Behind The Scenes At Longhorn Chassis

Longhorn Chassis was born when NASCAR Cup Champion Bobby Labonte decided he wanted to construct his own chassis for his racing operation–Longhorn Racing.

But things really took off on the chassis side of things when engineer Kevin Rumley was brought on board to redesign the Longhorn’s Late Model chassis from the ground up. Since then the chassis manufacturer has been winning regularly with several different drivers, and the nameplate is only gaining in popularity.

Recently, Rumley and Devine Ellis were kind enough to give OneDirt a tour of their facility in Trinity, NC. Like most Late Model chassis builders, Longhorn Chassis is a made up of a small group of experienced welders and fabricators that are surprisingly dedicated to their craft. Although they were understandably careful not to give away too much of their secret sauce, the Longhorn crew is a great group that was very happy to talk about what they were doing and how they were trying to help their customers win more races. We probably spent more time bench racing than we did working the video camera, but it was a great visit and we look forward to doing more with them.

And for more information you can check out Longhorn Chassis here.


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