We love our sport, but if an outsider sees how we can often bicker over the silliest topics, how can it grow and flourish? (Rick Schwallie photo)

While I would like to forget about most of the misery that I endured working as a civil engineer for ten years, I do still admittedly retain some of the lessons learned. As anybody who works with me on any project will tell you, I live by a couple of motto’s that I deem key. […]

As engine power and RPM limits continue to escalate, valve springs and valve train blueprinting will become increasingly more important. Setup the springs to complement the rest of your engine package and you will be rewarded with not only more power, but a more durable engine.

How to Install, Measure, and Otherwise Obsess over Performance Valve Springs Text and photos by Jeff Smith (Editor’s Note: This article originally ran on the website of our sister publication, Power & Performance News. Smith’s information about performance valve springs was so good, we thought it would be useful here, too.) Back in the Eisenhower […]

batesville (147)

Dave Argabright is one of the greats when it comes to covering motorsports. He’s done everything from television to magazines and books, so if you are any kind of gearhead you’ve probably heard or read something by him. We recently had the chance to sit down with Dave for a quick conversation, and here’s what […]


Quite often when you hear on the news about some professional football, baseball or basketball team lobbying for the city or state to pay for an new arena or stadium, they quickly start throwing around numbers about how much money the team brings in to the community. Those numbers can seem pretty astronimical, and that’s […]

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Ricky Weiss enjoyed a great weekend as he went two-for-three with a pair of wins and a runner-up finish in his Derrick’s Sandblasting #7 Super Late Model. Weiss went two-for-two at I-94 Speedway in 2015 on Friday evening by sweeping the event. Ricky won his heat race from the 4th starting spot and then backed […]

Highland Speedway Crash

This may be one of the worst examples of racing rage we’ve seen in quite some time. This video was shot at Highland Speedway in Highland, Illinois of a Late Model event. It appears to start out simply with great racing when the 18 takes the inside line away from the 27 on the track’s […]


Rain is great for growing flowers and bountiful green grass. Conversely, rain is not great for building new dirt tracks. This is the very sobering fact that the staff at Memphis International Raceway has learned over and over again over the past month. The wet stuff – and plenty of it – has beyond soaked […]

West Plains Motor Speedway, where I announced my first major event as an announcer.

Sometimes we get so far down the paths we choose in life that we forget what started our wild ride in motion. I don’t want to be that person. Even if I did, I don’t think my heart would ever let me forget where it all started ten years ago. This Memorial Day weekend will […]

Donny Schatz

The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway kicked off Memorial Day weekend with the Outlaw Showdown featuring the 410 Sprints from the World of Outlaws and Crate Late Models from the SECA (South Eastern Crate Association) racing series. The 2015 season is still young but Donny Schatz and his Tony Stewart/Curb-Agajanian Racing team have made […]

Crane HEI Upgrade

This could be big news for Street Stock racers and others in classes that require a stock distributor and/or ignition. Crane Cams Ignition now offers conversion kits to upgrade your factory HEI distributor so that it can now provide adequate spark for high-compression, high-rpm race engines. For racing applications, Part Number 1000-2513 contains the new […]

Kart Racing Fight

Unfortunately, we’ve seen our share of poor sports in dirt track racing. Everything from scuffles in the pits, to retaliatory spin outs. Heck, we’ve even seen one racer who got spun by the eventual winner even whack the winner’s car with a steel bar IN VICTORY LANE. Of course, we suspect that last one was […]


Standing in the food court at the Cincinnati International Airport I’m left with a dire decision. Not a life or death choice by any stretch of the imagination, but a personal dilemma nonetheless. A healthy grilled chicken sandwich with apple slices at Bruegger’s Bagels or a delicious Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s. I know […]

Working the pits for Eldora's Dirt Late Model Dream event.

For all intent and purposes we are five months deep into the Dirt Late Model season. I mean we are literally five months elbow deep into this traveling, dirt-slinging circus. It all started in early January in Arizona, and now here we are with the calendar rolling over to June 1. While the season has […]

World of Outlaws Attica Speedway

The World of Outlaws Sprint Cars made the trip to Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio this weekend, and the action was intense. Dale Blaney battled hard throughout the night before finally making the pass on Cody Darrah on a restart with 25 laps to go and went on to score the $10,000 Kistler Engines Classic. It […]


On Friday night Kent Robinson returned to Bloomington Speedway (Bloomington, Indiana) in the #85 Jones Oil/Elite Chassis Open Wheel Modified. With 18 cars registered in the Modified division, Kent powered his Modified from the 4th starting spot into victory lane. Chad Combs, Richie Lex, John Demoss, and Bryson Clark rounded out the top five finishers. […]


WELD Racing has announced its sponsorship of the third-annual WELD Racing Go-Kart Spectacular at the 2015 FVP Knoxville (Iowa) Nationals on August 12, 2015. The event is held in conjunction with the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation, which also supports the fourth-annual Tony Stewart Kick-It Cup to be held that week. To honor Jeff Gordon’s long […]

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Wilwood Disc Brakes’ aluminum rotors are incredibly popular among Sprint Car racers at all levels of competition. And now Wilwood has developed a similar rotor for Mini-Sprints equipped with Keizer aluminum front hubs. The alloy aluminum rotor is precision machined, anodized, and then combined with a GP200 model billet aluminum caliper and track proven “Purple” compound […]

Although we weren't able to speak with Dirt Late Model champion Scott Bloomquist for this story, we understand from multiple reliable sources that he's running one of Aeromotive's double-adjustable fuel pressure regulators on his race cars. (Rick Schwallie photo)

One smart racer and a little ingenuity solves a problem that’s been plaguing racers for decades Working with carburetors in racing is almost always a tricky proposition. And let’s face it, tuning for asphalt where speed is about being smooth and slowly rolling into the throttle so you don’t spin the rear wheels is much […]

Wilwood Forged Pedal

Wilwood Disc Brakes let us know that they have expanded their pedal line with all new, lightweight and super-strong forged aluminum pedal assemblies. These new pedals are built around a forged I-Beam arm design incorporating a laterally adjustable, non-slip waffled foot pad. Wilwood’s full range of single, dual, and triple cylinder mount models has been duplicated, along with a new reverse […]

Chamber Mold 01

If you do custom work to your cylinder heads, it can be difficult to find pistons with the right dome configuration or valve pocket placement to match up with your custom combustion chambers. That’s why many head porters and engine builders will send a mold of their chamber to have custom pistons made to match. […]

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