Anglin for a Win

Tony Anglin - Kenny Shaw photo

Tony Anglin of Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, finished fifth in the 2016 Big Buck 50 at Lucas Oil Speedway. (Kenny Shaw photo)

This weekend’s Big Buck 50 Presented by Whitetail Trophy Hunt will bring some of the region’s top Street Stock drivers to Lucas Oil Speedway in pursuit of a big pay day.

Look for several invaders from Arkansas to descend upon south-central Missouri, including a three-car entry from veteran Tony Anglin of Walnut Ridge.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said Anglin, who will field cars for himself, nephew Whitney Nunally and the well-known Late Model veteran Jeff Floyd.

Anglin drove to a fifth-place finish in last year’s Big Buck 50. He’s optimistic about his team’s chances this time around in a race that pays $5,000 to the winner, plus a free entry into November’s Whitetail Trophy Hunt valued at $3,000.

Just a few weeks ago, Anglin had victory in his sights at the $10,000-to-win Mid-America Street Stock Championship at Batesville Motor Speedway. It ended in heartbreaking fashion.

“We led every lap until six to go, then broke a trolling arm bolt,” Anglin said. “Whitney ended up fifth and Jeff was ninth. We just had some bad luck. So maybe we’ll have some good luck” at Wheatland.

Anglin came to Lucas Oil Speedway late in the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series season to do some testing and suffered a motor problem. He said he usually runs good there.

“I enjoy coming there. I wish it was a little closer. We’d run there every week,” Anglin said. “I think we’ll be all right this weekend. I hope so. We’ll come up Thursday and do some practicing and see where we are.”

Anglin is a 30-year racing veteran, starting out in Bombers in his native Arkansas before a stint in Modifieds. He started building Street Stocks for himself and to sell to others several years ago and has been in that division since.

“It’s top-notch now,” Anglin said of the quality of Street Stock racing in Arkansas. “You run weekly and it’s top of the line. Batesville’s our home track and we also run some at West Plains.”

Lucas Oil Speedway
Anglin said he and Floyd, well known in a successful Late Model career, have known each other since childhood.

“We went to school together, we raced together,” Anglin said. “I pit-crewed for Jeff and his dad back in the day. That’s where my racing got started, helping his dad, Randy. Jeff started racing a year and a half before I did. He got out of his Late Model for a while, then got back in it last year.

“He helps me a lot and I help him a lot. When the $10,000 deal came up at Batesville, I had an extra car. I went down to Jeff’s shop and said, ‘Hey man, let’s go race.’ He was up for it.”

Anglin said that along with the fun of driving the full-bodied Street Stocks is the appeal of more, big-money shows popping around for the division in this part of the country.

“If a man could have some good luck, he could make himself some pocket change for the winter,” Anglin said.

Lucas Oil Speedway’s biggest Street Stock race of the season attracted 93 entries a year ago and at least that many are expected this weekend. Along with $5,000, the winner of Saturday’s feature will receive a free entry into the Whitetail Trophy Hunt in central Missouri, Nov. 11-13. That is valued at $3,000.

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