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Total Seal finds more horsepower for your power plant with their new Ultra Thin Ring technology.

CJ Jones

Check out this video that highlights the cool new technology innovations from our friends at Jones Racing Products.

Chevrolet Dyno Video

Need that little extra “something” to get your day rolling. Take a watch and a listen to this small-block 427 c.i. Chevrolet engine screaming on a dyno.

Driven Storage Defender

Putting your hot rod’s engine down for a winter’s nap? Driven Racing Oil has you covered with its new oil and fuel storage protection.

Million Dollar Diesel

Robby Woods unveiled this cutting-edge, 1700 horsepower diesel-powered Off Road Truck at SEMA 2017. Plans are to make this mean machine run 170 mph.

Dane Dacus Racing engine swap

Take a few minutes to check out this cool time-lapse video as a Dirt Late Model team swaps motors.

Shane Clanton Driven Heath Lawson

Learn more about how synthetic oil and proper cooling can improve the performance of your dirt car.


In this video Mahle Motorsports explains the correct and incorrect ways to install circlips on your pistons.

Quicksilver 383CT Engine 1

Mercury and it’s Quicksilver brand are looking to make a big splash in the dirt track market with their new engine program.

Driven_Carb Defender

With wintertime storage just around the corner, Driven Carb Defender™ is here to protect the heart of your hot rod.


Learn how to choose the best internal engine parts for 305 Sprint Cars.

Total Conform Ring Close-Up_s

Total Seal’s Gapless® technology changed the world of piston rings when it was introduced. Never content to sit on their laurels Total Seal now has a new major breakthrough in piston ring design, with the availability of their new “Total Conform™” rings.

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Jeff Huneycutt takes an in-depth look at the latest technology from Jones Racing Products, which optimizes drive line efficiency and produces more power.

Building your own dirt track race engine can save money and grief, but the smart move is to always use quality components to ensure a durable engine.

Building your own dirt track race engine can save money and grief, but the smart move is to always use quality components to ensure a durable engine.

Sweeney Rush_s

If you’ve ever had a question about the rebuild/repair sealing process for GM crate engines, Doug Kennedy will likely answer many of your questions.


Xceleration Media’s Richard Holdener caught up with Racing Head Service’s Kevin Feeney to talk about their new LS Aluminum Race Block. The new block offers more strength and rigidity, while also offering more high-end flexibility.


Xceleration Media’s Richard Holdener caught up with CJ Jones from Jones Racing Products at PRI 2015. CJ told us about exciting, new products from his company including the new, three-blade fan as well as creative engineering that allows for more horsepower.

Photo 01

Not all piston rings are created equally. Total Seal’s Keith Jones helps us understand how material choice affects performance There is a reason why some piston rings go for forty bucks a set while others run 400 bucks a set. And in the right situation both are considered a good deal. That’s because rings for […]

It is hard to see between all the bars on a Late Model chassis, so we assembled the Jones Racing Products rear mount accessory drive kit on this bell housing and motor plate. This is an extremely sanitary, well-engineered setup for spinning the fuel pump, power steering pump and alternator.

Every car on the track may have to meet a minimum weight, but that doesn’t mean crafty racers can’t still find an advantage over the rest of the field. Every competent racer understands that weight placement plays a huge role in how your race car handles. But that applies to more than just lead ballast. […]

These big block Chevy pistons from Diamond, like you might see in a Modified, feature moly-coated skirts to reduce parasitic drag and also provide a measure of protection if your engine sees a drop in oil pressure.

Diamond Pistons’ Rob Beaubien helps us understand how the company uses coatings to improve performance In the last decade the racing community has largely gone from treating performance coatings like a pie-in-the-sky science experiment to where they are ubiquitous today and found all over the car–especially the engine. We have header coatings designed to eliminate […]

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