Crane Billet Cam

Good news for any engine builders or racers running the larger small blocks with 4.500-inch bore spacing (or who have some other unusual valve train combination that makes it difficult to get cams made to your specs): Crane Cams has announced that they are now offering tool steel camshafts custom made to match any engine configuration. […]


Eibach says that they are looking for top racers (that’s you) from all across the country to join their team. Eibach will be awarding multiple sponsorships for the 2015 racing season, and they are giving racers a chance to apply. The suspension specialists says that they will post the winning sponsorships on their website and in […]

Classic Pure Street

Sometimes there’s nothing more fun that watching a little old-school dirt track racing. This particular clip is racing action featuring the Modified Street class running at Smoky Mountain Speedway in Maryville, TN, and shot by Speedway Videos. The wayback machine has us going all the way back to 2003–and it is pretty neat to watch […]

Trucks at Eldora

NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series returns to Eldora tonight in the only event of the year on dirt. Last year’s Mudsummer Classic was widely regarded by the normally asphalt-only NASCAR crowd as one of the best races of the season. Seasoned dirt racers will know that there are much better forms of dirt track racing […]

World Modified Dirt Track Championship

Yesterday we brought you details of the IMCA sanctioned World Nationals races coming up in September because it is an opportunity for the “hobby level” racers for a chance to earn the big bucks. So we also wanted to let you know about the USRA and the USMTS working together to sanction the World Modified […]

Green Demon Sprint Car

Two-time USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series champion Damion Gardner of Concord, California will return to Utah’s famous Bonneville Salt Flats next month in his quest to become the first driver to eclipse the 200-MPH barrier in a sprint car. Gardner and his team’s first attempt to conquer Bonneville came last August.  Two times he reached speeds in […]

World Nationals

Usually when you hear about big-money races, it is almost always for the Late Models or Sprint Cars. Occasionally, the Big Block Modified also get a chance at the big bucks too. But when we heard that a full $100,000 will be given away as the purse in the eighth annual World Nationals this September […]


One of the coolest things about my travels is getting to experience new tracks.  Not only do I love seeing new facilities, but it’s always fun and exciting to see how others tracks do things.  Sometimes what I find is really entertaining and great, while other times my inspections lead to disappointments.  Hey they can’t […]

Now you can accurately check ring gaps on even the thinnest, flimsy racing rings accurately because the tool keep the ring from flexing when you slide the feeler gauge in place.

If you have ever built your own racing engine, then you are familiar with the process of gapping your piston rings. When the engine heats up, a gap in each piston ring is required to keep it from expanding and damaging both the cylinder wall and the piston. When the ring gaps are properly sized […]

xmod adventure6

First, let me start off by saying that in writing this, I don’t mean to bash racers–young or old–who don’t pay for their own racing. I know that being a young racer means you likely aren’t able to pay our own way, and I also understand that there are older racers out there who, while […]

Kings Royal

Eldora Speedway’s Kings Royal is one of the biggest events each year for Sprint Car racers and their fans. This year the event ran over the weekend, and Australian Kerry Madsen added his name to the winner’s list for the first time thanks to a dominant performance behind the wheel. “I just want to thank […]

Carlos Jaramillo Pass

A couple weeks ago we visited the race shops of Kyle Strickler and High Side Race Cars and their new program building race cars for a select group of customers. While we were there, the crew was working to finish a car for customer Carlos Jaramillo. So it caught our attention when we found this clip […]


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We love it whenever an established driver is willing to step outside of his or her comfort zone to mix it up in a different type of car. NASCAR veteran Ken Schrader is more often seen behind the wheel of a Dirt Late Model or a […]

FNO Street Stock 01

We know lots of great chassis builders, and every one seems to have their own way of doing things. That’s fine. In fact, that’s part of what makes racing so great–there’s no single best way to build a race car. One of our friends from a previous life (where we actually covered cars that raced […]

Perris Speedway Wreck

The July Fourth holiday was a big weekend for racing. And there was also lots of crunched sheetmetal. We’ve already shown you a multi-car Modified wreck at Nodak Speedway, and now we’ve got a big bicycle flip from Perris Auto Speedway’s Firecracker 40 non-winged Sprint Car race. Driver Matt Mitchell was attempting to use the […]

bryant marsh6

In the past decade, the racing world has been infiltrated by young racers carving their names into the sport, and these drivers’ success has brought an onslaught of even younger drivers trying to make their own way into the racing game. There are many different paths to make it to the top levels of professional […]

Nodak Speedway Crash

Nodak Speedway in North Dakota hosted IMCA Modifieds over the July Fourth weekend, and there were definitely a lot of fireworks on the track as well as the sky. Most notable was this multi-car wreck that took place on the track’s front stretch right in front of the fans during Friday night’s racing action. Thankfully, […]

"Jumpin'" Jimmy Lynch

UPDATE: We’ve uploaded a new batch of photos that you have sent in. Enjoy! Man, do we love our OneDirt family! A few days ago we brought you a video of a Street Stock toting the left-front wheel practically all the way around the track. If you missed it, it is a pretty fun video and […]

When installed correctly, a quality in-helmet mic provides clear audio, isn't obtrusive and doesn't affect the Snell rating of your expensive racing helmet.

We’ll grant you that two-way radios aren’t as popular in dirt track racing as they are among our asphalt bretheren, but these systems do have their advantages. Being able to tell your crew you cut a tire and they’d better be ready because you are coming in is a lot easier over a radio than […]


As I traverse this great nation from one end to the other each and every weekend, almost twelve months a year, I see and experience so many things in my travels.  Some are great experiences, and others are well…let’s just say more than forgettable.  Occasionally, I’ll share a story of one of my endeavors with […]

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