Photo Gallery And Results: Humboldt’s 2018 Battle Of The Bullring

A field of 120 B-Mods was narrowed down to 25 Saturday night for the finale of Battle at the Bullring IV presented G-Style Transport and powered by Yeoman Race Engines. Skeeter Estey became the first driver to collect a second victory in the country’s premiere B-Mod event.

B Modifieds Battle Of The Bullring at Humboldt Speedway

A Feature 1

  1. Skeeter Estey,Kelly Lake, MN
  2. Michael Truscott, Chippewa Falls, WI
  3. Kale Westover Blair, OK
  4. Dustin Daniels Colby, KS
  5. Ryan Schroeder Devils Lake, ND
  6. Kris Jackson Lebanon, MO
  7. Chad Wheeler Muskogee, OK
  8. Jamie Davis Fort Frances, ON
  9. Kelly Estey Kelly Lake, MN
  10. Cole Searing Huron, SD
  11. Randy Klein Lisbon, ND
  12. Dan Wheeler Savage, MN
  13. Tommy Richards Eleva, WI
  14. Jaylen Wettengel Topeka, KS
  15. Ethan Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
  16. JC Morton Springfield, MO
  17. Justin Froemming Garfield, MN
  18. Andy Bryant Ft Scott, KS
  19. Brandon Kenny Woodward, OK
  20. Cody Jolly Jasper, MO
  21. Andrew Schroeder Fremont, IA
  22. Stephen Muilenburg Sparta, MO
  23. Robbie Eilers Highland, IL
  24. Cody Smith Kaufman, TX
  25. Brennon Weight La Moure, ND

Skeeter Estey Captures Battle at The Bullring IV. Photos by Todd Boyd.

Photo gallery


B Feature

  1. Kris Jackson Lebanon, MO
  2. Michael Truscott Chippewa Falls, WI
  3. Chad Wheeler Muskogee, OK
  4. Randy Klein Lisbon, ND
  5. Cody Smith Kaufman, TX
  6. Tommy Richards Eleva, WI
  7. Justin Froemming Garfield, MN
  8. Jaylen Wettengel Topeka, KS
  9. JC Morton Springfield, MO
  10. Robbie Eilers Highland, IL
  11. Roy Long Stilwell, OK
  12. Brandon Kenny Woodward, OK
  13. Randy Zimmerman Ft. Scott, KS
  14. Mike Striegel Wheatland, MO
  15. Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
  16. Jake Smith Chippewa Falls, WI
  17. Cory Williams Slaton, TX
  18. Justin Rexwinkle S.Coffeyville, OK
  19. Lucas Rodin Marion, ND
  20. Mack Estey Kelly Lake, MN

C Feature

  1. JC Morton Springfield, MO
  2. Justin Froemming Garfield, MN
  3. Cory Williams Slaton, TX
  4. Brandon Kenny Woodward, OK
  5. Lucas Rodin Marion, ND
  6. Mike Striegel Wheatland, MO
  7. Mack Estey Kelly Lake, MN
  8. Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
  9. Kenny Mayer Goodwin, SD
  10. Tony Bahr Haugen, WI
  11. Austin Howes Memphis, MO
  12. Jeremy Lile Higginsville, MO
  13. Shane Collins Thayer, KS
  14. Camden Perry Lincoln, AR
  15. Matt Schow McIntosh, MN
  16. Cole Campbell Mexico, MO
  17. Ronny Gould Calera, OK
  18. Curt Drake Moran, KS
  19. Kanyan Methvin Yellville, AR
  20. Tyler Kidwell Chanute, KS


D Feature

  1. Shane Collins Thayer, KS
  2. Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
  3. Tony Bahr Haugen, WI
  4. Camden Perry Lincoln, AR
  5. Kanyan Methvin Yellville, AR
  6. Matt Schow McIntosh, MN
  7. Curt Drake Moran, KS
  8. Tyler Kidwell Chanute, KS
  9. Matthew Kay Chanute, KS
  10. Jeffrey Lien Jr. Mora, MN
  11. Ryan Phillips Osage City, KS
  12. John Briggs Branson, MO
  13. Kyle KnouseHuron, SD
  14. Riley Whitworth Humboldt, KS
  15. Stephen Muilenburg Sparta, MO
  16. Brennan Gave Princeton, MN
  17. Tim Eaton St. Joseph, MO
  18. Dan Christopher Decorah, IA
  19. Calvin Iverson Eleva, WI
  20. Austin Ellis Rice Lake, WI

E Feature

  1. Jeffrey Lien Jr. Mora, MN
  2. Matt Schow McIntosh, MN
  3. Tim Eaton St. Joseph, MO
  4. Ryan Phillips Osage City, KS
  5. Kyle Knouse Huron, SD
  6. Dan Christopher Decorah, IA
  7. John Briggs Branson, MO
  8. Brennan Gave Princeton, MN
  9. Adam Brotherton Huron, SD
  10. Dan Wheeler Savage, MN
  11. Donald McIntosh Chanute, KS
  12. Wade Skindelien New London, MN
  13. Darrin Lawler Grand Rapids, MN
  14. Troy Bynum Enid, OK
  15. Jimmy Cummins Highland, IL
  16. Josh Cain Rio Rancho, NM
  17. Brian McGowen Pittsburg, KS
  18. Brandon Walsh Ash Flat, AR
  19. Josh McGaha Abilene, TX
  20. Austen Becerra Carthage, IL

Battle of the Bullring Last Chance Qualifier 1

  1. Wade Skindelien New London, MN
  2. Adam Brotherton Huron, SD
  3. Tom Rorabacher Imperal, MO
  4. Denny Cutsforth Rice Lake, WI
  5. Jimmie Wright Piedmont, OK
  6. JR Watts Lubbock, TX
  7. Cayden Campbell Nevada, MO
  8. Jimmy Body III Diamond, MO
  9. Dustin Thulin Topeka, KS
  10. Matt Dotson Sturgeon, MO
  11. Steve McLaughlin Joplin, MO

DNS: Justin Comer Joplin, MO, Clint Johnson Neosho, MO, Bryan Kakela Langdon, ND, Mike Roach Woodward, OK

Battle of the Bullring Last Chance Qualifier 2

  1. Donald McIntosh Chanute, KS
  2. Kyle Knouse Huron, SD
  3. Reise Stenberg Argusville, ND
  4. Shawn Strong Billings, MO
  5. Chad Walker Kansas City, KS
  6. Jeff Reed Bemidji, MN
  7. Quentin Taylor Farmington, MO
  8. Cole Anderson Northfield, MN
  9. Justin Whitehead Texarkana, TX
  10. Luke Phillips Chanute, KS
  11. Don Reid Oklahoma City, OK

DNS: Tyler Black Carthage, MO, Ryan Gilmore Springfiled, MO, Jessie Hoskins Longdale, OK, Michael Martin Mount Vernon, MO

Battle of the Bullring Last Chance Qualifier 3

  1. Josh McGaha Abilene, TX
  2. Brennan Gave Princeton, MN
  3. Cody Thompson Sioux City, IA
  4. Brady Walsh Chouteau, OK
  5. Dean Eggebraaten Bemidji, MN
  6. John Mueller Chippewa Falls, WI
  7. Dustin Miller Pattonsburg, MO
  8. Doug Tye Collinsville, IL
  9. Cody Acklin Yellville, AR
  10. Mike Boston Wyoming, MN
  11. Levi McGowen Humboldt, KS

DNS: Austin Kaplan Des Moines, IA, Pat Kelley Columbus, MN, Kenny Shaw Fort Scott, KS, Jared Timmerman Norwalk, IA


Battle of the Bullring Last Chance Qualifier 4

  1. Dan Christopher Decorah, IA
  2. John Briggs Branson, MO
  3. Luke Krough Dickinson, ND
  4. Jacob Asbell Carl Junction, MO
  5. Aaron Blacklance Thief River Falls, MN
  6. Brandon King Nevada, MO
  7. Dustin Donley Mooreland, OK
  8. Scott (Rebel) Bintz Jamestown, ND
  9. Tim Van Gotten Chanute, KS

DNS: John Allen Chanute, KS, Garrett Donley Mooreland, OK, Chris Hawkins Neosho, MO, Austin Johnson Joplin, MO, Don Schaefer Eyota, MN, Tim Thomas West Fargo, ND

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