11 Questions with Brandon Morin

Brandon Morin 2Welcome to the fifth installment of “11 Questions with…”!

At the end of each segment the current week’s driver will get to decide what the 11th question will be for the next guest. Simple and entertaining.

Today I have race car driver, and new dad, Brandon Morin. Brandon became the proud father of a sweet baby girl just a few days ago!

Make sure to wish him congratulations. Let’s get to know a little more about him.

If you got the chance to redo one race, which one would it be and why?
If I had to redo one race it would have to be this past May, during the race at Chandler Motor Speedway. We got shuffled back and I drove all the way up to the back bumper of the leader. I made just one slight mistake, and he drove away. We definitely had a car to win that night.

What is your reputation as a driver from other people’s perspective, and do you think that stigma holds true?
I try to race as aggressive and as clean as possible. I mean you can’t always give and never take or you’ll never win.

What it like racing for a family owned team?
Being a family owned race team can be difficult at times. Our very tight budget, time, and finding people willing to help us are just a couple reasons. The memories I have made with my mom, dad, Johnny, and Anthony, however, are something I’ll never forget, and something I will always cherish! We’ve had so many fun times at the track.

What is your “retaliation policy” if someone wrecks you, if any? Do you settle it on the track by beating them; give them a little bump; talk to them after the race? How do you handle it?
I have always kind of approached the issue the next time I race with them. That gives me and the other person a chance to cool down and think about it with a clear head. Problems shouldn’t be handled on the track in my opinion. We all work so hard on these race cars, and they’re too expensive to tear up just to prove a point.

Brandon Morin
If you had to race on one track for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?
I would have to say Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana. I love it for the speed, and how the track is operated. Tom and his crew try to give us the same exact racing surface every night we hit the track. That makes my job a little easier. They do an excellent job and I really enjoy racing there.

If you could pick one product sponsor what would it be and why?
That’s easy! RaceOptics. I’d love to just get a shipment whenever I need some tear-offs. They are about $1 per tear-off, so on my budget it makes it difficult to buy a bunch at a time.

If you came out with an Autobiography what would it be called?
“Living Life One Mile at a Time”

If you didn’t drive race cars what else would you be doing?
Honestly, I would probably be working in the family business selling Dottie’s cinnamon rolls and ice cream. So, I’d be traveling from fair to fair all during the Summer and Fall.

— How long has your family been in the business?
–They’ve been doing it for 32 years now. They do most of the fair and festivals in the southern part of Indiana. They also sell Ice cream and lemon shake ups!

Brandon Morin 1
What is something you would change about open wheel racing and why?
I would try to get the “checkbook” out of racing, and bring back real car owners that actually hire guys. I would try to really bring back grass roots style of racing.

 If you had to audition for American Idol what song would you sing and why?
Oh, man that’s a tough one. I’ve always had a deep voice so I’d have to go with “Your Man” by Josh Turner. I’ve always loved that song!

Last week’s driver, Spencer Bayston, got to pick the final question and he wants to know: In the perfect world where you could pick your ride for a year, who would you race for, and in what series?
Honestly, I would have loved to have driven for Tony Stewart when he had his non-wing team. Tony has always been one of my favorite drivers, so I would have to pick racing non-wing sprint cars for TSR (Tony Stewart Racing)!

Brandon Morin 3

Ok, so what’s the 11th question for going to be?
If you had to pick one restaurant, either dine-in or fast food, to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s all for today! We hope you got to know Brandon a little more and maybe had a laugh along the way. Big thanks to Brandon Morin for being our guest. “11 Questions with…Kody Swanson” is set for July 18th.

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