It was a strange weekend for Ricky Weiss. While the Headingly Manitoba driver crossed the finish line in first in both of his weekend’s events in his Number 7 Bloomquist Chassis/Pro Power Racing Engine Late Model, he was only awarded with one of the wins. Ricky Weiss resumed his 2015 season on Thursday evening by making […]

Gilette Thunder Speedway

  Standing ankle-deep in the mud in the pit area at Gillette Thunder Speedway in Gillette, Wyoming, I just had to take a look around and laugh. Less than 45 minutes earlier the program was moving full-speed ahead with the World of Outlaws Late Model Series (WoOLMS). A great crowd and a nice field of […]


Fairbury American Legion Speedway has rightfully earned a reputation as a facility that almost always puts on a great race. Something about that track usually allows for three-wide racing and lots of passing. And when the World of Outlaws Late Models came to town this weekend, they didn’t disappoint. Not only did we get great […]

Oval Track Demolition Derby

We’ve got to be honest here, we don’t know much about what’s going on. We do know the people that shot this video are from Holland, so we assume the track is there too. And from the looks of things, this is what you get when you cross good old dirt track racing with a […]

Norm Benning at Eldora

Christopher Bell may have won last night in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series’ only dirt race, and even though it was another great race it still doesn’t stack up as the greatest moment in the short history of this race. In our book, the greatest moment in Eldora’s unique event didn’t come from any […]


    Abbreviations and monikers dot the landscape of the dirt racing world. Whether it be for series, tracks, or even race teams, it seems to be an obvious rule of thumb that shorter is easier and more convenient. Sometimes all of these “tag names” scramble together in my head. It’s really not that hard […]


Rodney Sanders’ dominant 2014 race season was no fluke–the driver is proving that nearly weekly with additional wins. The latest is his continued domination at I-80 Speedway. Over the weekend he swept the 5thAnnual Silver Dollar Nationals in his Open Wheel Modified. On Friday night Rodney Sanders headed to I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, Nebraska), pulling double duty […]

Eldora Sprint Cars

Eldora held its annual Kings Royal Sprint Car event this weekend, and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. Shane Stewart swept the weekend and claimed the crown, but it was hardly an easy feat. The Larson Marks driver had to hold off Donny Schatz, Daryn Pittman and Mother Nature to claim the first Kings Royal crown […]

Lunati Stroker Kit

If you race a class or track that doesn’t limit (or at least check) your cubic inches, a stroker kit is an easy way to make horsepower. The 383 mark is easy to hit without a lot of clearancing work in a standard Chevy small block, but you have to make sure you are using […]


During the course of his young career, Austin Theiss has enjoyed considerable success in the Modified ranks. On Saturday night the Texas driver collected a first-time accolade by claiming a Super Late Model victory in his Theiss Motorsports Super Late Model. Traveling to Cotton Bowl Speedway (Paige, Texas) on Saturday night for an appearance with […]

Late Models Hibbing Raceway

Once again the World of Outlaws Late Model drivers put on a great event this last weekend when they traveled to Hibbing Raceway in Hibbing, Minnesota. We’ll go ahead and let the cat out of the bag and tell you that Shane Clanton claimed the victory in the Wild West Tour opener for his eighth […]

Brighton Speedway

    In November of last year, when I began piecing together my 2015 announcing schedule, I instantly became excited at the realization that I would get my first chance to announce in a country other than the United States. Sure I love the good ole USA, but I also love the chance to see […]


Impact’s Accel frontal head restraint is designed to provide superior head and neck protection for racers in all types of race cars. The Accel is only available in one size, meaning there is less guess work when ordering and you are more likely that your favorite retailer will have what you need in stock on […]


It’s no big secret that I’m a guy that loves going to races. Whether I’m going to announce or to be a spectator, I love being at the track. I’m like anybody else in the fact that I have favorite tracks that I never get tired of visiting. However, I also absolutely love getting to […]

This is a beehive spring below the Lunati aluminum rocker. Notice how the top coils are significantly smaller than the rest of the spring. This helps cut weight of both the spring and retainer.

OK, the unbreakable valvetrain is a myth, but here are top tips to make the most out of the valvetrain in your race engine The valvetrain in a dirt oval track race engine sees more stress than practically any other application. You’ve got engines running higher rpm levels than ever before. The engines in lower […]

Rick Schwallie photo--Five Star's new MD3 Evolution nose, here seen on Josh Richards' Dirt Late Model, is very distinctive but every line and curve is designed to help improve downforce.

The Evolution of Downforce: Five Star continues pushing the technology of Dirt Late Model racing forward with the latest iteration of its hugely successful MD3 nose Throughout the history of Dirt Late Model racing, if there was a single identifying characteristic of these unique cars it would most likely be the slab-sided, wedge shaped bodies designed […]


  Everyone knows the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While clearly this isn’t true for every photo, there are some that undeniably illicit countless thoughts, memories, and feelings. Sometimes you have to carefully study a photo to get a true feel for its full meaning. However, other times you instantly […]


This July Fourth weekend, while you are grilling up some burgers, or hanging out at the lake with your family, or maybe even working on your race car, racers from several states will converge on the Northeast corner of Iowa (just six miles from the baseball diamond in a cornfield that was the location for […]

Brown and Miller Racing Solutions is making a push to bring the company's high quality hoses and fittings to dirt track racing, and we've noticed that among the first teams to adopt their products--including Kasey Kahne Racing, Darrell Lanigan, Scott Bloomquist, Rick Eckert and Brett Hearn--do a heck of a lot of winning. That's probably not a coincidence.

  Even if you have been involved in racing for years, you may not have heard of Brown & Miller Racing Solutions, which manufactures lightweight, high quality hoses and fittings for race cars. That’s because the very specialized company has for years done business almost exclusively with Formula 1 and NASCAR Cup teams. Oh, and […]

Afco Master Cylinder

Bleeding your brake system is a regular activity on a dirt race car. Poorly performing brakes, or even simply a spongy pedal, will lead to problems setting up the car on turn entry and can devastate your lap times. Afco Racing just released this video showing one of the best practices for properly maintaining your […]

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