Photos: Big Buck 50

Tony Anglin - Todd Boyd pic

Tony Anglin celebrates his Big Buck 50 win.

Photos by Todd Boyd (
Words by Lyndal Scranton

Tony Anglin of Walnut Ridge, Ark., took command with 11 laps remaining and pulled away to capture the $5,000-to-win Street Stocks Big Buck 50 Presented by Whitetail Trophy Hunt on Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

More than 90 of the country’s top Street Stock drivers went into battle in the coveted event at the state-of-the-art facility.

“Man, that was one good show there,” Anglin said. “I didn’t know whether to go to the bottom or go to the top. Them ruts were beating me to death.

“I struggled Thursday night (in practice) and Friday night in qualifying. We just threw a bunch of stuff at it this afternoon and here we are.”

Anglin passed Derek Brown in turn two on lap 39 to take the lead. Just three laps before that, Brown slid past Anglin after Anglin did the same to him a lap before.

Fifth in the Big Buck 50 a year ago, Anglin had plenty in reserve down the stretch. Brown, who suffered damage to the nose of his car in a first-lap incident, barely held off Russell in the battle for second.

“We run at Batesville a lot and it’s top-notch competition there,” Anglin said. “Man, I don’t know what to say about this. We’re just glad to be here.”

Defending Big Buck 50 winner Tim Brown moved quickly from his outside row two starting spot and led the opening lap, just ahead of pole-starting Peyton Taylor and Robbie Arnold.

Derek Brown slipped past Tim Brown and into the lead on lap 17. The battle for second was a hot one with Tim Brown, Burl Woods, Jeremy Russell and Anglin dueling it out.

But on lap 28, the race lost two contenders. Woods appeared to hit the big tire guarding the infield, in turn four, and Tim Brown plowed into the back of him to bring out the caution.

That left Derek Brown leading Anglin, Russell, James Flood and Kenny Carroll as the race went back to green with 22 laps remaining. Derek Brown and Anglin went back and forth until the eventual winning pass on lap 39.

Taylor, of Ash Flat, Ark., had fast qualifying time on Friday night and earned the pole position for the feature by winning his heat winners’ dash on Friday. He was battling Tim Brown for the lead in the early going, but pulled off on lap nine with a flat tire and again, this time for good, with mechanical issues on lap 12.

Fourth-place finisher Edwin Wells of Morrilton, Ark., who started 22nd, won the “Hard Charger” Award sponsored by Ray’s Lake Service worth $500.

Doug Moore earned the “Hard Luck” Award as the first non-feature qualifier for the Big Buck 50. He earned a $500 bonus from Alamo Arms LLC, of Montreal, Mo.


Street Stocks Big Buck 50 Presented by Whitetail Trophy Hunt

A Feature – 1, Tony Anglin. 2, Derek Brown. 3, Jeremy Russell. 4, Edwin Wells. 5, Brian Schutt. 6, Robert Arnold. 7, Ted Welschmeyer. 8, Dalton Imhoff. 9, Brian Worley. 10, Jason Winkle. 11, Bobby Barnett. 12, Josh Halbrook. 13, Matt Becker. 14, Dalton Garrison. 15, James Flood. 16, Kenny Carroll. 17, Burl Woods. 18, Tim Brown. 19, Kris Lloyd. 20, David Hendrix. 21, Dale Nelson. 22, Jimmy Myers. 23, Brian Parker. 24, Payton Taylor. 25, Toby Ott. 26, Kyle Slader.

B Feature (top 8 advance) – 1, Tony Anglin. 2, Jimmy Myers. 3, Ted Welschmeyer. 4, Dalton Garrison. 5, Toby Ott. 6, Edwin Wells. 7, Kyle Slader. 8, Kris Lloyd. 9, Doug Moore. 10, Bobby Ratteree. 11, Terry Schultz. 12, Dennis Schoenfeld. 13, Jessie Shearin. 14, Cole Henson. 15, Heath Teel. 16, Aaron Poe. 17, Scott Johnson. 18, Mike Striegel. 19, Jeff Floyd. 20, Rob White. 21, Darrin Crisler. 22, Derek Henson.

C Feature (top 6 advance) – 1, Mike Striegel. 2, Rob White. 3, Kyle Slader. 4, Jesse Shearin. 5, Cole Henson. 6, Scott Johnson. 7, Bobby Barnett. 8, Robert Southerland. 9, Marlin Cathey. 10, Chip Shaddox. 11, Shane Bias. 12, Tim Petty. 13, Randy Gilmore. 14, Cody Nelson. 15, Jay Lamons. 16, Justin Jarrett. 17, Jason Thurman. 18, Dexter Frost. 19, Dom Wadlow. 20, Bryan Arnold. 21, Whitney Nunally. 22, Evan Hayes.

D Feature (top 6 advance) – 1, Chip Shaddox. 2, Whitney Nunally. 3, Martin Cathey. 4, Jay Lamons. 5, Bryan Arnold. 6, Evan Hayes. 7, Josh Halbrook. 8, Chuck Knight. 9, Tim Eaton. 10 John Kelly. 11, Ray Phipps. 12, Michael Muskrat. 13, Chris Tonoli. 14, Michael Mullins. 15, Travis Goodman. 16, Darren Fox. 17, Steve Scott. 18, Cody Vail. 19, Dale Berry. 20, Steve Whitman. 21, Dale Eaton. 22, Kiel Morton.

E Feature (top 6 advance) – 1, Kiel Morton. 2, John Kelly. 3, Jay Lamons. 4, Dale Eaton. 5, Chuck Knight. 6, Michael Musktra. 7, Drayl Dooling. 8, Rusty Etherton. 9, Devin Irvin. 10, Stewart Burton. 11, John Scott. 12, Scott Lucke. 13, Nicholas Fritsch. 14, Jake Haynes. 15, Carmon VIncent. 16, Joe Miller. 17, Terry Muskrat. 18, Steve Sanders. 19, Bobby Ruff. 20, Jerry Brown. 21, Brandon Dunhan. 22, John Coats.

F Feature (top 6 advance) – 1, Chuck Knight. 2, John Scott. 3, Carmon Vincent. 4, Stewart Burton. 5, Joe Miller. 6, Daryl Dooling. 7, Tony Bowman. 8, Matt Harp. 9, Ethan Mullins. 10, Brandon Hays. 11, Larry Ferris. 12, Mark Mullins. 13, Marc Carter.

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