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Not all piston rings are created equally. Total Seal’s Keith Jones helps us understand how material choice affects performance There is a reason why some piston rings go for forty bucks a set while others run 400 bucks a set. And in the right situation both are considered a good deal. That’s because rings for […]


Lots or racers run multiple classes, but few do it on the same level–or with the same amount of success–as Rodney Sanders. Sanders has been winning regularly in the Modified classes for a few years now and enjoyed an absolutely dominant 2014 on his way to the USMTS championship. Sanders is also coming on strong […]

Whether you are building a car from scratch or just making repairs, being able to closely fit up each piece of tubing before welding it up is the key to a strong, safe race car.

Properly notched tubes don’t just make for a better looking race car, they make for a stronger–and safer–one too A great fabricator can make the process of building a race car seem like creating art. And there is a lot of art to taking a big pile of tubing and a stack of sheet metal, […]


A 10-year-old Ben Shelton dreamed of working in racing. By that age I was already living, eating, and breathing racing. It was my everything. While some saw how much I loved the motorsports world, I don’t think many believed that my passion for watching fast cars would only grow as I got older. However, that’s […]


Jeff Gordon changed the world of motorsports and American culture. This essay examines how he did it.

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    James, you’ve had some great success racing 410 Sprint Cars in Australia with a couple World Series Sprint Cars championships under your belt. But Sprint Car racing fans here in the US might not be as familiar with you yet. Can you tell us how you got your start? I raced Go Karts […]

Shane Clanton claimed the 2015 WoO Late Model Series championship.

    On a national level the 2015 season will most definitely go down in the history books as one to remember for Dirt Late Model racing. We saw great action from coast to coast on the national, regional, and local levels. We saw great battles, wild controversies, eye-catching newcomers, and dream seasons. In a […]

Gulledge checks wheel camber first. Camber is the amount the top of the wheel leans either in (negative camber) or out (positive) measured in degrees from vertical. With the wheels pointed straight ahead he mounts the gauge to the wheel up and then rotates the gauge using the small bubble level on the end until it is level.

  When you first start racing, there are a few specialized tools practically everyone will need to supplement the usual assortment of wrenches and pliers in the toolbox. One of the prime tools that we’d definitely recommend is a quality caster/camber gauge. We don’t know if we’ve ever met a winner in victory lane who […]

Jeff Gordon USAC

Jeff Gordon may have become a household name as a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, but dirt racing fans know the Hall of Fame driver got his start in Sprint Cars–and quite often racing on dirt. This weekend will mark Gordon’s last before his retirement as a NASCAR driver, and he stands a good chance […]


Entering Saturday night’s event, Garrett Alberson had been painfully close to victory in 2015 in the Childress Fishing & Rental Super Late Model. Unfortunately, he had come up just short of the top spot in multiple events, and he was still looking for the his first checkers for 2015 as the season was winding down. […]

The car is a long way from complete, but the new MD3 Evolution nose from Five Star Race Car Bodies looks fantastic. Five Star's Carl Schultz told us that every curve and angle on this nose is designed to provide usable downforce for the car.

  There is no doubt that Five Star Race Car Bodies is the most trusted manufacturer of high downforce noses in Late Model racing. Their MD3 nose package is found on almost every top Late Model team in all divisions. And even though their products dominate the market, Five Star hasn’t been sitting around waiting […]

Heavy and consistent rains all week, including the day of the race, made track preparation a nightmare for the first night of the World Finals. Despite the track crews tireless efforts, the track only had one groove. Anyone who got out of it often quickly regretted it. But it wasn't poor track prep, it was just Mother Nature.

    “Your track is a joke.” “Your series is a joke.” “Your track prep is a joke.” ….and the list goes on and on. We’ve all seen and heard the endless barrage of insults that culminate with the phrase, “is a joke.” Similar insults and digs show up frequently these days on social media […]

Now that we have this value and length, we can use these reference numbers to install any spring combination on that corner to maintain wheel load rates and ride heights. If you are changing to a softer spring, you will have to add preload to get the same target load number--which will give you the same ride height. Likewise, you will need to reduce preload when switching to a harder spring.

OneDirt takes a look at Intercomp Racing’s new Coil-Over Spring Rater to see how it can give you an advantage on the competition The average racer can make most of the necessary measurements on their race car and compare them against numbers their chassis builder or a trusted racing veteran. But the savviest racers (and […]


Shane Clanton put a wrap on his first-career, World of Outlaws Late Model Series (WoOLMS) championship over the weekend behind the wheel of his #25 Super Late Model. Shane Clanton made the trek to the Dirt Track at Charlotte (Concord, North Carolina) over the weekend to compete in the finals event of the 2015 campaign […]

Champion Spark Plugs

Spark plug manufacturer Champion is giving away 200 grand in sponsorship money, and we want you to get your hands on some of it. Champion has done this before, but this year they are breaking the sponsorship into two categories. There will be 25 Amateur class winners getting $1,000 each and 15 Advanced class winners getting […]

World Finals

  Every year the World of Outlaws’ World Finals races held at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway puts a stamp on the racing season for three major series–the WoO’s Late Models and Sprint Cars and Super Dirtcar’s Big Block Modifieds. So it’s really cool that they put together this video with clips of […]

Slip a collar over the hose and mark the hose where it meets the collar.

We’ve got to admit it: Quite often when we get excited about new products or technology making their way to racing, it’s usually aimed for the big touring classes like the Late Models or Sprint Cars. But really, there are just as many–if not more–racers in the entry level “hobby” racing classes. And their needs […]


The World Finals held at The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway is a massive weekend of racing. It is the final event that crown the season champions for the Outlaws’ Late Model, Sprint Car and Big Block Modified classes. Donny Schatz, Shane Clanton and Matt Sheppard were crowned champions of their respective divisions Sunday […]

Craftsman Pro Wrenches

If you are like us, you are probably fanatical about the tools you use to work on your race car. That’s why we wanted to let you know that Craftsman is introducing a upgraded line of Pro tools including several wrenches with increased strength, longer handles to help you gain better leverage and more end […]

It is hard to see between all the bars on a Late Model chassis, so we assembled the Jones Racing Products rear mount accessory drive kit on this bell housing and motor plate. This is an extremely sanitary, well-engineered setup for spinning the fuel pump, power steering pump and alternator.

Every car on the track may have to meet a minimum weight, but that doesn’t mean crafty racers can’t still find an advantage over the rest of the field. Every competent racer understands that weight placement plays a huge role in how your race car handles. But that applies to more than just lead ballast. […]

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