial Webpage lists the fatal crash of Kenny Baker on July 28, 1935, under the following circumstances: “Kenny Baker was based in Los Angeles and drove midget and big cars. He was fatally injured at the Flagstaff Fairgrounds on 28 July 1935 when his car locked wheels with another competing vehicle and flipped. His death certificate states “Instantaneous death on track in auto race”, adding that Baker’s car “turned over and landed among rocks.”

Holbrook Fairgrounds – Holbrook – dirt oval (1936) (1946-1952). Motorsports Memorial webpage documents the fatal crash of Lionel Douglas Aderton on June 15, 1949. “Lionel Aderton was killed while driving a roadster at the Holbrook Fairgrounds in Arizona. A leading contender for the hot rod title at the track, he was competing in the third 10-lap heat race. Challenging for the lead, his car locked wheels with the race car of Gene Gunn. The contact caused the rear axle of Aderton’s car to break, sending it out of control. It spun and crashed through the guard rail. Suffering from a brain concussion, punctured right lung and broken ribs, Aderton was taken to Holbrook hospital where he succumbed to his injuries at 7:30pm the same day.”

Kingsley Ranch Speedway – Tuscon – 3/4-mile dirt oval (1948). According to Motorsports Memorial webpage: Eugene Gasser was killed in a four car accident at the Kingsley Ranch Speedway in Tucson, Arizona. In a separate accident a spectator, Robert Hurley, was killed when hit by a car wheel on March 7, 1948. Details of these accidents are limited, but apparently this was the first and last racing event at this venue. Two people killed was too much to justify any more racing for the owners of the track.”

Manzanita Speedway – Phoenix – 1/2 & 1/3 mile dirt oval. Manzanita Speedway opened in 1951, converted from a dog track.  Closed in 2009.  The first incarnation of the track was 1/4 mile in length. The 1/2 mile track was added in 1954. The modern name was adapted in 1965. Manzanita Speedway, 3417 West Broadway, Phoenix, AZ 85041 602-276-7575 (track) 602-276-9401 (fax). Manzanita has a long history in dirt track racing. With the amount of races over the years, some fatal crashes were bound to happen. Motorsports Memorial website lists the following fatalities:

Steve Pritchard was killed on July 28, 1956, in a Super Modified race. No data listed for the crash.

Fred Combs Jr. on December 29, 1957. “he was racing his jalopy against 15 other cars in a qualifying heat at Manzanita. He was running in second place, trying to take the lead, when he ran into the back of the lead car, lost control of his car and it flipped in the west turn. Combs’ seat belt broke and he was ejected. Combs was killed instantly.”

Henry “Hank” Arnold on June 17, 1967. “Hank Arnold of Tucson, AZ was one of the most beloved drivers in the history of Arizona racing. He was always very accommodating and always had a big smile on his face. He won several track championships at Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix, Arizona as well as CRA features, always wearing a orange and white checkered wind breaker that matched the orange and white race cars that he built and drove. Arnold was as famous for the cars he built as he was for his career in racing. All of his cars had names as many cars back then did, “Lil Stinker”, “Payola” and the famous “Twister” were some of the models built by him. The “Twister” in particular was built with the assistance of Roger McCluskey and it was the first to have a blower, pulling straightaway wheel stands when sprint cars didn’t do that. Hank Arnold and Roger McCluskey were best friends and had in fact gone into business together on the monday preceeding Arnold’s death. His sprinter collided with rookie Paul Marciano’s and turned over. Arnold’s car landed upside down on top of a steel retaining fence causing terminal injuries. Marciano was not injured. Many drivers refused to finish the night when they learned that Arnold had died.

James Burrell Cox on October 9, 1971. “Jim Cox was killed when his sprint car ran over a wheel of a competing vehicle, went into a series of flips and crashed into the guard-rail. The car was also struck by another sprint car driven by Walter May of Waynesgrove, Pennsylvania. The accident took place on the second lap of the Consolation Race on the final night of the fourth annual Western United States Championships, held at the 1/2-mile dirt oval of the Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix, Arizona. Cox was pronounced dead on arrival at the St. Joseph Hospital. May was in serious condition after an operation on his broken arm and other injuries.”

Edward Roy Losinski on September 18, 1976. “On the front straight of the first lap of the main event, Ed Losinski’s car ran over the wheel of another car and flipped end-over-end six times. He died in a Phoenix hospital early the next morning. ”

Steve Bartram on July 16, 1977. “Steve Bartam died at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona, from injuries sustained in an accident nine days earlier on Saturday evening, 16 July 1977, at Manzanita Speedway. His sprint car had hit the wall and rolled over several times. ”

Buddy Taylor in September of 1978. “Buddy Taylor had won over 200 main events in the Southwest, including 36 at Mazanita Speedway. He was the Arizona sprint champion in 1973 and was sprint car champion of New Mexico a dozen times. He had already clinched the Arizona sprint championship for this year. Taylor was killed in a crash at Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix, Arizona, in September of 1978. He was running second in the third heat when leader Tim Lightfoot spun in front of him. Taylor’s car flipped three times through turns three and four. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.”

Larry Brandon on April 21, 1979. “On 21 April 1979 Brandon engaged in a late-model stock car race at the half-mile dirt oval Manzanita Speedway when he was involved in a fiery four-car accident on its backstretch. Brandon received burns over ninety percent of his body; also injured was Jerry McCurdy, with fifteen percent of his body burned. The other two drivers were treated and released.”

Jim Doughty on June 30, 1979. “Jim Doughty was killed in an Arizona Racing Association sprint car race on the half mile track at Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix, AZ when his car ran over the tire of another racer and flipped three times in the first turn. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at a Phoenix hospital.”

Larry Shearer on September 18, 1982. “Larry Shearer, a photographer, was killed, and Kevin Campbell, a track official, was injured when a car spun out of control and struck the two men. It happened on the last lap of the last race of the evening. Jack Ickes’ late model stock car brushed wheels with another race car, breaking the steering mechanism. Shearer was killed instantly and Campbell suffered leg injuries.”

Sonny Irwin on July 11, 1992. “Irwin’s sprint car slid into a wall at Manzanita Speedway, causing him fatal head injuries.”

Mohave Valley Raceway – Mohave Valley – 1/3 mile dirt oval. The track opened on April 10th, 1993. Mohave Valley Raceway, 2750 East Laguna Road. Mohave Valley, AZ 86440 928-346-3000 928-346-3001 (fax)

Northern Raceway – Flagstaff – dirt oval (1946-1954). Fatalities at the track: Don William Waite on August 31, 1947, during a Roadster/Jalopy Race.

Phoenix Midget Speedway – Phoenix – 1/5-mile dirt oval (1939-c.1941). John Leo Cox was fatally injured on October 10, 1940. “He was the winner of the third of four elimination races, and was in third place in the final event of the evening when the two leading cars touched, resulting in a three-car wreck. Cox was killed instantly. The other drivers escaped without injury.”

Phoenix Speedway – Phoenix – dirt oval (1946-c.1948). Phoenix Speedway is credited with two fatalities:
“Dean Gardner was killed at the wheel of B. B. Perrine’s midget at Phoenix Speedway on 03 October 1946. The starting order of the event was inverted – a proposal by new track manager, “King Karl” Young – aiming to stop Eddie Lenz’s winning dominance at the track. (The scheme failed – Lenz still won the race). ”

Elmer Burdell “Bud” Rieber was killed in a midget on July 10, 1947. No other details are available.

Prescott Valley Raceway – Prescott – 1/3 mile dirt oval. Prescott Valley Raceway, 10501 N Highway 89A
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314. 928-899-5409


South Mountain Speedway – Phoenix – 1/4-mile dirt oval (1949-1955). Fatalities at the track:
Claude H. Carroll on August 23, 1952. “At South Mountain Speedway near Phoenix, AZ on this Saturday night, Carroll was driving a roadster owned by George Glover of Culver City, CA. The regular driver of the car was Al Goelz. The track normally ran modified stock cars, but the roadsters were brought in “from the coast” for the first time at the track. While driving in third place on the first lap of the semi-main, Carroll’s roadster hit the crash wall and rolled over, causing fatal injuries. Carroll was dead when his body arrived at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix. The car was not badly damaged, and Goelz ran it in the feature event that same night.”

Orville Meggs on January 25, 1953. Little is known about the crash that claimed Meggs life. He was competing in the semi main Jalopy event of a benefit race for the blind.

Edwin Donald Goodwin, Jr. on July 17, 1956. “While running in second place on the fifth lap of the first heat of the night’s URA program, Don Goodwin’s midget-Ford ran into the rear wheel of another car. His car was launched into a wall, causing fatal injuries to Goodwin. ”

Thunder Raceway – Show Low – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Thunder Raceway, 4701 E Deuce of Clubs. Show Low, AZ 85901. 928-537-1111 928-532-0170 (fax)

Tucson Rodeo grounds – Tucson – ½ mile dirt oval. Appears to be open. Special events only.
Tucson Rodeo Grounds also ran as a 5/8-mile dirt oval (1939-c.1941, c.1946-c.1955). Tucson Rodeo Grounds claim two fatalities during their operation.

Kermit E. “Jack” Burton on March 31, 1940. “Jack Burton was fatally injured on 31 March 1940 at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds in a four-car pile-up during a race for sprint cars and roadsters. He passed away shortly after the accident at the Pima County General Hospital due to brain injuries and a crushed chest.”

Johnny Dye on April 21, 1951. “Midway through the final heat race, leaders Johnny Sandrock and Bill Cheesbourg both spun coming out of the north turn onto the main straightaway. Sandrock recovered and continued on, but Cheesbourg came to a stop in the middle of the track. Roger McCluskey was unable to miss the stalled vehicle. The cars of Johnny Dye and Ben Ramsey then became involved in the pile-up. Dye was unconscious when removed from his wrecked car. He died of internal injuries while being taken to the nearby hospital in an ambulance.”

USA Raceway – Tucson – 3/8 mile dirt oval. (AKA: United Sports Arizona Race Park & Saguro National Speedway).

Arkansas Dirt Tracks

Sixty-Four (64) Speedway – Augusta – 4/10 mile dirt oval. Still in operation.

America Motor Speedway – Fort Smith – 4/10 mile dirt oval (to open in 2008 *unconfirmed if the track is in operation) American Motor Speedway, 2927 Westville Rd. Van Buren, AR 72956.

Arkansas Motor Speedway – Murfreesboro – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Batesville Motor Speedway – Batesville – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Beebe Speedway – Beebe – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Beebe Speedway, 2635 Highway 31 N, Beebe, AR 72012

Blytheville Fairgrounds -Blytheville- 1/2-mile dirt oval (1940-1941)(c. 1947) also known as Mississippi County Fairgrounds, a 1/4-mile dirt oval that was inaugurated 02 October 1938 and was used until July of the next year. After a hiatus, the track was extended to 1/2-mile, and operated as such between April of 1940 and September of 1941.

Blytheville Speedway – Blytheville – 1/4-mile dirt oval (c.1966-c. 1970)

Centerville Super Speedway – Centerville – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Centerville Super Speedway, CR 669, Dardanelle, AR 72834.
Centerville Super Speedway, P.O. Box 101, Centerville, AR 72829. 479-576-2539 (track) 479-576-2539 (office) 479-576-4088 (fax)

Central Arkansas Speedway – Plumersville – 1/4 mile dirt oval.

Crawford County Speedway – Van Buren – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Crawford County Speedway 7118 N Highway 59, Van Buren, AR 72956. 479-474-1942 (track)
479-632-2749 479-632-4450 479-632-7201

Crowley Ridge Raceway – Paragould – 1/4 mile dirt oval. unknown if still operating.

I-30 Speedway – Bryant – 1/4 mile dirt oval. The track has been at it’s present location for 50 years (1968). Joe Clay’s 20th year as owner/operator of I-30 Speedway. I-30 Speedway, 12297 Interstate 30 # A, Mabelvale, AR 72103. 501-455-4567

Little Rock Fairgrounds – Little Rock – 1/2-mile dirt oval (1925-c.1937)

Memphis-Arkansas speedway – LeHi – 1 ½ mile dirt. The track opened on October 9th, 1954, and operated until 1957, when it was sold to a local farmer. The owners intended to pave the track but could not afford the $100,000 price tag, and the dirt surface proved to be unmanageable. The NASCAR Grand National circuit visited the track several times in 1955 and 1956. Alleged to be a very dangerous track. Clint McHugh & Cotton Priddy both lost their lives here. Track abandoned sometime in the 1960s. Memphis-Arkansas Speedway, Turns 3 Drive, Proctor, AR 72376

Monticello Speedway – Monticello – 1/4 mile dirt oval. As of November 1st, track leased to Rodney Box. Rodney’s company will be Drew County Speedway, LLC. No website at the time of this writing.

North Central Arkansas Speedway – Yellville – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Operated from 1989-1994 & 1998-present. North Central Arkansas Speedway, US Highway 62, Yellville, AR 72687 or North Central Arkansas, Speedway, P.O. Box 525, Flippin, AR 72634 870-449-LAPS (track) 870-449-1148 (fax) racing@flippinweb.com

Poinsett County Raceway – Harrisburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Track 870-578-2224 For General Questions Call Chris Ellis @ 501-882-9794 For Tech Questions Call Brian Voiles @ 501-516-0888. dirtfuel@yahoo.com

Plumerville Speedway – Plumerville – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Plumerville Speedway, 3137 Hwy 64 East, Plumerville, AR 72127. Plumerville Speedway, PO Box 72. Plumerville, AR 72127. 501-354-3067 501-477-2148

Prescott Super Speedway – Prescott – 3/8 mile red clay oval. This track appears to have previously operated under the name Rolling Stone Super Speedway. Unknown if the racetrack is still operating.

Riverside International Speedway – West Memphis – 1/4 mile dirt oval. The track has been operating since 1949. Contact: Clayton Allen, 901-508-6200
info@riversideinternationalspeedway.com Riverside International Speedway. 165 Quinton Ave. Munford Tn. 38058

Texarkana Sixty-Seven Speedway – Texarkana – 1/4 mile dirt oval. 67 Texarkana Speedway 7901 US Hwy. 67 N, Texarkana, AR 71854. 870-773-0029 (track)
870-773-2243 (office)

California Dirt Tracks

Adelanto raceway park – Adelanto – ½ mile dirt oval. Unknown if this track is still in operation.

American Valley Speedway – Quincy – Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds 3/8 mile dirt oval Special Events only. Formerly known as Quincy peedway. Opened in 1954 as a 1/4 mile dirt track and rodeo stadium, operating under the name Roseville Speedway. The track was paved around 1970-71, and the name All American Speedway was first used at this time. The name Placer County Speedway may also have been used for this track.

Almost immediately following that paving, in 1975, the “Rose Classic” race was born. Fans and drivers traveled from as far as Oregon, Washington, and Nevada to be a part of one of the most prestigious races on the west coast. The race featured some of the biggest names of the era. NASCAR stars Mike Skinner, Rick Carelli, Ernie Irvan, Joe Ruttman, and Mike Chase all competed in the early years of the Rose Classic. After a new promoter took on the race, it faded away in the early 90s and is no longer run. It is the second largest dirt track in California.

Antioch Speedway – Antioch – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Contra Costa County Fairgrounds. The track operated as a 1/2 mile dirt oval from late April, 1950 through 1951. The 1/4 mile dirt oval opened in 1952. The 1/4 mile dirt figure 8 operated in 1990, and then reopened around 2002. The track has also operated as Antioch Fairgrounds Speedway.

Ascot Stadium – Los Angeles – ½ mile dirt oval. Closed in 1990. Ascot Park Raceway located in Gardena California. 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and figure 8 track. Motorsports Memorial Website reports several fatalities at this track. From those records we know that the track was in operation from 1957-1990.

Allen Franks, a local racer that lived at 2145 First Avenue in San Bernardino, was killed in a qualifying race at his second appearance at the speedway. According to Motorsports Memorial website, Franks was racing against some of the top divers of the time, “Hank Henry, Jack Brunner, Don Johns, Bob Hogle, Jack Kelley, Don Edmunds (1957 Indy 500 Rookie-of-the-year) and the eventual feature race winner of the evening, Parnelli Jones”. It was in the qualifying race that Franks Franks lost control in the south turn, hit the guard rail and flipped several times. He was dead on arrival at Harbor General Hospital.

Stephen M. Searock was the second of three men to be killed in races at Ascot Park in Gardena, California. The winner of the Saturday night feature event on the same night that Searock was killed, Leon Q. “Sonny” Pratt, died in a crash the next Saturday night. Jim Campbell, a resident of Torrance, California, died in a Gardena hospital of injuries received during a motorcycle race at the same track.

Leon Quenton “Sonny” Pratt, Jr. was killed in a Sprint Car wreck on June 24,1961 in a CRA (California Racing Association) event.
Johnny Wood was a veteran auto race driver. He was critically injured at the Ascot Park track in Gardena, California, during a trophy race on 04 July 1963. He died in a Gardena hospital from head injuries one week later.

Bill Campbell was a well-known stock car driver in the Los Angeles area. He lived in Pacoima, California. During a qualifying run at Ascot Park in an open-competition stock car race, he suffered an apparent heart attack. His left arm was seen extended from the driver’s window before the car crashed into the fence. He was dead upon arrival at Gardena Valley Hospital with no apparent injuries.

On 12 November 1966, Don Branson, a two-time sprint car champion, lost it in a corner and was unavoidably hit by Dick Atkins’ car when Branson’s car came off the wall into the fast lane; other vehicles were also invoved in the accident. Branson’s car went upside down and he was killed instantly. Atkins died the next day from what at first was believed to be burns from the flames of the wreck. An autopsy revealed that he had received minor burns, easily survivable; cause of death was from a fracture to the rear of his skull.

Hank Henry was not only a well-known race driver in Southern California, he was a nationally famous sprint car and super-modified car builder. Henry was racing two other drivers on the fifth lap of the 15-lap semi-main race in April of 1968, all competing for fourth place, with third place being the transfer position. Contact was made and Henry’s #41 flipped six times.

November 14, 1976, Daniel Lawson suffered fatal injuries in a crash during a Figure 8 stock car race. He received massive head and chest injuries after colliding with the car of Andy Konye and died at Gardena Hospital shortly after arrival.

Mike Shaw was racing in the #7 Sprint Car in March of 1979 when his car hit a rut in turn three during time trials and flipped into the billboards. Mike was rushed to Gardena Memorial Hospital where he passed away while on life support nine days later.

Veteran driver Max Sweeney had raced for twenty years, primarily in the Southern California area, driving both midgets and sprints. On the night of Friday, 22 June 1979, at Ascot Park, he was competing in the open competition Super Midget category. In his heat race, as the field came down to take the green flag, there was a false start – the green did not come out. As the field slowed unexpectedly, Sweeney’s midget ran over the wheel of another competitor and started flipping, doing snap rolls for 200 yards down the front stretch. Unconscious when removed from his car, Sweeney was taken to San Pedro Hospital. Sweeney remained in a coma or semi-conscious state for almost three years, finally passing away on 01 May 1982.

September 3, 1979 saw Mark Munroe, a 24 year old in his rookie year as a sprint car driver in the CRA, run into another car’s wheels. Mark Munroe’s sprint car was launched into several rolls, ending up against a wall. He received critical head injuries from which he died later the same evening.

Bob Carey was killed November 27, 1980 during a USAC midget event [no further details available].

Clark “Tommy” Templeman, Jr. was the son of Shorty Templeman, killed in a midget car accident in Marion, OH, in 1962. He was a regular on the CRA circuit. This night at Ascot, his car hooked the cushion and flipped into a billboard. Templeman’s car hit a light pole, causing fatal injury to the driver.

Todd Allen Michael Noffsinger died on May 29,1983 on the fifth lap of the feature event when his car flipped over. Although Noffsinger was not seriously injured in the accident, he was fatally injured when another car clipped his car after he had undone his safety harness and was getting out of his car.

On July 2, 1983, Larry Mackey collided with another sprint car driven by Bill Beavert of Long Beach, CA, that had flipped in front of Mackey during the semimain event. He attempted to avoid the car but apparently a wheel of the car struck Mackey on the head. Mackey died shortly afterward at Harbor General Hospital.

On October 19, 1984, Colin Goldsbury was completing his warm-up laps for the NMRA (National Midget Racing Association)Grand Prix for three-quarter (TQ) midgets. He had been black-flagged and was driving back into the pits when he suffered a heart-attack. His car continued to run and crashed into a parked race car. He was declared dead upon arrival at Harbor Hosopital.

Kirk Allen Sturgeon was killed on April 12, 1986 in turn 3 of lap 14 of the main event when Sturgeon’s car hit the wall with a severe impact. He was taken to Harbor-General UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California, where he died shortly after midnight.

May 23, 1987:After contact with another car, Roger Newell’s car slid off the half-mile track into the unused quarter-mile track and slammed into a steel divider at high speed. His injuries included a broken neck which proved fatal.

Jeff Bagley, 1988 CRA Rookie of The Year, was gravely injured when his sprint car crashed with the one of fellow driver Bobby Ferguson in the Turn 1 of Ascot Park in Gardena, CA, United States. The accident occurred on the fourth lap of the semi-main (or consolation) race on 20 May 1989. Bagley would not survive his wounds, dying two days later.

Ascot Los Angeles – Florence – Motorsport Memorial Website lists the death of John D. “Jack” Callaghan at Ascot Los Angeles (Florence) in Feb. 1915. The raceway is listed as a 1 mile dirt oval that existed from 1912-1916. Callaghan was listed as driving the #10 Dussenberg Special that skidded through a fence at Ascot and was impaled in the chest by a board. He died at the Los Angeles Receiving Hospital the next day.

Auto Club Raceway at Pomona – Pomona – A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated here from August 1934 through October 3rd, 1937, and again from April 16th, 1950 through 1958. The facilities have operated under various names, including Pomona Raceway, Ascot at Pomona, Fairplex and Los Angeles Dragstrip.

Bakersfield Speedway – Oildale – 1/3 mile dirt oval, Formerly known as oildale speedway. Rick and Rodger Mears raced here. The track opened as a 1/4 mile dirt oval on May 5th, 1946. It ran in 1946, 1948, and from 1950 to November 1958. The track ran as a 1/4 mile paved oval in 1947, 1949, and from May 30th, 1959 through 1979. It reverted to a 1/4 mile dirt oval in 1980, running until 1991. A 1/4 mile dirt figure 8 course ran in the 1980s. The 1/3 mile dirt oval debuted in March of 1992. The track has also operated as Oildale Speedway, Oil Bowl Speedway, Bakersfield Speedbowl, Bakersfield Thunderbowl and Hawks Brothers Speedway.

Barona Speedway – Ramona – 1/4 mile dirt oval The track opened as a 1/6 mile dirt oval on April 16th, 1994, operating in this form through 1998. It was expanded to 1/4 mile in 1999.

Bay Meadows Speedway – San Mateo – 1 mile dirt. Operated in the 1950’s. Hosted NASCAR races 1954-1956.

Baylands Raceway – Freemont – A 1/4 mile dirt oval operated from 1974 through 1980. A 1/4 mile dirt oval also operated in 1984 (it is not clear if this is the same oval.) A 3/8 mile paved oval operated from August of 1981 through November of 1988. The track also operated as Fremont Raceway.

California State Fairgrounds – Sacramento – 1 mile dirt Formerly known as Cal-Expo. Horse track used for special events only.

Carona Speedway– Corona,- dirt oval. CORONA Raceway located off the 91 Frwy off of Pierce street. Now an apartment and housing community. 1/4 mile track, a 1/2 mile track, a figure 8 and an off road coarse that went throughout the whole place.

Calistoga Speedway – Calistoga – 1/2 mile dirt oval The 1/2 mile dirt oval was originally built for horses. It opened for cars on October 23rd, 1938, operating through late August, 1940. It reopened after WWII in 1946. A 1/3 mile dirt oval operated around 1953.

Cedarville Speedway is a 5/8 mile semi-banked clay oval located on the Modoc District Fairgrounds near Cedarville, California. It is unclear if the track is operating at this time. A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated here from roughly 1949 through 1951. The 5/8 mile dirt oval opened around 1974, operating through 1989. It reopened from 1991 to 1994, from 1997 to 2001, and from 2003 to the present.

Captial Speedway – Sacramento – 1/2 mile dirt. Appears to be closed. Guest book at: West Capital Raceway – guestbook

Carrell Speedway – Gardena – ½ mile dirt. Hosted NASCAR races from 1951-1954.

Chowchilla Fairgrounds Speedway – Chowchilla – 1/3 mile dirt oval Chowchilla Speedway is a 1/3 mile clay oval located on the Chowchilla-Madera County Fairgrounds southeast of Chowchilla, California.
A 1 mile dirt oval operated here from roughly 1927 through 1932. A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated from about 1930 through 1941, reopening after WWII from about 1947 to 1955. A 1/5 mile dirt oval operated once on May 13th, 1993 for a USAC TQ midget race. The current 1/3 mile dirt oval opened in 2000; a 1/3 mile figure 8 commenced operations in 2002. The track has also operated as Chowchilla-Madera Speedway.

CORA Speedway – Dixon – 1/5 mile dirt oval CORA Speedway is a 1/5 mile dirt oval located in the Argyll Recreation Park near Dixon, California.

Costa Mesa Speedway – Costa Mesa – 1/6 dirt oval. Formerly Known as: Orange County Fairgrounds,International Speedway, Inc

Cycleland Speedway – Chico (Nelson) – 1/8 mile dirt oval. Outlaw carts and modified midgets.

Delta Speedway – Stockton – 1/8 mile dirt oval Delta Speedway is a 1/8 mile high banked dirt oval located on the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds adjacent to the Stockton Motorplex. The track opened in May of 1986. A 1/8 mile figure 8 course operated in the 1990s.

Diamond Mountain Speedway – Susanville – 1/4 mile dirt oval Diamond Mountain Speedway is a 1/4 mile banked dirt oval located on the Lassen County Fairgrounds near Susanville, California. A 5/8 mile dirt oval operated here in 1952. The 1/4 mile dirt oval opened from about 1954 to about 1892, and reopened in 1993. The track has also operated as Lassen Speedway, High Desert Speedway and Susanville Speedway.

Eureka Speedway – Eureka – .625 mile dirt

Imperial Raceway – El Centro – 1/5 mile dirt oval. Track closed. Became Imperial Valley Speedway.

Imperial Valley Speedway – El Centro – 3/8 mile dirt oval (winter months only) Imperial Valley Speedway is a 3/8 mile clay oval located on the Imperial Fairgrounds near Imperial, California. A 1 1/8 mile dirt oval operated from February 22nd, 1913 through 1940. A 1/5 mile dirt oval was used on March 16th-17th, 1935. A 1/4 mile dirt oval operated from February 7th, 1937 into 1942. A 1/2 mile dirt oval opened after WWII on October 21st, 1945, closing in 1983. The current 3/8 mile dirt oval operated from 1984 to 1998, reopening in 2000. The track has also operated as as Imperial Speedway and Imperial Raceway.

Ingleside Race Track – San Francisco – Originally a horse track (opened in 1895), the first auto races in northern California were held here on November 4th, 1904. Racing continued in following years, but the 1906 races were cancelled due to the earthquake. Racing resumed in 1907 and continued until 1911. In 1912 the Ingleside Terrace housing development was built on the site, and the track was incorporated into the city’s street pattern to become Urbano Drive.

Kings Speedway – Hanford – 3/8 mile dirt oval Kings Speedway features a 3/8 mile semi-banked clay oval. The Speedway is located near Hanford, California. A one mile dirt oval operated here from late September 1917 through around 1925. A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated in 1951, and on August 29th, 1959. The current dirt oval opened on June 11th, 1983, and the 1/8 mile dirt oval on April 4th, 1986.

Lassen Speedway – Susanville – ¼ mile dirt oval. Track where Mike Skinner started. Formerly Known as: Susanville Speedway,High Desert Speedway. Now known as Diamond Moutain Speedway.

Legion Ascot speedway – Los Angeles – 1924-1936. 5/8 mile dirt. Promoted by the American Legion of Glendale. Racers: Bill Cummings, Al Gordon, Ernie Triplett, Kelly Petillo, Wilbur Shaw and Rex Mays. From 1924 to 1936 some two dozen drivers lost their lives in spectacular crashes. The death toll was one reason the Glendale American Legion bowed out of race promotion in early 1935—the other reason was that the emergence of midget auto racing that was cutting into the crowds at Ascot. The track became Ascot Motor Speedway and racing continued. On January 25, 1936 the final tragedy struck during a race for two man Indianapolis cars as Al Gordon and riding mechanic Spider Matlock were both killed in a crash. This ended racing at Ascot.

Lemoore Raceway – Lemoore – 1/5 mile dirt oval Lemoore Raceway is a 1/6 mile dirt oval located near Lemoore, California. The track is used for micro-sprints, midgets, and other small cars. The new kart facility San Joaquin Raceway Park is next door. The track opened on May 13th, 1995. It replaced the previous Lemoore Midget Speedway, which had operated until 1994.

Los Angeles Coliseum – Los Angeles -A 1/4 mile wood oval for motorcycles operated at this site in 1909 in the old Agricultural park. The coliseum itself was built in 1923. A 1/4 mile dirt oval operated from 1938 through 1942. A 1/4 mile paved oval operated from October 11th, 1945 through March 16th, 1948. A 1/4 mile wood oval operated from July 10th, 1948 through August 13th, 1948. Racing ended when driver Jack Habermehl died from injuries sustained in the race on August 13th.

Marchbanks Speedway, Hanford, ½ mile (dirt in 1951) 1.4 mile paved in 1960.

Marysville Raceway Park – Marysville – 1/4 mile dirt oval Marysville Raceway Park features a 1/4 mile semi banked clay oval. The track is located near Marysville, California. The track opened in 1967 or 1968. A 1/8 mile dirt oval operated in 1986. The track has also operated as Triple M Speedway and Twin Cities Speedway.

Merced Fairgrounds Speedway – Merced – 1/3 mile dirt oval Merced Fairgrounds Speedway is a 3/8 mile dirt oval located on the Merced County Fairgrounds near Merced, California. A 1/5 mile dirt oval operated here from about 1946 through 1956. A NASCAR GN race ran here on June 3rd, 1956, won by Herb Thomas. A 1/4 mile dirt oval opened around 1961. The track was expanded to 3/8 mile in 1991. A 1/4 mile figure 8 course operated during the 70s.

Ocean Speedway – Watsonville – 1/4 mile dirt oval Ocean Speedway features a 1/4 mile semi banked clay oval. The Speedway is located near Watsonville California. The 1/4 mile dirt oval opened on May 27th, 1960. A 1/4 mile dirt figure 8 course opened in 1975. A 1/2 mile dirt oval was used once in 1971. A 1/8 mile dirt oval operated from July 22nd, 1984 through 1985.
The track has previously operated as Watsonville Fairgrounds Speedway and Watsonville Speedway. The current name was adapted in 2006.

Orland Raceway – Orland – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007) Orland Raceway is a 1/4 mile dirt oval located on the Glenn County Fairgrounds near Orland, California. A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated at the fairgrounds from around 1953 through 1973. The 1/4 mile dirt oval opened in 1989, operating through 1992. It reopened in 1996. The track has also operated as Golden State Raceway and Westside Speedway.

Pearsonville Speedway – Pearsonville -¼ mile dirt oval, Closed after the 2000 season. Formerly Known as: High Desert Speedway;Independent Motorsports Park

Perris Auto Speedway – Perris – 1/2 mile dirt oval Perris Auto Speedway features both 1/4 and 1/2 mile clay ovals and a 1/8 mile paved dragstrip. The Speedway is located near Lake Perris, California. Apex Kart Racing operates a sprint track shortly to the north of this facility. The original track on this site was Lake Perris Speedway, a 1/8 mile dirt oval which opened in 1987 for speedway motorcycles and in 1992-1993 for cars. A 1/3 mile dirt oval operated at the end of 1995. The modern 1/2 mile dirt oval opened under the name Perris Auto Speedway on March 30th, 1996. A 1/4 mile dirt figure 8 course opened in 2000.

Petaluma Speedway – Petaluma – 3/8 mile dirt oval Petaluma Speedway features a 3/8 mile semi-banked clay oval. The speedway is located at the Kenilworth Park and Fairground in Petaluma, California. A 1/4 mile dirt oval operated from 1954 to around 1975. The 3/8 mile dirt oval opened about September 15, 1963. The track has also operated as Petaluma Fairgrounds Speedway.

Placerville Speedway – Placerville – 1/4 mile dirt oval Placerville Speedway features a 1/4 mile semi banked clay oval located behind the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville, California. The track is currently operated by John Padjen Motorsports, who also operate Silver Dollar Speedway. A 1/7 mile dirt oval operated briefly during 1951. The 1/4 mile dirt oval opened in 1965. The track was built around an existing football field behind the El Dorado County Fairgrounds. The track has also operated as Hangtown Speedway.

Pomona Raceway – Pomona – ½ mile dirt oval. Formally known as Los Angeles Fairplex.

Plaza Park Raceway – Visalia – 1/5 mile dirt oval Plaza Park Raceway is a 1/5 mile dirt oval located near the airport near Visalia, California.
The 1/5 mile dirt oval opened in 1992. A 1/5 mile dirt figure 8 operated in 1999. The track has also operated as Visalia Plaza Park.

Rocky Hill Speedway – Porterville – ¼ mile dirt.Formerly Known as: Porterville Speedway. Track is closed.

Sacramento Raceway Park – Sacramento – 1/4 mile dirt oval Sacramento Raceway is a complex consisting of a 1/4 mile NHRA dragstrip, a 1/4 mile low banked dirt oval and a motocross track. Some older ovals are visible in the aerial images, but I have little information on them (one appears to be a 1 mile paved oval). The short-lived Thunder Park Speedway was located across the road from Sacramento Raceway. The dragstrip opened on May 10th, 1964. A 1/4 mile dirt oval operated in 1990; this appears to be the smaller oval visible above the dragstrip in the aerial imagery. The current 1/3 mile dirt oval opened in 1994. This track has also operated as Central State Raceway and Sacramento Raceway Park.

Sand Hill Ranch – Brentwood – 1/5 mile dirt oval. Track is closed.

Santa Maria Speedway – Nipomo – 1/3 mile dirt oval Santa Maria Speedway is a 1/3 mile high banked clay oval located in Santa Maria, California. Santa Maria Speedway has operated continuously since May 30th, 1964. It has been operated by Nettie, wife of the Doug Fort, the original Owner/Promotor, since his death in 1999. Track Address: 1900 Hutton Rd. Nipomo, CA 93444

San Jose Speedway – San Jose -The speedway was located in the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. San Jose Speedway (originally San Jose Fair Speedway) was the third track to carry the name, adapting it after the second San Jose Speedway closed at the end of the 1977 season. Autos raced on the 1/2 mile dirt oval from 1948 thorugh 1958 and from 1967 through around 1990. Motorcycles raced on it from 1967 through 1971. Autos raced on the 1 mile dirt oval from October 21st, 1951 through around 1955, in 1957 and 1958, and from 1972 through April 25th, 1993. Motorcycles raced on the 1 mile track from 1967 through 1993. A dirt road course operated in 1954. A 1/4 mile dirt oval operated from 1977 through about 1990. A 1/3 mile dirt oval operated from about 1991 through October 16th, 1999. A 1/8 mile dirt oval operated in 1997. The track was closed in 1999 by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. The grandstands were torn down in 2001.
Misc Facts: Formerly a one mile and 1/3 mile reconfigurable track. Formerly Known as: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

Silver Dollar Speedway – Chico – 1/4 mile dirt oval Silver Dollar Speedway features a 1/4 mile high banked clay oval. The track is located at the Butte County Fairgrounds near Chico, California. A 1/4 mile oval operated at the fairgrounds from March of 1935 through sometime in 1941. A 1/5th mile oval was used once in March, 1935. A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated from May 22nd, 1949 through 1951. Silver Dollar Speedway was built in 1962 on the site of the 1/2 mile oval.

Siskiyou Motor Speedway – Yreka – 1/4 mile dirt oval Siskiyou Motor Speedway is a 3/8 mile dirt oval located on the Siskiyou County Fairgrounds near Yreka, California. The 1/4 mile dirt oval opened on May 17th, 1952, operating through around 1984. It reopened on April 16th, 1992. This facility has previously operated as Northern California Speedway, Siskiyou Golden Speedway, Siskiyou Speedway, Gold Rush Speedway and Yreka Speedway.

Sun Rise Valley Speedway – Adelanto – ¼ mile dirt oval.

Stockton 99 Speedway – Stockton – Stockton 99 Speedway started operation on May 27th, 1947 as a 1/4 mile dirt oval. For the 1950 season, it was converted to a 1/4 mile paved oval. A 1/4 mile paved figure 8 course operated in 1962 and during the 1980s. The track closed at the end of the 2006 season.

Temecula Speedway – Temecula – Temecula Speedway was a 1/4 mile dirt & clay oval with 5 degree banking, located off of I-15 N near Temecula, California. The track ran sporadically in the late 90s and early 2000s. America’s Speedways suggests March 13th, 1990 through 2000. Reopened but shut down due to urban sprawl.

Thunderbowl Raceway – Tulare – 1/3 mile dirt oval Thunderbowl Raceway features a 1/3 mile semi banked clay oval. The track is located at the Tulare County Fairgrounds in Tulare, California. The site is shared with Tulare County Kart Club. The track opened for cars in 1988. It was used for motorcycles in 1980.

Thunder Park Speedway – Sacramento – Thunder Park Speedway was a 1/2 mile dirt oval that operated very briefly near Sacramento, California, across the road from Sacramento Raceway. The track appears to have only operated for one day, October 9th, 1980.

Ventura Raceway – Ventura – 1/5 mile dirt oval Ventura Raceway features a 1/5 mile high banked clay oval. The Speedway is located near Ventura, California. For the past several years, the facility has operated with a threat of closure by the Ventura County Fair Board hanging over it, but it appears that the track will continue to operate for several more years. A 1/2 mile dirt oval operated at the fairgrounds from July 28th, 1924 through around 1927 (this track had run motorcycles from 1910 through 1923). A 1/5 mile dirt oval was used for midgets on November 11th, 1934. A 1/10 mile dirt oval operated from July 4th, 1978 through 1984 (this was originally used for speedway motorcycles beginning in 1969.) The 1/5 mile oval opened in 1985. A 1/5 mile dirt figure 8 was added in 2000. The track has also operated as Seaside Park Speedway. Track operated by Jim Naylor for the past 21 years. Site of the first SCRA Sanctioned Sprint Car Race in 1995. Rich Vogler, Stan Fox, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Kenny Irwin Jr. and many others have raced here.

Victorville Auto Raceway – Victorville – 3/8 mile dirt oval Victorville Auto Raceway is a 3/8 mile dirt oval located on the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds near Victorville, California. A 1/2 mile dirt oval was used once on April 4th, 1938. A 1/4 mile dirt oval was used in 1982 and on July 31st, 1992. The 3/8 mile dirt oval opened on August 18th, 1996. A 3/8 mile dirt figure 8 track operated in the 80s. The track has previously operated as Route 66 Raceway, USA Speedway, Victorville Speedway and possibly as Ascot (although it’s not one of the famous Ascots.)

Walt James Stadium – Rosamond – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Track is closed.

Watsonville Speedway – ¼ Mile dirt oval Grandstand rebuilt after 1989 earthquake whose epicenter was in Watsonville.

Willow Springs International Motorsports Park – The road course opened on November 22nd, 1953 as a 2.5 mile oil dirt track. It operated in this form through 1958, and in 1960 and 1962. The road course was paved in 1962. The Streets of Willow Springs (1.8 mile road course) opened in 1996. A 1/4 mile pave dragstrip operated in 1962. The 3/8 mile dirt oval opened on April 12th, 1987, operating through 1995. It is apparently still used for vintage oval racing. A 1/4 mile dirt figure 8 course operated in the 1990s. The 1/4 mile paved oval opened on November 27th, 1993, operating through 1997, and reopening in 2002. Other names associated with the facility include Bill Huth International Motorsports Park, Kern County Speedway and WIllow Springs Speedway.

Colorado Dirt Tracks

Alamosa Motor Speedway – Mosca – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Closed in 2008. Also known as Thunder Valley Speedway.

Arrowhead Speedway – see: Fairgrounds Speedway. Suspended operations in 2007.

El Paso County Speedway – Calhan – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Fairgrounds Speedway – Cortez – 1/3 mile dirt oval. Renovated in 2007. Track was in operation as of 2008. Phone: (970) 759-6956

Hayden Speedway – Hayden – 1/4 mile dirt oval

I-76 Speedway – Fort Morgan – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Track:970/ 867-2101
16359 County Road S Fort Morgan, CO 80701. E-Mail i76speedway@fmweb.us

Phillips County Raceway – Holyoke – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Also known as Holyoke Half Mile. Raceway Contact Information: Garrett Sporhase = 970-520-3327. e-mail = gsporhase@scholloil.com , Mike “Woody” Woodhead = 970-520-4224. Questions or Comments on website can go tocirclebar9@yahoo.com

Prowers County Motor-Sports Park – Lamar – 1/3 mile dirt oval. Owner: Bill Heitkamp. Owner/Promoter: Jeff Quinn (303)-522-7977. The Track Via E-mail: pcmp@pcmp.org By PHONE: 1-800-830-RACE (7223)

Thunder Mountain Speedway – Olathe – 1/3 mile dirt oval. Unclear if the track is still operating. Listed for sale in July of 2008.

Deleware Dirt Tracks

Airport Speedway – New Castle – 1/8 mile dirt oval. track is dedicated specifically to micro-sprint racing. micro600mom@juno.com . OFFICE PHONE (856) 935-8769 (Barbara Sparks, Club Secretary) TRACK PHONE (302) 328-8302. Airport Speedway
PO Box 10246, Wilmington DE 19850

Delaware International Speedway – Delmar – 1/2 mile dirt oval. From the webpage: The Delaware Motorsports Complex that houses the U.S. 13 Dragway, Delaware International Speedway, and the U.S. 13 Kart Track is truly a family operation. Its origins with the Cathell family can be traced back to 1963.
As interest in racing grew, the family business grew. A dirt track was built on the west side of the dragway and the grandstands were put on wheels and towed back and fourth between the two facilities. The Delmarva Auto Racing Association leased and ran the track from 1965 to 1968. The following year, the track moved to its present location but was a third-mile complete with a figure eight. The Cathell family took over management of the track with the help of a staff of 50 to 75 “locals”, many of who are still with the family today.

Delmarva Motorsports Park – Seaford – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Track Hotline: 24 hrs, 888-440-7223. Phone 302-335-2500. Delmarva Motorsprts Park, PO Box 409 Frederica, DE 19946

Georgetown Speedway – Georgetown – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Opened 1983(?).

Florida Dirt Tracks

Blackman Motor Speedway – see: Northwest Florida Speedway. Blackmanmotorspeedway@yahoo.com Track Phone 850-537-9960

Cross Roads Motorsplex – Jasper – 1/5 mile dirt oval. WADE MURPHY TRACK 386-938-1228
HOME 386-938-3481

East Bay Raceway Park – Gibsonton – 1/3 mile dirt oval. East Bay Raceway, 2VHL Promotions, Inc. 6311 Burts Road, Tampa, Florida. Phone:1-877-457-5611
Local: 813-677-7223 Fax: 813-672-1901. info@eastbayracewaypark.com

New Hendry County Speedway – Clewiston – 1/3 mile dirt oval.

North Florida Speedway – Lake City – 4/10 mile dirt oval. North Florida Speedway, 287 SE Race Track Lane. Lake City, Fl. 32025. 386-754-8800. 1-877-754-8801
Fax # 386-961-9522

Northwest Florida Speedway – Baker – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Devin Jones. (850) 978-2142. (850) 546-0157

Oak Grove Motorsport Park – Baker – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Unsure if this track is operating.

Ocala Speedway – Ocala – 3/8 mile, D shaped, Semi-banked, clay. Ocala Speedway began operations in 1952, 2008 will mark it’s 56th year of operation making it the oldest track in the state. The Speedway has also been called Zuber Speedway, Marion Speedway, and Lightning Speedway over the years.
The track operated as clay for 45 years, asphalt for 10 years, and 2008 will mark the first season as clay again.

Putnam County Speedway – Palatka – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Southern Raceway – Milton – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Southern Raceway. 9359 Nichols Lake Road, Milton, FL 32583. 850-623-2333 Fax:850-623-8222 southernracewayllc@cox.net

Thunderbowl Speedway of Ocala – Ocala – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Unsure of track status at this time.

Volusia Speedway Park – Barberville – 1/2 mile dirt oval. 1500 E. State Road 40, Deleon Springs, Fl 32130. Office – (386) 985-4402. Fax – (386) 985-6258.

Zephyrhills Antique Car Raceway – Zephyrhills – 1/3 mile dirt oval . Dirt track vintage auto racing by old-time stockcars, sprintcars and midgets. zephcarsho@aol.com

Georgia Dirt Tracks

Albany Motor Speedway – Albany – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Boyds Speedway – Ringgold – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Cochran Speedway – Cochran – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dawgwood Speedway – Chatsworth – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Dixie Speedway – Woodstock – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Douglas Motorsports Park – Douglas – 1/2 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Golden Isles Speedway – Waynesville – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Hartwell Speedway – Hartwell – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lavonia Motor Speedway – Lavonia – 3/8 mile dirt oval

New Senoia Raceway – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Reopened as dirt track oval in 2010.

North Georgia Speedway – Chatsworth – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Ogletohorpe Speedway Park – Savannah – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Rome Speedway – Rome – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Screven Motor Speedway – Sylvania – 3/8 mile dirt oval

South Georgia Motorsports Park – Cecil – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Suicide Circle Speedway – see: Albany Motor Speedway

Sugar Creek Speedway – Blue Ridge – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Swainsboro Raceway – Swainsboro – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Toccoa Speedway – Toccoa – 5/16 mile dirt oval

Waycross Motor Speedway – Waycross – 1/2 mile dirt oval

West Georgia Speedway – Whitesburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Winder Barrow Speedway – Winder – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Hawaii Dirt Tracks

Big Island Circle Track – Hilo – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Idaho Dirt Tracks

Atomic Motor Raceway – Atomic City – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Caldwell Rodeo Arena – Caldwell – 1/10 mile dirt oval

Noise Park Raceway – Idaho Falls – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Salmon Valley Speedway – Salmon – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Sandhollow Raceway Park – Caldwell – 1/9 mile dirt oval

Illinois Dirt Tracks

Aledo Raceway Park – Aledo – 1/4 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Belle Clair Speedway – Belleville – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Bureau County Speedway – Princeton – 3/8 mile dirt oval (also Saturday nights)

Charleston Speedway – Charleston – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Clay County Speedway – Flora – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Coles County Speedway – Mattoon – 1/8 mile dirt oval

DuQuoin State Fairgrounds – DuQuoin – 1.0 mile dirt oval

Fairbury American Legion Speedway – Fairbury – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Farmer City Raceway – Farmer City – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Freeport Raceway Park – Freeport – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Highland Speedway – Highland – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Illinois State Fairgrounds – Springfield – 1.0 mile dirt oval

Kankakee County Speedway – Kankakee – 3/8 mile dirt oval (to reopen in 2009)

Knox County Fairgrounds – Knoxville – 1/2 mile dirt oval

LaSalle Speedway – LaSalle – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Lincoln Speedway – Lincoln – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Macomb Raceway – Macomb – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Macon Speedway – Macon – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Morgan County Speedway – Jacksonville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Mount Vernon Raceway – Mt. Venron – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Peoria Speedway – Peoria – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Pike County Speedway – see: Pittsfield Speedway

Pittsfield Speedway – Pittsfield – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Quad City Raceway – East Moline – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Quincy Raceways – Quincy – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Route 66 Raceway – Joliet – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Southern Illinois Center – DuQuoin – 1/6 mile indoor dirt oval

Southern Illinois Raceway – Marion – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Spoon River Speedway – Canton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Sycamore Speedway – Sycamore – 1/4 & 1/2 mile dirt ovals (also Friday nights)

Tri-City Speedway – Pontoon Beach – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Vermilion County Speedway – Danville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Wayne County Speedway – Wayne City – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Indiana Dirt Tracks

Bakersfield Raceway Park – Linton – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Bartholomew County Fairgrounds – Columbus – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Bloomington Speedway – Bloomington – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Brownstown Speedway – Brownstown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Bunker Hill Circle Track – Kokomo – 1/3 mile dirt oval (last ran in early 2008)

Chandler Motor Speedway – Chandler – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Decatur County Fairgrounds – Greensburg – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Gas City I-69 Speedway – Gas City – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Indiana State Fairgrounds – Indianapolis – 1.0 mile dirt oval

Kamp Motor Speedway – Boswell – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Kokomo Speedway – Komomo – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lawrenceburg Speedway – Lawrenceburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lincoln Park Speedway – Putnamville – 5/16 mile dirt oval

Miami County Speedway – Peru – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Montpelier Motor Speedway – Montpelier – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Paragon Speedway – Paragon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Ripley County Fairgrounds – Osgood – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Rush County Fairgrounds – Rushville – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Scott County Speedway – Scottsburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Shadyhill Speedway – Medaryville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Terre Haute Action Track – Terre Haute – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Thunder Valley Raceway – Salem – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Tri-State Speedway – Haubstad – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Twin Cities Raceway Park – North Vernon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

US 24 Speedway – Logansport – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Union County Speedway – Liberty – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Iowa Dirt Tracks

Adams County Speedway – Corning – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Algona Raceway – Algona – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Benton County Speedway – Vinton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Bloomfield Speedway – Bloomfield – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Big Dog Speedway – Hospers – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Bloomfield Speedway – Bloomfield – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Boone Speedway – Boone – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Brooklyn Raceway – Brooklyn – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Buena Vista Raceway – Alta – 3/8 mile dirt oval (Wednesday nights)

C.J. Raceway – Columbus Junction – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Calhoun County Speedway – Rockwell City – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Cedar County Speedway – Tipton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Clay County Fairgrounds – Spencer – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Crawford County Speedway – Denison – 5/8 mile dirt oval

Cresco Speedway – see: Howard County Speedway

Davenport Speedway – Davenport – 1/4 & 1/2 mile dirt ovals

Dubuque Fairgrounds Speedway – Dubuque – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Echo Valley Speedway – West Union – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Eldon Raceway – Eldon – 1/2 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

English Creek Speedway – Knoxville – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Farley Speedway – Farley – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Fayette County Speedway – West Union – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Great Jones County Fairgrounds – Monticello – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Hamilton County Speedway – Webster City – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Hancock County Speedway – Britt – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Highway 3 Raceway – Allison – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Howard County Speedway – Cresco – 4/10 mile dirt oval

I-35 Speedway – Mason City – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Independence Motor Speedway – Independence – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Iowa State Fair Speedway – Des Moines – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Jackson County Speedway – Maquoketa – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Jefferson County Raceway – Fairfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Knoxville Raceway – Knoxville – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Lee County Speedway – Donnellson – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Marshalltown Speedway – Marshalltown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Mineral City Speedway – Fort Dodge – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Mountain Dew Bloomfield Speedway – see: Bloomfield Speedway

Rapid Speedway – Rock Rapids – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Shelby County Speedway – Harlan – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Sioux Speedway – Sioux Center – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Southern Iowa Speedway – Oskaloosa – 1/2 mile dirt oval (Wednesday nights)

Stuart Speedway – Stuart – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Thirty-Four Raceway – West Burlington – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Upper Iowa Speedway – Decorah – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Warren County Speedway – Indianola – 1/4 mile dirt oval

West Liberty Raceway – West Liberty – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Kansas Dirt Tracks

Airport Raceway – Garden City – 1/5 mile dirt oval

201 Speedway – Paintsville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Belleville High Banks – Belleville – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Caney Valley Speedway – Caney – 1/4 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Clay County Fairgrounds – Clay County – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Cloud County Fairgrounds – Concordia – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Decatur County Fairgrounds – Oberlin – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dirtona Raceway – Hugoton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dodge City Raceway Park – Dodge City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Eighty-One Speedway – Park City – 3/8 mile dirt oval (also Thursday nights)

Elmwood Park Speedway – Norton – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Fairgrounds Speedway – Liberal – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Heartland Park Topeka – Topeka – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Humboldt Speedway – Humboldt – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Hutchinson Raceway Park – Hutchinson – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Jetmore Motorplex – Jetmore – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Kansas State Fairgrounds – Hutchinson – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Lakeside Speedway – Kansas City – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Linn County Speedway – Pleasanton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Minneapolis Raceway Park – Minneapolis – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Oberlin Speedway – see: Decatur County Speedway

Osborne Speedway – Osborne – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Operations are reportedly suspended for 2007; future plans are unknown. Track appears to be closed.

Park City Raceway – Valley City – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Rooks County Speedway – Stockton – 1/2 mile dirt oval. Operations are reportedly suspended for 2007; future plans are unknown. Track appears to be closed.

RPM Speedway – Hays – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Rush County Fairgrounds – LaCrosse – 5/16 mile dirt oval. Special events only.

Salina Speedway – Salina – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2006)

Sherman County Speedway – Goodland – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Solomon Valley Speedway – Beloit – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Thomas County Speedway – Colby – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Thunderhill Speedway – Mayetta – 3/8 mile dirt oval

WaKeeney Speedway – WaKeeney – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Washington Speedway – Washington – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Whiskey Lake Raceway – Junction City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Kentucky Dirt Tracks

201 Speedway – Paintsville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Beech Bend Raceway Park – Bowling Green – 1/3 mile paved oval

Bluegrass Speedway – Bardstown – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Clinton County Speedway – Alpha – 5/16 mile dirt oval

Corbin Speedway – Corbin – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Fairview Motorsports – Brownsville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Florence Speedway – Union – 1/2 mile dirt oval

High Banks Speedway – Philpot – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway – Calvert City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lake Cumberland Speedway – Burnside – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Mountain Motor Speedway – Whitesburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Mudlick Valley Speedway – Tollesboro – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Paducah International Raceway – Paducah – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Ponderosa Speedway – Junction City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Richmond Raceway – Richmond – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Rock Castle Speedway – Mount Vernon – 3/8 mile paved oval

Soggy Bottom Raceway – Morgantown – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Wayne County Raceway Park – Monticello – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Western Kentucky Speedway – Madisonville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Windy Hollow Speedway – Owensboro – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Louisiana Dirt Tracks

A-1 Raceway – Lacombe – 3/8 mile dirt oval. The track opened around 1969 as a 1/4 mile dirt oval, operating in this for until around 1977l. It reopened on April 13th, 1991 as a 3/8 mile dirt oval, operating until 1995. It reopened in 1997, operating until Katrina. The track reopened after an extensive cleanup. The track has previously operated as Saint Tammany Speedway, Tammany Speedway, B & D Speedway, M & M Hickory Speedway and Hickory Motor Sports Park. The status of this track is unclear at this writing.

Arcadiana Speedway – Breaux Bridge – 1/8 mile dirt oval.

Ark-La-Tex Speedway – Vivian – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Baton Rouge Raceway – Baton Rouge – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Boothill Raceway – Greenwood – 7/16 mile dirt oval

Champion Park Speedway – Haughton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Fast Trax Speedway – Chatham – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Forest Hill Speedway – Forest Hill – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Status of this track is unclear at this writing.

Monroe Motor Speedway – Monroe – 3/8 mile paved oval

Sabine Motor Speedway – Many – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Track Operations unclear at the time of this writing.

Thunder Valley Speedway – Glenmora – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Status of this track is unclear at the time of this writing.

Maine Dirt Tracks

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway – Scarborough – 1/3 mile paved oval

Bullwinkle’s Raceway – Moosehead Junction – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Get-Er-Done Speedway – Skowhegan – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Oxford Plains Speedway – Oxford – 3/8 mile paved oval

Richmond Raceway – Richmond – 1/5 mile paved oval (last ran in 2007)

Speedway 95 – Bangor – 1/3 mile paved oval (also Wednesday night)

Spud Speedway – Caribou – 1/3 mile paved oval

Unity Dirt Track – Unity – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Wiscasset Raceway – Wiscasset – 1/3 mile paved oval

Maryland Dirt Tracks

Allegany County Speedway – Cumberland – 5/8 mile dirt oval

Hagerstown Speedway – Hagerstown – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Potomac Speedway – Budds Creek – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Massachusetts Dirt Tracks

Hillside Speedway – Westport – 1/10 mile dirt oval

Seekonk Speedway – Seekonk – 1/3 mile paved oval

Whip City Speedway – Westfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Michigan Dirt Tracks

Adventure Mountain Speedway – Greenland – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Unknown if the track is still operating.

Butler Speedway – Quincy – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cherry Speedway – Fife Lake – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Crystal Motor Speedway – Crystal – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Evergreen Auto Park – Osseo – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Hartford Motor Speedway – Hartford – 1/2 mile dirt oval

I-96 Speedway – Lake Odessa – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Ionia Fairgrounds Speedway – Ionia – 9/16 mile dirt oval. Track may be closed.

Jackson Speedway – Jackson – 1/6 mile dirt oval & 1/5 mile paved oval

Manistee County Fairgrounds – Onekema – 1/2 mile dirt oval (oval last ran in
2007) Special events only.

Merritt Speedway – Merritt – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Mid Michigan Raceway Park – Muir – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Mount Pleasant Speedway – Mt. Pleasant – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Orleans Raceway – Orleans – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Owendale Speedway – Owendale – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Shiawassee County Fairgrounds – Corunna – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Thunderbird Racepark – Muskegon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Winston Speedway – Rothbury – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Minnesota Dirt Tracks

Arlington Raceway – Arlington – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Bemidji Speedway – Bemidji – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Buffalo River Race Park – Moorhead – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Canby Speedway – Canby – 3/8 mile dirt oval (closed at end of 2007)

Carlton County Fairgrounds – Barnum – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Chateau Raceway – Austin – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Deer Creek Speedway – Spring Valley – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Fairmont Raceway – Fairmont – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Fiesta City Speedway – Montevideo – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Golden Spike Speedway – Sauk Rapids – 5/16 mile dirt oval

Grand Rapids Speedway – Grand Rapids – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Greenbush Race Park – Greenbush – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Hibbing Raceway – Hibbing – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Jackson Speedway – Jackson – 1/2 mile dirt oval

K.R.A. Speedway – Willmar – 3/8 mile dirt oval (Thursday nights)

Kasson Speedway – Kasson – 1/3 mile dirt oval (Thursday nights) Track closed during the 2008 season.

Madison Speedway – Madison – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Marshall County Speedway – Warren – 4/10 mile dirt oval. The original 1/2 mile oval was first used on July 13th, 1946, and is known to have operated from 1968-1970, in 1973, and from July 11th, 1992 through 1998. The 3/8 mile oval opened in 2000, and was idle in 2006.

Murray County Speedway – Slayton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Nobles County Speedway – Worthington – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Norman County Raceway – Ada – 3/8 mile dirt oval (Thursday nights)

North Central Speedway – Brainerd – 31/3 mile dirt oval

Princeton Speedway – Princeton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Proctor Speedway – Duluth – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Redwood Speedway – Redwood Falls – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Rock County Speedway – Luverne – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Steele County Fairgrounds – Owatonna – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Viking Speedway – Alexandria – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Mississippi Dirt Tracks

Central Mississippi Speedway – Winona – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Columbus Speedway – Columbus – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Dacosa Speedway – Byhalia – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Greenville Speedway – Greenville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Goodbuddy Speedway – Formally the Delta Bowl in Tunica Mississippi, racing is held on Friday Nights. Message on the track’s website explained that the races for the rest of the 2009 season were cancelled.

Jackson Motor Speedway – Jackson – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Magnolia Motor Speedway – Columbus – 3/8 mile dirt oval

North Mississippi Speedway – Corinth – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Pike County Speedway – Magnolia – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Simpson County Motorsports Park – Mendenhall – 1/4 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

South Mississippi Speedway – Long Beach – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Southern Speedway – Hattiesburg – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Whynot Motorsports Park – Meridian – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Missouri Dirt Tracks

24 Raceway – Moberly – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Adrian Speedway – Adrian – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Auto Tire & Parts Race Park – see: Benton Race Park

Benton Race Park – Benton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Bolivar Speedway USA – Bolivar – 3/8 mile paved oval

Boone County Raceway – Columbia – 1/8 mile dirt indoor oval

Butler Motor Speedway – Butler – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Callaway Raceway – Fulton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Central Missouri Speedway – Warrensburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dallas County Speedway – Whitesburg – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Track will not open in 2009.

Doe Run Raceway – Doe Run – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Double X Speedway – California – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Fredericktown Raceway – Fredericktown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Grand River Speedway – Urich – 1/4 mile dirt oval

I-35 Speedway – Winston – 3/8 mile dirt oval

I-55 Raceway – Pevely – 3/8 mile dirt oval

I-70 Speedway Dirt Track – Odessa – 3/8 mile dirt oval

L A Raceway – LaMonte – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lake Ozark Speedway – Eldon – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Lebanon I-44 Speedway – Lebanon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lebanon Midway Speedway – Lebanon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lucas Oil Speedway – Wheatland – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Malden Speedway – Malden – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Midway Speedway – see: Lebanon Midway Speedway

Monett Speedway – Monett – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Montgomery County Speedway – New Florence – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Nevada Speedway – Nevada – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Northwest Missouri State Fairgrounds – Bethany – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Outlaw’s Retreat – Freeman – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Arena – Springfield – 1/10 mile indoor dirt oval

Poplar Bluff Speedway – Poplar Bluff – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Saint Francois County Raceway – Farmington – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Scotland County Speedway – Memphis – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Track may not be operating at the time of this writing.

Sedalia State Fair Speedway – Sedalia – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Springfield Raceway – Springfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex – Sweet Springs – 1/6 mile dirt oval

U.S. 36 Raceway – Cameron – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Valley Speedway – Grain Valley – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Washington Town & Country Fairgrounds – Washington – 1/8 mile dirt oval

West Plains Motor Speedway – West Plains – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Winston Speedway – see: I-35 Speedway

Montana Dirt Tracks

BMP Speedway – Billings – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Electric City Speedway – Great Falls – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Gallatin Speedway – Belgrade – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Golden Triangle Raceway – Cut Bank – 3/10 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Nebraska Dirt Tracks

Beatrice Speedway – Beatrice – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Boone County Raceway – Albion – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Butler County Motorsplex – Rising City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cedar County Speedway – Hartington – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Culbertson Speedway – Culbertson – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Custer County Fairgrounds – Broken Bow – 1/8 mile dirt oval

New Hampshire Dirt Tracks

Canaan Dirt Speedway – Canaan – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Jolly Roger Moto-Sports Park – East Lempster – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Legion Speedway – Rumney – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Nevada Dirt Tracks

American Valley Raceway – Reno (Plumas County Fairgrounds) – Motorsports Memorial website lists the death of Arlan Robinson in Aug. 1964 at the 1/2 mile dirt oval which existed from 1948-1970. Robinson’s death happened during a Super Modified Race when his car hit another car and flipped. He was taken to a hospital and died on 29 August 1964. Place of death was St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno, NV. Robinson was considered one of the most successful Reno area drivers having raced 7 years before the fatal accident. At the time of his death, he held the track record at Lemmon Valley Speedway and earlier in the evening, he had set a new track record at the Plumas County Fairgrounds track where he was injured.

Battle Mountain Raceway – Battle Mountain – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Death Valley Raceway – Amargosa Valley – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Great Basin Raceway – Ely – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Las Vegas – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Lovelock Speedway – Lovelock – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Pahrump Valley Speedway – Pahrump – 1/4 mile dirt oval (closed in 2007)

Rattlesnake Raceway – Fallon – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Reno-Fernley Raceway – Fernley – 3/8 mile dirt oval (being revamped into a paved oval for 2009)

Summit Raceway – Elko – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Tonopah Speedway – Tonopah – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Winnemucca Regional Raceway – Winnemucca – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Dawson County Raceway – Lexington – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Eagle Raceway – Lincoln – 1/3 mile dirt oval

HiWay 92 Raceway Park – Gering – 1/4 mile paved oval

I-80 Speedway – Greenwood – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Jefferson County Speedway – Fairbury – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Junction Motor Speedway – McCool Junction – 3/8 mile dirt oval

KAM Raceway – Hastings – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Lincoln County Raceway – North Platte – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Litchfield Motor Sports – Litchfield – 1/8 mile dirt oval

McCook Speedway – McCook – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Mid-Nebraska Speedway – Doniphan – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Nebraska Raceway Park – Greenwood – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Riviera Raceway – Norfolk – 3/10 mile dirt oval

State Park Fair Raceway – Lincoln – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Stuart Community Track – Stuart – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Thayer County Speedway – Deshler – 3/8 mile dirt oval

The Speed Bowl – Red Cloud – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

U.S. 30 Speedway – Columbus – 3/8 mile dirt oval (Thursday nights)

Wavelink Raceway Park – Waverly – 1/8 mile dirt oval

New Jersey Dirt Tracks

Bridgeport Speedway – Bridgeport – 5/8 mile dirt oval (also Friday night)

New Egypt Speedway – New Egypt – 1/2 mile dirt oval

New Mexico Dirt Tracks

Aztec Speedway – Aztec – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cardinal Motor Speedway – Eunice – 1/4 mile dirt oval

High Plains Speedway – Clovis – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Hollywood Hills Speedway – San Felipe Pueblo – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Southern New Mexico Speedway – Las Cruces – 5/16 mile dirt oval

Uranium Capital Speedway – Grants – 3/8 mile dirt oval

White Sands Speedway – Tularosa – 3/8 mile dirt oval

New York Dirt Tracks

Accord Speedway – Accord – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Afton Speedway – Afton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Albany-Saratoga Speedway – Malta – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Black Rock Speedway – Dundee – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Brewerton Speedway – Brewerton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Can-Am Motorsports Park – LaFargeville – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Canandaigua Speedway – Canandaigua – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Caprara Thunder Alley Speedpark – Evans Mills – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cayuga County Fair Speedway – Weedsport – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Chemung Speedrome – Chemung – 3/8 mile paved oval

Five Mile Point Speedway – Kirkwood – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Fonda Speedway – Fonda – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Freedom Raceway – Delevan – 1/3 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Frogtown Speedway – see: Mohawk International Speedway

Fulton Speedway – Fulton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Genesee Speedway – Batavia – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Glen Ridge Motorsports Park – Fultonville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lebanon Valley Speedway – West Lebanon – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Limerock Speedway – Caledonia – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Little Valley Speedway – Little Valley – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Mohawk International Speedway – Hogansburg – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Monroe County Fairgrounds – Henrietta – 1/6 mile dirt oval

New York State Fairgrounds – Syracuse – 1.0 mile dirt oval

Orange County Fair Speedway – Middletown – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Paradise Speedway – Geneva – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Ransomville Speedway – Ransomville – 5/8 mile dirt oval

Rolling Wheels Raceway Park – Elbridge – 5/8 mile dirt oval

Skyline Raceway – Cortland – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Starlite Speedway – Trumansburg – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Stateline Speedway – Jamestown – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Thunder Mountain Speedway – Center Lisle – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Utica-Rome Speedway – Vernon – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Woodhull Raceway – Woodhull – 1/3 mile dirt oval

North Carolina Dirt Tracks

Antioch Speedway – Morganton – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Bear Creek Raceway – Dobson – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Carolina Speedway – Gastonia – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Clary’s Speedway – Brinkleyville – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Cleveland County Speedway – Lawndale – 4/10 mile dirt oval

County Line Raceway – Elm City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dixieland Speedway – Elizabeth City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dublin Motor Speedway – Dublin – 4/10 mile dirt oval

East Lincoln Speedway – Stanley – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Fayetteville Motor Speedway – Fayetteville – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Friendship Motor Speedway – Elkin – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Hammer Down Speedway – Red Springs – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Harris Speedway – Harris – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lowe’s Motor Speedway – Concord – 4/10 mile dirt oval

New 311 Speedway – Madison – 1/2 mile dirt oval

State Line Speedway – Lawsonville – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Thunder Valley Speedway – see: Cleveland County Speedway

Tri-County Racetrack – Brasstown – 1/3 mile dirt oval

North Dakota Dirt Tracks

Dacotah Speedway – Mandan – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Devils Lake Speedway – Doyon – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Geographical Center Speedway – Rugby – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Jamestown Speedway – Jamestown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

McLean County Speedway – Underwood – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Nodak Speedway – Minot – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Red River Valley Speedway – West Fargo – 1/2 mile dirt oval

River Cities Speedway – Grand Forks – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Sheyenne River Speedway – Lisbon – 1/4 mile dirt oval (Tuesday nights)

Southwest Speedway – Dickinson – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Thunder Mountain Speedway – Bottineau – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Tri-County Speedway – Wishek – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Williston Basin Speedway – Williston – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Ohio Dirt Tracks

35 Raceway Park – Frankfort – 1/5 mile dirt oval

93 Speedway – see: Dunaways 93 Speedway

250 Speedway – Cadiz – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Attica Raceway Park – Attica – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Brown County Speedway – Russellville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Brushcreek Motorsports Complex – Peebles – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cannonball Motor Speedway – Morristown – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Deerfield Raceway – Deerfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Dunaways 93 Speedway – Oak Hill – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Eldora Speedway – Rossburg – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Expo Speedway – Cortland – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Fremont Speedway – Fremont – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Hilltop Speedway – Millersburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Jackson County Speedway – Jackson – 3/8 mile dirt oval. Website states that the track is for sale. If no sale is made, the track will open in 2009.

K-C Raceway – Whitesburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lakeville Speedway – Lakeville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Limaland Motorsports Park – Lima – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Midway Speedway – Crooksville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Millstream Speedway – Findlay – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Moler Raceway Park – Williamsburg – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Muskingum County Speedway – Zanesville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Oakshade Raceway – Wauseon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Portsmouth Raceway Park – Portsmouth – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Raceway 7 – Conneaut – 7/16 mile dirt oval

Rocky Top Raceway – Coal Grove – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Sharon Speedway – Hartford – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Skyline Speedway – Stewart – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Stateline Speedway – Edon – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Vinton Raceway – Vinton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Wayne County Speedway – Orrville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Waynesfield Motor Sports Park – Waynesfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Oklahoma Dirt Tracks

Brill’s Motor Speedway – Meeker – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Clinton Motorsports Park – Clinton – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Creek County Speedway – Kellyville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Dutton’s Speedway – Fort Cobb – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Elk City Raceway – Elk City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Enid Speedway Park – Enid – 3/8 mile dirt oval

I-44 Speedway – Oklahoma City – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Lake Country Speedway – Ardmore – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Lawton Speedway – Lawton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Mid-America Speedway – South Coffeyville – 3/10 mile dirt oval. Status of the track is unclear. Appears to be closed.

Oklahoma Sports Park – Ada – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Outlaw Motor Speedway – Wainwright – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Port City Raceway – Tulsa – 1/8 mile dirt oval

State Fair Speedway – Oklahoma City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Tri-State Speedway – Pocola – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Tulsa Expo Raceway – Tulsa – 1/4 mile dirt oval

West Siloam Speedway – West Siloam Springs – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Will Roger Raceway – Claremore – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Oregon Dirt Tracks

Coos Bay Speedway – Coos Bay – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cottage Grove Speedway – Cottage Grove – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Douglas County Speedway – Roseburg – 3/8 mile paved oval

Elgin Outlaw Raceway – Elgin – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Madras Speedway – Madras – 1/4 mile dirt oval

River City Speedway – St, Helens – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Salem Livestock Pavilion – Salem – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Southern Oregon Speedway – Medford – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Sunset Speedway – Banks – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Willamette Speedway – Lebanon – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Pennsylvania Dirt Tracks

Alleghany Mountain Raceway – Kane – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Bedford Speedway – Bedford – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Big Diamond Raceway – Minersville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Blanket Hill Speedway – Kittaning – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Borger’s Speedway – Saylorsburg – 1/7 mile dirt oval (also Friday night)

Bradford Speedway – Bradford – 1/4 mile dirt oval. Track is listed for sale. Unclear if the track will open in 2009.

Central Pennsylvania Speedway – Clearfield – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Challenger Raceway – Indiana – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Clinton County Raceway – Lock Haven – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway – Newmanstown – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Dog Hollow Speedway – Strongstown – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Empty Jug Racing – Hawley – 1/8 mile dirt oval. Empty Jug Racing is a dirt track stock car racing club that holds ten events a year on a private 1/8 mile track located five miles east of Hawley, Pennsylvania.

Eriez Speedway – Erie – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Fairgrounds at Kutztown Speedway – Kutztown – 1/5 mile dirt oval (Wednesday nights)

Farmington Speedway – Farmington – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Gambler Raceway Park – Clearfield – 1/4 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Grandview Speedway – Bechtelsville – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Greenwood Valley Action Tracks – Millville – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Hamlin Speedway – Hamlin – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Hesston Speedway – Huntington – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Hill Valley Speedway – Orbisonia – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Hummingbird Speedway – Reynoldsville – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Kutztown Fair Speedway – see: The Fairgrounds At Kutztown Speedway

Latrobe Speedway – Latrobe – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Lernerville Speedway – Sarver – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Lincoln Speedway – New Oxford – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Linda’s Speedway – Jonestown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Marion Center Speedway – Marion Center – 1/4 mile dirt oval

McKean County Raceway – East Smethport – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Mercer Raceway Park – Mercer – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Path Valley Speedway Park – Spring Run – 1/4 mile dirt oval (also Saturday

Penn Can Speedway – Susquehanna – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex – Harrisburg – 1/10 mile dirt oval

Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway – Imperial – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Port Royal Speedway – Port Royal – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Red Line Raceway – Troy – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Roaring Knob Motorsports – Markleysburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Selinsgrove Raceway Park – Selinsgrove – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Selinsgrove Speedway – Selinsgrove – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Shellhammers Speedway – Leesport – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Shippensburg Speedway – Shippensburg – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Snydersville Raceway – Snydersville – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Sportsman’s Speedway – Knox – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Stony Brook Raceway – Stoystown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Susquehanna Speedway Park – Newberrytown – 4/10 mile dirt oval

The Fairgrounds at Kutztown Speedway – Kutztown – 1/5 mile dirt oval (Wednesday nights)

The Hill Raceway – see: Bradford Speedway

Thunder Mountain Speedway – Knox Dale – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Thunder Valley Raceway – Central City – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Trail-Way Speedway – Hanover – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Tri-City Speedway – Franklin – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Williams Grove Speedway – Mechanicsburg – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Wyalusing Valley Motorsports Park – Wyalusing – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Rhode Island Dirt Tracks

Barnyard Raceway – Chepachet – 1/5 mile dirt oval. Barnyard Raceway appears to have ceased operations during or after 2003.

South Carolina Dirt Tracks

Buffalo Speedway – see: Union County Speedway

Carolina Speedway – Lake View – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cherokee Speedway – Gaffney – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Hemi Speedway – Mt. Croghan – 3/10 mile dirt oval

I-20 Speedway – Batesburg – 4/10 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

I-77 Speedway – Chester – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Lancaster Motor Speedway – Lancaster – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Laurens County Speedway – Laurens – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Mileback Speedway – Gray Court – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Modoc Speedway – Modoc – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Sugar Creek Speedway – Buffalo – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Sumter Speedway – Sumter – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Travelers Rest Speedway – Travelers Rest – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Union County Speedway – Buffalo – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Westminster Speedway – Westminster – 4/10 mile dirt oval

South Dakota Dirt Tracks

Black Hills Speedway – Rapid City – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Brown County Speedway – Aberdeen – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Casino Speedway – Watertown – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Dakota State Fair Speedway – Huron – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Heartland Speedway – Rapid City – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Huset’s Speedway – Brandon – 3/8 mile dirt oval

I-90 Speedway – Hartford – 3/8 mile dirt oval (also Friday night)

Interstate Speedway – see: Raceway Park

Lake County Speedway – Madison – 3/8 mile dirt oval (closed at the end of the 2007 season)

Miller Speedway – Miller – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Park Jefferson Speedway – Jefferson – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Raceway Park – Jefferson – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Wagner Speedway – Wagner – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Tennessee Dirt Tracks

411 Motor Speedway – Seymour – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Camden Speedway – Camden – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Checkered Flag Speedway – Hohenwold – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Clarksville StormPay.com Speedway – Clarksville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Clayhill Motorsports – Atwood – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cleveland Speedway – Cleveland – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Cookeville Speedway – Baxter – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Crossville Raceway USA – Crossville – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Duck River Speedway – Shelbyville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Garnertown Speedway – Luray – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Macon County Speedway – Lafayette – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Milan Speedway – Milan – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Mountain Raceway Park – Maryville – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Spring City Speedway – Spring City – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Tazewell Speedway – Tazewell – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Thunderhill Raceway – Summertown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Volunteer Speedway – Bulls Gap – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Wartburg Speedway – Wartburg – 1/3 mile dirt oval

West Tennessee Motor Speedway – Lexington – 7/16 mile dirt oval

Winchester Speedway – Winchester – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Texas Dirt Tracks

85 Speedway – Ennis – 1/4 mile dirt oval. The track opened in 1985. The figure 8 operated from around 1996 through 2002. Unclear if the track is operating at the time of this writing.

105 Speedway – Cleveland – 1/4 mile dirt oval

281 Speedway – Stephenville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Abilene Speedway – Abilene – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Action Motor Sports Raceway – Quitman – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Amarillo Modified Midget Raceway – Amarillo – 1/6 mile dirt oval. Track appears to be closed.

Bonner’s Bellmead Speedway – Bellmead – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Boyd Raceway – Boyd – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Champion Motor Speedway – Odessa – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Cowtown Speedway – Kennedale – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Devil’s Bowl Speedway – Mesquite – 1/2 mile dirt oval

El Paso Speedway Park – El Paso – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Gator Motorplex – Willis – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Golden Triangle Raceway Park – Beaumont – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Grand Prairie Speedway – Grand Prairie – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Grayson County Speedway – Bells – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Gulf Coast Speedway – Alvin – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Heart O Texas Speedway – Waco – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Hill Country Raceway – Mountain Home – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Houston Raceway Park – Baytown – 1/4 mile dirt oval

I-37 Raceway – Pleasanton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

J.S. Bridwell Agricultural Center – Wichita Falls – 1/6 mile indoor dirt oval

Kennedale Speedway Park – Kennedale – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Lady Luck Speedway – Lubbock – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Lubbock Motor Speedway – Lubbock – 1/3 mile dirt oval. According to the website, track is available for lease in 2009.

Motorama Speedway – see: Golden Triangle Raceway Park

Paris Motor Speedway – Paris – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Rio Grande Speedway – McAllen – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Route 66 Motor Speedway – Amarillo – 3/8 mile dirt oval

San Angelo Speedway – San Angelo – 1/4 mile dirt oval

South Texas Speedway – Corpus Christi – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Speedarama Raceway – Lufkin – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Speedbowl Valley Raceway – Amarillo – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Superbowl Speedway – Greenville – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Texana Raceway Park – Edna – 5/16 mile dirt oval

Texas D.I.R.T. Motorplex – Winona – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Texas Dirt Speedway – see: I-37 Raceway

Texas Motor Speedway – Fort Worth – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Texas Thunder Speedway – Killeen – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Texoma Motor Speedway – Wichita Falls – 1/5 mile dirt oval

Thunderbird Speedway – Crandell – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Wichita Speedway – see: Red River Speedway


Desert Thunder Raceway – Price – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Diamond Mountain Speedway – Vernal – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Wild Bill’s Raceway – Ephraum – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Vermont Dirt Tracks

Bear Ridge Speedway – Bradford – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Devil’s Bowl Speedway – West Haven – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Virginia Dirt Tracks

Eastside Speedway – Waynesboro – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Fork Mountain Raceway – Martinsville – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Natural Bridge Speedway – Natural Bridge – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Rolling Thunder Raceway – Ararat – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Rotary Raceway – Stuart – 1/8 mile dirt oval

Virginia Motor Speedway – Saluda – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Winchester Speedway – Winchester – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Wythe Raceway – Wytheville – 1/2 mile dirt oval’

Washington Dirt Tracks

Deming Speedway – Bellingham – 1/6 mile dirt oval

Eagle Track Raceway – Republic – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Grays Harbor Raceway – Elma – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Northport International Raceway – Northport – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Skagit Speedway – Alger – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Slime Dog Speedway – Stanwood – 1/8 mile dirt oval

State Fair Speedway – Yakima – 3/8 mile dirt oval

West Virginia Dirt Tracks

Beckley Motor Speedway – Beckley – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Elkins Motor Speedway – Elkins – 3/8 mile dirt oval

I-77 Raceway Park – Ripley – 3/8 mile dirt oval

O’Brion Oval Speedway – Duck – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Ohio Valley Speedway – Parkersburg – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Princeton Speedway – Princeton – 4/10 mile dirt oval

Tyler County Speedway – Middlebourne – 1/4 mile dirt oval

West Virginia Motor Speedway – Mineral Wells – 5/8 mile dirt oval

Wisconsin Dirt Tracks

ABC Raceway – Ashland – 3/8 mile dirt oval.

Angell Park Speedway – Sun Prairie – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Calumet County Speedway – Chilton – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Cedar Lake Speedway – New Richmond – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Central Wisconsin Speedway – Unity – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Charter Raceway Park – Beaver Dam – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Dodge County Fair Speedway – Beaver Dam – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Eagle Valley Speedway – Jim Falls – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Fox Ridge Speedway – Arcadia – 3/8 mile dirt oval (last ran in 2007)

Grant County Speedway – Lancaster – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Kopellah Speedway – St. Croix Falls – 3/10 mile dirt oval

Lafayette County Speedway – Darlington – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Langlade County Speedway – Antigo – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Luxemburg Speedway – Luxemburg – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Manitowoc County Expo Speedway – Manitowoc – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway – Oshkosh – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Plymouth Dirt Track – Plymouth – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Red Cedar Speedway – Menomonie – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Rice Lake Speedway – Rice Lake – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Riverside Raceway – Eagle River – 1/3 mile dirt oval (Tuesday nights)

Seymour Speedway – Seymour – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Shawano Speedway – Shawano – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Superior Speedway – Superior – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Thunderhill Raceway – Sturgeon Bay – 1/3 mile dirt oval

TNT Speedway – Three Lakes – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Tomahawk Speedway – Tomahawk – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Tri-Oval Speedway – Fountain City – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Wilmot Speedway – Wilmot – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Wyoming Dirt Tracks

Casper Speedway – Casper – 1/2 mile dirt oval

Gillette Thunder Speedway – Gillette – 1/3 mile dirt oval

Ripple Ridge Raceway – Rawlins- 1/4 mile dirt oval. Wissota sanctioned track. Features Hobby Stocks, Wissota Super, IMCA Mods, Street Stocks, and Dwarfs.

Sweetwater Speedway – Rock Springs – 3/8 mile dirt oval

Valentine Speedway – Glenrock – 1/4 mile dirt oval

Weston County Raceway – Newcastle – 1/5 mile dirt oval


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