MSD 6CT Ignition Control

MSD Performance is taking the ignition controller market by storm with their cutting-edge new technology.


Ever wonder what happens when you drop a live MSD ignition controller in water? Find out in this crazy video.

E3 Post-Use (1200x797)

E3 has developed new technology that is taking spark plug performance to a whole new level.


Thanks to the purchase of Crane Cams’ ignition products and technology, FAST will offer a wide variety of products for both dirt and asphalt oval racing.


OPTIMA Batteries are easily-recognizable high-performance batteries, with red, yellow, or blue tops and a “six pack” of 2-volt cells. What’s the difference, and why would somebody want any particular size, capacity, or charge/discharge characteristics of one over another?


Custom spark plug wires can highlight an otherwise bland engine bay, making an ordinary engine look extraordinary, even in stock vehicles. you can save some bucks and get the look and efficiency of a custom set of wires by doing it yourself – and we’re going to show you how with MSD’s Universal Plug Wire Kit.

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